LuAnn de Lesseps Confirms Tom Cheated; Reveals Why She Forgave Him


RHONY star LuAnn de Lesseps is revealing that she fought and split with her fiancé Tom D’Agostino before he got drunk and made out with an ex-girlfriend, a secret which Bethenny Frankel revealed to her while the show was filming.

“I felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest,” de Lesseps, told People of when Bethenny showed her the photos. “I was devastated. I had my heart broken on television.”

LuAnn revealed why she chose to forgive Tom, despite his betrayal. “I’m not going to let a stupid kiss ruin the rest of my life,” she explained of the night they had a fight and parted ways. “He screwed up. What he did was wrong. But this wasn’t premeditated. It wasn’t an affair. It was a mistake. He was upset with me. It was a stupid retaliation of some sort. He did the wrong thing, and he totally recognizes that. I know in my heart of hearts that he loves me.”

“Obviously, if it happens again, I would have a serious problem with that,” she said. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Tom also spoke about his indiscretion. “If I could take it back, I would,” he said. “I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made, and most of all hate the way it hurt Luann.”

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36 Replies to “LuAnn de Lesseps Confirms Tom Cheated; Reveals Why She Forgave Him”

    1. It happened to me; was cheated on before the wedding and it went on after as well; of course, the wife is always the last to know. She should tell him to get lost and keep the ring. She probably paid for it anyway.

  1. Don’t give up that alimony Luann. You may live to regret it.
    Don’t believe that a ring will change a thing. Tom Foolery will be at it again.

  2. Lu is not going to show weakness and loose the money and lifestyle. She is beyond weak and a fool. At what point does a woman or man loose self respect? She deserves what he had done and will do!!

    1. One BIG problem, he doesn’t have money, but pretends like he does, and she doesn’t have money, but pretends like she does. They’re both in for a shock when the truth is revealed. I bet money his “penthouse” is borrowed, and the ring is a loner, or not real. Something will show up soon, there is simply no way to keep up the lifestyle con artists use to catch a rich divorcee’ or a widow.

      1. You’re right, the ring may not be real. I know Carole said otherwise in a previous blog, but before said blog on an earlier Bethenny’s podcast this year, she and B did get a good laugh when she admitted she asked Tom who his diamond guy was to kind of measure how legit he is. As for Tom not having any money, I don’t exactly believe that. His marketing firm has 14 offices nation wide & has done very well in pioneering software and management technology- and is reported by trades to be healthy. He also acquired two companies this year (one appears to have additional branches here in Germany), and he sits on the Board of VitaPet, Ltd., which signals to me that he possibly has a financial stake in that company as well. All it takes is a little checking to “approximate” whether he is fiscally. Poor & scrambling yet able to maintain a life on the UES for 20 years, I don’t think so. I just think he’s a regular Manhattan businessman who has done well for himself, and can provide Luann a decent lifestyle in the environment in which she is familiar and accustomed. But does Tom have Bethenny’s level of cash? No way, Jose, LOL.

        Still, I think Luann is making a grave mistake, if for nothing other than these two being drunk on love and not knowing each other well enough, at all. Once the lustful infatuation wears off, this may end up a hot mess, indeed.

    1. Amen and thank you for pointing out just how creepy and pathetic this woman is. She probably bought her own ring as I am not sure Tom Foolery can afford such a gift. It really isn’t that pretty. Unless it was dirty when she was “showing it off”, it looks pretty cloudy to me.

      1. I do think she needs the money. Her kids have reached majority, no more child support, which was generous, and no more spousal support, hence “giving up” her place on the West side. And, when Tom first was on, he insulted Ramona, and SHE was the one who “dated” him?! He wanted on housewives so bad he “hung” around Sonja and Ramona, and like Bethenny said, “Luann is the BIGGEST barracuda of them all.” She hasn’t worked in any capacity in 30 years, so unless her ex is still giving her a very, very generous allowance, which I seriously doubt, she barely has money to live, much less the lifestyle she likes.

  3. Maybe LuAnn has a plan for her situation that we don’t know about or that we will understand!! Compared to those other dried up bitter bitches at least she’s trying!!!

  4. Lu is so in love with being in love that she’s not willing to give it up. Since she has publicly accepted this indiscretion, it will be really hard to not accept and forgive the next one, and the next, and the…….and………..In the end, it may be HIM that gets fed up! sheeeeesh!

  5. “I’m not going to let a stupid kiss ruin my life.” Wasn’t it multiple kisses that went on for an hour? I can understand admiring a man for the bulge in his pants (wallet) but you are setting yourself up for a lot of humiliation from a guy who really probably isn’t nearly as well-heeled as you’d like and seems to have at the very least, a drinking problem. Oh Lu you Tom-fool! He really is no catch.

  6. ethinks Countess “Nympho” would look the other way because she is so hard up about belonging to “someone”, anyone, no matter what their indiscretions might be. Krista is right, he really isn’t a catch at all. He seems like a player, playboy, etc. I doubt there is a bulge in his pants from his wallet. He apparently likes attaching himself to rich women and Lu was ripe for the picking! She is setting herelf up for a big fall unless she chooses to look the other way like she did with Count Alex. What kind of an example is she setting for her children who are now at very impressionable ages??? C’mon LuAnn, I thought you were smarter than this. Look at his track record..especially with Sonja and Ramona. Seriously???????? Are you that desperate?

  7. If it was for retaliation over some slight, then he is immature. Cheating is bad enough, but cheating immediately after getting engaged is particularly vile. Dating multiple housewives is not a coincidence, there is something off about him. Whether he is looking for fame or just to latch onto a wealthy woman remains to be seen. I guess that 8 carat diamond has blinded her from seeing the truth. A complete train wreck in the making…

  8. Wow folks I realize there is a lot that happens between scenes that we see – for example, between the time the girls all had together in FL to the party that Bethenny threw, but it really seemed like the best option would be to just kind of hold off on all of the plans. If this guy is just going to use any excuse in the book to go off and get drunk and make out with whoever, I don’t see how she can ever trust him…and she already went thru a huge betrayal with her first husband so I don’t get it. I just don’t get it, and she seemed unnecessarily hostile towards almost all of the cast at the Mexican party – totally strange….

  9. She is totally delusional and desperate. “A” kiss? It went on for over an hour. Get out now before it gets even uglier….and it will.

  10. Notice that she never mentioned this fight they allegedly had until long after Bethenny told her about the indiscretion. That came after she decided she was staying with him.

  11. So let me get this straight. They broke up that Wednesday night before he ‘kissed’ someone else and then proceeded to have an engagement party three days later? Ha! Denial.

  12. I think its funny how everyone is posting that he has no money. I found an article that says otherwise & I posted a snipet of it below.

    “There is no exact figure reported on D’Agostino’s net worth, but De Lesseps has called him a “millionaire businessman” and if he’s hanging out with some of the Housewives of the Upper East side, then he probably has some money under his belt. Bravo reports that D’Agostino has multiple homes from New York City to Florida and he has worked for companies including Workflow and Hano Document Printers. He also founded Smart Source LLC in 2003, where he is the President and CEO.”

    “Clearly, a man who can afford an 8-carat yellow diamond engagement ring has an established lifestyle.”

  13. He seems to always be able to find an attractive woman to hook up with so I’m just wondering why he asked Luanne to marry him? He didn’t have to. His nature is to be a playboy not a family man kind of guy, similar to her first husband but I do think he loves her. It’s just that because of his nature he won’t be able to be faithful to her and for some reason she attracts that kind of guy. She thinks his love for her will change his nature but it won’t. He is what he is. She will do what she did with her first husband….just accept it and settle for the comfort and security of marriage on her husband’s terms.

  14. I just do not understand Luann & how she can accept blindly this sort of deception. The red flags are flying right in front of her face and she’s just ignoring them. She must be so desperate for a man, but have a little dignity & class Luann, you’ve lowered yourself in the past, this is just as bad if not worse.

  15. I’m no mathematician, but if you factor one absolutely proven cheat over the first 6-8 weeks of knowing each other, and 1 week of engagement, I believe you can assume there’s a good chance it isn’t going to be (or has been) a one-time thing.

  16. At the end of the day 1 fact is true, he is a cheater & a liar! To blame it on alcohol is pretty lame. Now she’s excusing him with an argument. The pathetic 1here is Lu. She is a poor example 2her daughter & all women. She’s a dish rag& a doormat. Look at her face when she tells everybody her nonsensical reason 2stay with him! It’s pitiful. Then she demands Bethenny 2stay out of her relationship with Tomcat! Really bi_ch! She did her a favor but we knew this was going 2happen bc she called Sonjas relationship with baldy,”Wam bam thank you Mam”. OMG who saids things abt a friend that put a roof over Ur head & gave U a seat at their table! That’s a vile person! Bethenny has never denied being that the R not friends. She prefaced the showing of those pics by saying so. Lu is capable of throwing any 1 under the bus that questions her relationship with this predator. He’s a predator bc it’s known in Manhattan that he preys on women that he sees as loaded. As 4him having $ well reliable sources say his mother is the 1 with the purse strings! It only makes sense! Lu is obsessed with controling the narrative. I have news 4her, she can’t & never will. She can go 2every news outlet or rag 2convince herself all is good. I say convince herself bc we as smart women know that she has no self respect & he’s an abomination! It won’t be long when we read abt his cheating again. And since when is a kiss in the same category as sucking face 4over an hour? Really Lu? Does,”I never had sexual relations with that woman..” sound familiar? Good luck with that Lu! Ur going 2need it!

  17. One more thing! What was the cover up all abt Lu? U wanted Dorinda to help cover this crap along with Tomcat & a bartender! I can’t wait 2hear abt this sh_t storm on the reunion. She’s already denying it on social media. Is Dorinda going to cave as she usually does. I don’t believe she came up with that as a lie all of a sudden. She was pissed & shared it with Carole! The plot thickens. Lu is more concerned abt the optics than anything else. He has made a laughing stock out of her not only on National TV but around the world since this show is watched overseas! This is so disgusting. This is a new low even 4her! What a bafoon!

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