Luann De Lesseps Caught Trashing Husband Tom D’Agostino

RadarOnline has learned about secret audio that could potential doom newlyweds Luann and Tom D’Agostino.

Luann married Tom D’Agostino on New Year’s Eve, but just days before the wedding Luann told a friend that she was having doubts and wasn’t ready to get married. A surprise to Luann, her friend was secretly recording the entire conversation.

“Like every bride, LuAnn was having doubts just before her wedding,” the insider tells the site. “What made things worst was that she had caught her husband-to-be cheating.”

On last season of RHONY Tom was caught kissing an ex at the Regency Hotel.

D’Agostino apologized, but the source said, “Like every bride, LuAnn was having doubts just before her wedding. What made things worst was that she had caught her husband-to-be cheating.”

“Somehow that private conversation made it into the hands of cast member Carole Radziwill!” the insider claimed. “Carole has never been a great girlfriend to the Countess and was searching for a storyline for next season of the show. Let’s just say that Carole didn’t keep the news secret.”

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13 Replies to “Luann De Lesseps Caught Trashing Husband Tom D’Agostino”

  1. Luann has never been one of my favorites but if this is true, it’s very sad. Seems like saving face may have been more important in the short term. Wow……..

  2. lol and luann hasn’t been the best girlfriend to anyone on this show, so it’s fair. Why did she marry him then? I smell a divorce in the next 2 years

  3. Shame on the person recording the conversation – only a mean idiot would do that. As for Carole getting the tape – omg – she has really disappointed me thru these seasons. I really liked her at first but then she was trying too hard to fit in and be a mean girl so I was turned off. As for Luann – feel bad for her – she wanted a companion and instead ended up with a turd.

  4. I know this story is floating around, but I just don’t believe it. I don’t think Lulu would admit it if she was unhappy and certainly not to someone who is mean enough to tape it and deliver it to Carole. I’m just not buying this one.

  5. Luanne was warned way before the wedding, and she chose to forgive him even though he did it in public where everyone could see with an ex of his.
    Luanne is just reaping what she sewed….. she wanted the pomp and circumstance NYE fairy tail wedding which she got but now the past is coming back to haunt her. Sorry Lu I always liked you but this one is a deal breaker. You just married a man who just before your wedding had an affair. Good Job LU.

    1. exactly. if he can’t be true to her this soon into their relationship (when everything should be all lovey dovey) then I don’t see him staying faithful. hope she has a great prenup!!

  6. BTW… the story says a “Friend” of hers recorded it. Carole has never been good friends with LU, since lLu ripped Carole a new @&*hole for dating Adam. So lets put the blame where it belongs. Whoever this friend is Luanne should really take a good look at her “FRIENDS” it seems one of them is ratting them out. Jay Im with you 2 years MAX til divorce.

  7. I will say this : I don’t think this is nice at all. But then, I also understand the ways of karmic payback/reeping what one sows; and given how utterly horrible Luanne has been to others in the past, this may simply a painful phase she is set to endure in which she has one humiliating comeuppance after another. Who knows? It could very well be. But it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. The mechanics of creating conflict on this show have gone so dark, these NY girls now get down & DIRTY in a way that makes me wonder, “will I feel like I’ll have to take a shower every time I’m watching next season?”. I’m not really up for that. The only good that can come out of this is that it’ll be easy for Lu to figure out who the frienemy is who betrayed her confidence….and then metaphorically chop off her head with a sword. I don’t even care for Luanne, but THAT I would be here for. In my view, the betraying “friend” who doesn’t know how to keep confidentiality should be outed like a philandering husband with 8 mistresses…so everyone in town knows not to say anything to that beast beyond, “Hi” , How are you?”, and “Enjoying the weather?” .

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