LuAnn de Lesseps Calls Ramona Singer a Narcissist


LuAnn de Lesseps says that narcissists are hard to communicate with, referring to her struggles with Ramona Singer in this week’s episode of the RHONY. In her blog, the Countess says that her friendship with Sonja Morgan is absolutely none of Ramona’s business and also says that she feels for Dorinda and what she has been through with Singer.

“Everyone loves gossip, except when it’s about them! Sonja should have shut her facialist down when she began gossiping about my preferences in men. I can assure you that this aesthetician knows nothing about me, and I think Sonja should be wary of what this woman says about her while she’s exfoliating some other women’s face. Very unprofessional.

Longtime fans know that the Housewives love psychics! Do you remember when the Moroccan psychic predicted the end of Ramona’s marriage? Kim Russo is amazingly connected to the spirit and the living world. I’m sure it was exhausting for her to take in all the negative energy during this reading. Her prediction that Jules becomes a role model for women suffering with eating disorders is already coming true. As for Dorinda having lots of Johns in her life…too many for Kim to read…again very true. When she said that there was a Richard and a Robert attempting to communicate, you could see the more skeptical ladies begin to question their biases. The thing about the coins gave me the chills! I hate to admit this, but I wasn’t surprised when Kim said Dorinda would not marry John. Ramona’s outburst was totally uncalled for. Bethenny tried to hide her emotions behind her cell phone and a wall of sarcasm, yet you can see her reaction when Kim says she doesn’t see her getting remarried. Even in the afterlife, Bethenny’s father is incapable of having a good relationship with her. Sad. The session ends with a Ramotional moment where Kim channels Ramona’s father who she was estranged from until two weeks before his death. This is Hallmark Channel material!

Acceptance is the key to recovery, and we see Jules bravely sharing with Carole that she’s struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life. I guess articulating her suffering and giving others hope will help her and others with this terrible disease. Carole suggests that she give speeches and write about her recovery and even suggests a good ghostwriter. LOL!

Narcissists are difficult to communicate with because they bring every discussion back to themselves. Dorinda arrived to dinner with John angry, and she left angry. She was upset from her argument with Ramona about John during the psychic reading, and she needed John to listen to her and for him to consider how his relationship with Ramona affects her. Neither Ramona nor John considers Dorinda’s feelings. I hope they can come to some sort of agreement so that Dorinda can relax.

I really shouldn’t have to explain to Ramona that to re-gift means to give a gift one has received to someone else. She said that she liked the sample of the necklace, so when it was produced, I gave her one. She is so ungrateful! As for her opinion on my staying with Sonja while I apartment hunting, it’s nobody’s business but Sonja’s and mine. How much we party and with whom we socialize is also not Ramona’s business. I was glad when the conversation moved on to the less controversial topic of hair!

I was thrilled for Sonja that her Tipsy Girl Prosecco was delicious and fun, just like her. Everyone loved it and I’m sure it’s going to fly off the shelves. She knows what she likes, and she made her dream of producing a wine a reality. I do think it’s weird that she’s in business with Peter who Ramona worked with on a restaurant venture. Small world? Let’s see next week how Bethenny reacts to the name Tipsy Girl. I don’t think she has a lock on the word “girl,” but I do think it’s a little too close to Bethenny’s wheelhouse.”

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10 Replies to “LuAnn de Lesseps Calls Ramona Singer a Narcissist”

  1. The Countess is always evolving…but I can never find flaws in her social game. I think she is spot on about both Ramona and John’s lack of concern how their behavior affects Dorinda…something Dorinda should seriously consider. I hope Lu Ann finds what she is looking for this season.

  2. The woman who still calls herself “The Countess”, even if the title no longer exists calls the other crazie a “narcissist”

    WTF !!

  3. First of all, she isn’t a Countess anymore so let that go. Second, she’s an odd one. One moment she’s okay and the next she bugs me. But she hit the nail on the head about John and Ramona.

  4. This countless countASS sure got all her digs in once again. I think the reason this narcistic witch is with Sonja is because she no longer has the money to live in her big house in the Hamptons and the large NY apartment. Oh yeah she is downsizing. Y U C K

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