Luann de Lesseps Dating Ramona Singer’s Ex?


According to Page Six, Luann de Lesseps has a new man in her life. That man was introduced to her through Ramona Singer because he is one of her post divorce flings.

Luann is currently in Palms Beach, FL with Thomas D’agostina Jr. on a romantic holiday getaway. People in the Hampton’s have also spotted the two together as well.

As recently as September, Thomas was linked to be dating Ramona. Interesting how often these women seem to share men.

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Photo Credit: Bravo


20 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Dating Ramona Singer’s Ex?”

  1. Ya know? I was thinking…. the “older” the housewives get, the more medical problems they are gonna have which means they’ll have “procedures” and we will all get to watch. Maybe we need a newer, younger set of housewives cuz I have NO desire to watch anymore of these women discuss their medical issues as a storyline…..

    1. Thinking about your comment, why DO we want to watch people our age or a good few years younger in my case have all of this surgery Botox etc. There must be some women out there who would love to appear on these shows who don’t need it or are not getting to an age with health probs! I wonder what this Potomac will be like??

      1. @ sally–potomac seems like another show about women who pretend to be rich and have class, like Atlanta, but dont. i use atlanta becuase they all (except Kandi) pretend to have loads of money and will fight like thugs, all they while talking abut how much class they have.

        1. OneRotten you hit that one on the head. Potomac looks like it’s just gonna be an Atlanta copy with badly behaved women and pseudo class and money. The previews look pretty awful.

        2. Like Phaedra! Talks about how much class she has then wears skanky outfits, like the 2 thong outfits….gross and nasty! She’s my least favorite cause she is such a hypocrite.

    2. I don’t want to see Yolanda talk about her health issues, I don’t want to watch Brooks fake cancer.,.. Get a new storyline! This one is uncomfortable, not interesting and uncomfortable to watch. The show is supposed to be fun to watch, right?

  2. Its not that bad. Ramona obviously didnt find him her type and timing off. So yea Luanne and Romona should be happy for her. Not like your going to compare sex tips. Its,a grown up world.

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