LuAnn de Lesseps Believes Dorinda is Stuck in the Middle


LuAnn de Lesseps is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on Wednesday’s episode of the RHONY. The Countess believes Dorinda is stuck in the middle and the ladies need to be more sensitive to that. She also points out that Carole talks about her way too much.

“Old friends are precious, so that’s why I chose my longtime pal and realtor, Ann Lenane with Douglas Elliman, to help me find a pied de terre in the city. She knew Manhattan like the back of her hand in the 80s and today, she’s considered to be one of New York’s top realtors. She was my first roommate in New York in the late 80s, and we quickly became BFFs. So when I got into a potentially sticky situation with two Italian men that I met in Central Park and innocently invited back to our pad, it was Ann who read me the riot act about how I could have been in trouble. I was trusting and naïve when I arrived in New York from small-town Connecticut, and Ann always had my back, and she still does now. Together, I’m hoping we find the perfect spot for me.

New Yorkers are very passionate about their neighborhoods, and I’ve lived in both the Upper East and West Sides. The first Upper East Side apartment Ann showed me had great light and fabulous views, but I’m considering living downtown to mix it up a bit. Downtown has a hipper vibe, but the Upper East Side is where I raised my kids. I’ll decide soon enough, because while I love shacking up with Sonja, it’s time to get my own place. I believe the universe will send love my way again and having my own apartment will give me more privacy should I meet someone special.

Poor Dorinda, she’s caught in the middle between her girlfriends and her boyfriend. Why should she have to choose one over the other? John was being disrespectful to Dorinda when he barged into her lingerie party, tipsy and uninvited. When he and Bethenny got into it, you could see his aggressive side. Dorinda was right to get him out of there as quickly as possible. Jules was able to convince John to go downstairs for a drink because they are friends and Jules understands him. As for Ramona blurting out in front of the girls what she heard about John and their sex life, I think she should have kept this information to herself or spoken with Dorinda privately. She was the recipient of the Singer-stinger, which I know all too well.

Dorinda loves John, and to be friends with her, we have to be kind to him. I was impressed with Dorinda’s composure as she confronted Ramona (tag-teaming with Bethenny) at the restaurant. She held her head up, eventually looked Ramona in the eye and shared how hurt she was by Ramona’s comments at the party. Ramona’s first apology at the lingerie party was robotic, but her second one at the restaurant was a little better. Also, Dorinda was very gracious to apologize to Bethenny on John’s behalf. I think Ramona and Dorinda will get past this but as Dorinda said, once the mirror is broken, you can look in it but it’s never the same.

Bethenny invited me to her upcoming birthday party, and I could care less whether or not Carole attends. Carole spends way too much time writing and talking about me, don’t you think?”

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11 Replies to “LuAnn de Lesseps Believes Dorinda is Stuck in the Middle”

  1. You picked on Carole all of last season behind her back and you started the season slamming her behind her back, with the phony apology in between because you took a huge hit with social media, your countless and broke and found yourself a payday with the foolish guy that you’ll cheat on and take to the cleaners. Isn’t it breaking “girl code” when you screw married men and your girlfriends ex’s?? STFU

  2. My thoughts:

    John was “tipsy”? Nice way of saying he was hammered.

    Jules is a “friend” of John’s? Say no more. I know all I need to know about her now. I thought Bethenny mentioned that last night but I wasn’t sure.

    Bethenny said Luann RSVP’d before she was invited, so if you’re now invited, it was under duress. And for filming.

    Luann is once again talking about how Carole talks about her too much. I don’t believe much of what Luann says. Her behaviour on the girl trips was highly suspect considering she was with Jacques at the time. She didn’t know that Carole spoke french and Carole heard her on the phone trying to cover up Luann’s cheating. That’s the reason for Luann’s animosity. Using her niece is just an excuse.

    1. Good point, PJ…I had forgotten about that phone call regarding the Johnny Depp wannabe. LuAnn is very passive aggressive and rarely honest. I don’t know if it is because she is so busy spinning everything to make her bawdy behavior socially acceptable that she just comes off as deceitful…or if she really is just a snake…smiling in your face while planning your demise…

  3. Obviously the CountASS didn’t learn her lesson years because she was still bringing strangers home on that vacation island. Maybe if you stp talking about Carole she will stop talking about you. You are the one who started the sh_t storm with her so you can dish it but can’t take it. Please go away.

    1. I agree Aunt Bee! She was awful last season to Carole. I think Carole, who is the quiet type, is very hurt by all the things LuAnn said. I’ve never seen a sincere apology or any sign of remorse from the Count-less. It’s not easy to
      get over all the things people say even with a sincere apology.

  4. I have no time for most of these women but I do like Dorinda, is she perfect, no, does she get too tipsy yes and I don’t know what she sees in John but love is blind and maybe he is good to her off camera.

    1. How are you doing? I”m so happy to see you on here. Are you fatigued? It just hit Dad today. Otherwise, he’s ok. Thinking about you ALL THE TIME!

  5. Luanne is just strange to me. Always has been. I never cared much for her or her whole “countess” schtick. She needs to leave Carole alone. Live and let live Lu.

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