Luann de Lesseps Arrested

Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday for allegedly attacking a police officer during a drunken rampage.

Luann, 52, was arrested on charges of battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and crimes against a person.

“The Countess” appeared in court early and was released on her own recognizance. She reportedly slammed a door and kicked at least one police officer during the incident early Sunday, an assistant state’s attorney told the court.

“I’m going to kill you all,” the state’s attorney said De Lesseps told people prior to her arrest, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Judge Ted Booras allowed de Lesseps, who has no prior offenses, to go back to New York before her next court appearance on January 25. He also advised the reality star to not to incriminate herself, and respond to him when he said she might have a drinking problem.

Wow. What are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Palm Beach Police Department


95 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Arrested”

  1. Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. Maybe now the “Countless” will get off her high horse. Something tells me she won’t be mentioning “Palm Beach” so often next season.

        1. Speaking of whipped cream….bought the grands the Pie in the Face game. You have to buy whipped cream…silly game I constantly get pics over my phone with cool whip all over their faces, because they love it!! Something about spinning the wheel and a time limit, and their face is in a cut-out thingy. Maybe I’ll send Lu the game.

  2. I love it love it love it. Luann you have just been crowned again! Countess of Cool! Countess of awesome! Party like a rockstar – nobody is anybody until they get a drunk or stoned mugshot. I guarantee after this your ratings with viewers will skyrocket – those pretentious other housewives could learn a few tricks from the newly appointed Countess of Cool!

    1. Don´t give them ideas…I can see Sonja being arrested for public indecency, caught dogging somewhere in Central Park

      1. I love it when they misbehave! I watch to live vicariously through them if I didn’t have to work Id be eating diet pills and sloshing around vodka sodas all day as well. Oh What a life it would be!! Trust me she looks pretty good for a 50 year old woman with a drunk mug shot!! You go gurl!

  3. I say we should start a pool. Who will be the first HW to mention this on camera? (my money is on Ramona, big time) and how many episodes in? Since they’re filming now, I’m gonna say episode 6?

  4. How humiliating especially at her age! I actually feel bad that this has been made so public. Especially with Christmas here, she’s had a rough year that’s for sure, first Tom the loser and now this. From the Crown to the Clinker, not good Lu! Either way I hope she gets help and can rise above this, I do think she drinks in excess and that needs to stop period.

  5. Poor thing. I guess that’s the price reality tv ‘stars’ pay for their ‘fame. Kicking police is not a good look.

      1. The Boys in Blue in Miami won’t think so, nor will the Colony of the folks that were staying there. To make matters worse, Lu just fell into a pit of charges with this that could land her 5 years in prison because at least 3 of her charges were felonies. I mean, once you get past the initial joke of it all and her drunken Countess schtick, this has the potential to become pretty serious; we are not living in the age of Zsa Zsa Gabor anymore, which, btw, the footage of Gabor in court has not aged well at ALL. She looks like an arrogant, entitled fool who believes it is her right to thumb her nose at law enforcement – which really isn’t so cool in this day and age, given we have case after case of young men and women without the shield of money and fame literally getting killed by police for doing FAR less, if anything at all.

        1. I love the real housewives for the drama, the trashy lifestyle, the fabulosity and the extravagance. I do not watch them for a moral compass. These attention whores are not my friends or a reason for me to comment on social issues or compare drunk rich old ladies on BRAVO to the real problems you face in the United States. This is pure trash entertainment gold and I think it is fabulous!!!

  6. Her Twitter Apology:

    “Luann de Lesseps
    Verified account

    2h2 hours ago
    I want to offer my most sincere apologies to anyone that I might have offended with my behavior. This was my first time in Palm Beach since my wedding and being here brought up buried emotions. I am committed to a transformative and hopeful 2018”

    She’s lucky this is over Christmas. Old news by tomorrow.

  7. With the HWs it’s all relative so this is not as bad as a cancer scams or accusing somebody of wanting to rape or ….. you get the point . It’s a low point for sure , but she will overcome .

  8. I would really like to feel sorry for her, but I can’t bring myself to.
    She was not only warned about her “Tom” continuously and not only was she blind to it, but so ignorant to her good friend/sister Sonja on the reunion calling her delusional. She was a nasty bitch to everyone that approached her about him.
    So IMO she wasn’t blindsided by him and to use that as an excuse for her bad behavior is laughable.
    She needs a lot of therapy and also needs to shut her pie hole enough to listen to other people for a change.
    She wrote the book on manners and etiquette, that was the worst move she made, except for marrying Tom.
    I’m sure she would like to go back to BL.
    Rant over,
    Merry christmas all

      1. Thank you UnrealHousewife57, BL means Before Lu, which she kept referencing.
        Saying she doesn’t care what Tom did BL. She probably should have considering he continued to do it DL (During Lu)

        1. Oh that makes sense. Haha. Thank you.

          I think she’d like to go back to BL too, considering she’s now calling herself a countess again and using her first ex’s name. IMO, you don’t get a do-over.

  9. Oh, the DW debacle…It is just not right.The repairman came last week and actually made it worse. He left without really trying it out after showing up late last week…now it makes a loud noise it never made whenever I open the door..loud sound. The original leak (which was the problem.not noise) is not in the same place, but a new leak happened after he left too. He rushed out after an hour after showing up in the afternoon for a morning appointment. When I asked if he checked to see if it was working…He said “You don’t have dishes in it anyway, so why do a cycle..” I thought at least he would turn it on. I took my dog into the other room, since he hates dogs, and he said it all worked…right, sure…Murphy’s Law.
    I am waiting around now…hoping someone will show up by 5PM today…but they are not reliable…and after replacing 4 parts for an hour and leaving a mess on my floor that I had to clean up…and making the dishwasher worse…I am not happy.
    Hubs and eldest son are off work this week and both at home, so I am not commenting as usual. I will get back to you as I can.
    I hope you have a very enjoyable holiday season.

  10. I’ll take Kim Richards, Lol. Lu looks every bit of her age when she’s not photo shopped. That woman needs to grow up and quit screwing every man that crosses her path!

  11. Aw,,,I feel your pain. Although we don’t have the same issue (ours is a sliding glass door that needs replacing after Irma). We had to pre-order the door from home depot. After two wks. it came in and then it took another wk. to get the guy out here. He brings the doors and then realizes the company didn’t send the hardware to install it. HD had to order it and it was supposed to be in last wk. Nope! Oh, they were gonna have the hardware over nighted. Nope! They don’t know what day it will be in, because according to HD, they can’t get a tracking#. It will now be at least another wk. before we get an installation date (hopefully). HD has had our 1300.00 since Nov. I’m pissed, and if my husband has to call them again, it ain’t gonna be nice…..I can’t believe your contractor doesn’t like dogs (not nice)!

  12. LOL!! Lu is a major disappointment. I think she’s one of those that just can’t handle life, but tries to fake it. It seems she always needs a man to take of her. Ugg.

    1. This is our first White Christmas in 4 or 5 years!
      Honey, I am not a Snow Fan.
      It is Pretty..
      Driving in it? A-Hem?
      Not unless I absolutley have to.
      It has been a few weird years Weather Wise..

  13. Oh Lawd!! My mom is visiting and she’s never seen even one hw show. BH comes on in 30 mins. and I just don’t know if she’ll enjoy it or NOT. She’s 90 and I’m afraid she might offended by the content and the language!! She’s a straight up southern charm, but I’m going for it. Prayers please that she won’t be disappointed in me for watching such garbage. She’s no prude for her age, but this might be over the edge for her!!!! We’ll see.

  14. Hey!… plywood, all medal. It’s actually working, not as good as before, but the insurance co. called it “wind wobble” , it’s bent, will get worse and we’ll be moreeeee than happy to replace your entire door. I’m like, okkkkk. It’s not a huge issue, it’s just that it’s paid for and it’s not installed. Our roof had to be redone, picking up our shingles all over the neighbor’s yards and that WAS an issue – leaks. Taken care of. We got luck with Irma – for a couple of days it was going to hit us as a 5, then a 3 and finally a 2. A 2 was horrific laying in bed listening to. I didn’t think it would ever stop. We did not leave because of our dog – would never board her – would never leave her. Hubby and I decided if we perished (lol) we would all go together. We gave my mom major anxiety…….Maria (hahaha)!

  15. Oh, same to you as well!!!! Until the next hurricane season (not funny, but yeah). I tell hubs to NEVER skip our homeowner’s premium! In FL, you can’t be without it.

  16. That means we’ll have to also add Porsha Williams from RHoA, Sonja Morgan…and Brandi’s got a DUI under her belt. We might have to rename these franchises Middle Agers Gone Wild if this keeps up! lol

  17. Something tells me more than alcohol was involved, she was in the wrong hotel room, pushed a cop in the chest and kill threats – hmmmm….? Weren’t there rumors of her slipping off to bathroom coming out with white powder on her nose?

    1. She was shagging a random man…like she did in Turks and Caicos, she was having a good time and it did not end well

      1. If being drunk, having sex with a random man, threatening to kills a police officer is “having a good time”, I’ll pass…

    1. It looks good when she goes back to court. If she’s sincere, I wish her all the best. If she’s trying to use rehab to wiggle out of her predicament, well, all bets are off.

      1. Not always, some judges are catching on.. Yes, there are cases in which it’s necessary and right thing to do, others it’s people using it to get out of the consequences they should face. Lu didn’t just make a drunken mistake, she threatened a police officer. I could care less if she ends up having sex with some random dude in someone else’s hotel room, but when she says she’s going to kill someone – I’m done! She should be fired!

        1. Oh, I totally agree. But that’s what “celebs” do when they get themselves into trouble. Think Tiger Woods, David Duchovny etc.

          1. Just because she is a pseudoceleb, does that make her or any of the other celebs above the law?
            She was most likely drunk…maybe even on drugs, and she chose to break the law, but when she attacked a police officer, there was absolutely no excuse for that, no matter what. Either way she deserves to be prosecuted.

            I feel sorry for her family. Clearly Luann’s maturity is like a Benjamin Button…regressing all the time and becoming more of an embarassment to all. What about those she hurts? Don’t they deserve justice?
            She may have the right to be crazy and take chances with her life and health, but as soon as she breaks a law and others get involved and injured, then it is a crime, and not just a woman acting crazy for a bit of attention.
            I know it happens, but it doesn’t make it right.

          2. I understand where you’re coming from, I really do…we sit back and watch ‘celebs’ and athletes break the law, go to some sort of rehab (at a spa) and get a hand slap. It will be interesting to see if she continues to drink – what’s the new fad, I’m an alcoholic rehab taught me to drink in moderation…I seriously treated a patient the other night who said this – and yea they were arrested for a DUI.
            No excuses for Luiar behavior in my book…but I don’t put up with people threatening our police or any first responder.

  18. Funniest tweet: “Anyone else wonder if Luann was offended she didn’t get the big cell block because she was just married? #LuannArrest #RHONY'”

    Twitter is the best!

  19. If the cops hadn’t come – this would be one hell of a story to tell your girlfriends… screwing in wrong hotel room with an unknown male….

  20. Luv!!!! I hope you and yours had a most fab time!!!!!!! I’m really trying to stay warm. I know in FL, we don’t get that “cold”, but geeze, it’s now 39 and going down to 30 in a couple of hrs. This is going to last for at least another week. I have hanging plants on my back porch that I keep in tip top shape. I already told them bye-bye. In past years, I drag them in and take them back out, sometimes cover them. FINISHED. I will re-purchase them come April as I usually do. Why go to all the effort, when they die anyways? Have one for me! (You know, lol)!

  21. Baby, it’s cold outside!!!!!! Raising my red cup to your 2018. On a side note, we didn’t win powerball @ something like 300M, so yeah, I feel ya.

  22. Oh fu@@. That was just 2222222222 funny!! I don’t even know where to buy the sh@t, and I wanna try it again! It’s been years!!!

  23. I did try my doggie’s valium (because I wanted to try one). Hubby asked if I took all of it or did I save her some…Bitch….I only took one and it put me to sleep for like 2hrs. Don’t even!!!

  24. IDK, rehab might be a nice vacation….I’m sorry I talked about so much about my Golden, but you have fur babies, right???? I’m pretty sure you do. Forgive, but kitty’s/doggies??

  25. Tomorrow, fer real, maybe. They are supposed to be here between 10/11. Hubs will be here, so he’s gotta deal with it. I don’t plan to get up till noonish. If not……I’m just saying it ain’t gonna be nice. My hubs is THE nicest guy ever, but just don’t push the envelope. It’s pretty much been pushed.

  26. I took anti-depressants once in my entire life. I was going through menopause and felt “low” and would cry at the drop of a hat. I just happened to have a gyn appt. so the dr. gave me a script for Prozac. Hahahaha! “They” say it takes about 4wks. to get into your system. Nope! The second day, it kicked in, and EVERYTHING was funnier than hell. The grass was greener and the sky was bluer. I laughed at everything my hubs said. I couldn’t fall asleep at night. Loopy to put it mildly. I had to get off that shit.

  27. Ya know, before me and hubby got married, he was a plummer (42 yrs. ago). World of difference in his profession now.. I wish I knew where you lived, because I would send him over. He can fix anything except for a sliding glass door! I’m sorry, hun…

  28. LOLOLOL!! As a child, my dad was in the military, and we lived in San Diego. I hate FL, CA sounds good. MJ is legal (medical) here now, but nobody can get their hands on it. FL can’t figure out how to dispense it. It’s a joke, and on top of that, to get a rx, you have to go to two different dr’s. to sign off and it’s the oil, I think. No smokie for you!!!

  29. Oh my gosh, you are so funny, and correct!! The only good thing about FL, is we don’t have a state tax. Also, when I see homes in CA, or anywhere up north, they’re going for at least 2M$$$. You can get basically the same home here for about 400K$$$ Seriously, my home could compare……..My last experience with MJ was on our 20th anniversity. Hubs sprung for a room at the Ritz Carlton, he told one of his staff members about my “wish”. She came in and threw it on his desk and said “don’t ask and don’t tell”. Oh, lawd, when we lit it up, I was folding towels to put under the door, made him go into the bathroom, folded more towels so no one could smell it. I jumped into bed and asked him to tell me when I was stoned. This was 22 yrs. ago. He still laughs to this day. It makes me paranoid, but I know there are new strains. Even my kids don’t do it. They just might disown us. Grandson, uh, yeah. He is 20, and asked me if I have ever smoked it. Not gonna lie. Can’t/won’t ask him. He kept laughing and said I need to see Grandma stoned!!! I can’t believe I told him the truth!

  30. T/Y for a sweet post. You are so correct about being closer to kids/grands when you just tell the truth. Yes, that boy is my heart throb and I have 4 others, but we do have a great connection/relationship. That being said, the others are 3, 6, 13 and 15. I ain’t saying shit to them…..all girls!!, Um, No. They’re still a tad too young!! Night, luv. It’s early, but gonna take a hot, soapy shower and crawl into bed!! Hubs fell asleep “watching” some stupid football game. I’m gonna turn the lights out on him, me and doggie are going to snuggle. The hell with him, lol.

  31. Ya know, my memory was just re-freshed. I do remember your doggies!!! I would LOVE to own a horse. Love them. I also want a baby elephant, lol!! I just don’t know where I would keep him……My doggie is upstairs, as we are having our sliding glass door replaced today. I think it’s sensory overload for her. My gosh, they’ve been here for 4 hrs. and it’s freaking COLD. The temp. on the news says 51, but I swear it feels like 31. The wind that is blowing through this house is making me grouchy. I can’t believe in FL, that they’re saying a possible 2-3 inches of snow possible tonight. Those guys need to finish up and LEAVE!!! Hope you are having a good day!

  32. LOL!! When my dad was in the military, we lived in Washington State for a couple of yrs. Port Orchard. Small world. I was young – elementary school, but I remember it vividly. I’m NOT a sports person either. Miss the mountains, sorry for the shots! That’s gotta be rough with animals.

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