Luann de Lesseps Announces Divorce From Tom D’Agostino

It’s official! Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps has announced her divorce from her husband of seven months, Tom D’Agostino. The former Countess took to Twitter to share the news.

“It’s with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce,” she wrote. “We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time!”

A source tells PEOPLE that it was Luann’s decision to end the marriage. “She is sad,” says the source, “but she was the one who made the decision to file.”

The source reveals that Luann is going on vacation and “finding comfort” with her grown children, Victoria and Noel.

“They had lots of issues and really tried to make it work, but it was just obvious they weren’t on the same page,” the insider said of the failed marriage.

One insider told the site that the couple’s issues stemmed from “trust issues” related to Tom’s previous infidelity and flirtatious personality that had been causing friction well before the wedding.

“There have been a lot of problems,” the source admitted. “She felt he was using her for her fame and he went from Ramona to Sonja to her. He’s a Housewife groupie.”

Are you surprised by the divorce?

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31 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Announces Divorce From Tom D’Agostino”

  1. I’ve been waiting for the divorce announcement since the day they got married. She was such an idiot to marry him. Anything for a storyline and to stay relevant I guess.

      1. The thing is, I never believed she was ever in love to begin with. That’s why I’m a little low on the sympathy meter : I think Lu’s a very cunning, worldly woman with a Teflon exterior and she’s going bounce back with no problem at all. Allow me to explain (lol) :

        With Lu I see a divorced socialite clinging by a doll’s hair to the last rung of European nobility for social relevance… in a land/social strata that doesn’t exactly recognize her title post-split. The woman’s either spent or invested/put away the money she’s made from the assets granted in her divorce, and at this point in time would be at the end of any child or spousal support from Count Alessandre. Granted, Lu could live a quiet, financially secure life in Sag Harbor with a few less means than previously, but that’s not her personality. She’s a former model & tv host, she loves jet setting and excitement amongst a certain social strata of the monied crowd – and at her age she is STILL partying in Ibiza (which says it a LOT). I don’t think quiet life in a modest (though expensive) property at the sea is her thing, lol. Luann de Lesseps D’agostino is a woman itching to be “in the City” & on “the scene” in the world and rooms where she is most familiar: that little 2 square mile radius that’s it’s own universe called UES Manhattan.

        So when this whole relationship was introduced to viewers, I immediately saw a woman who spotted a fish she was going to reel in come hook or crook, hell or high water, in order to maintain the lifestyle to which she has been accustomed for the last 30+ years. She’d already had 5 years to have a serious boyfriend then sleep around, but it was time to get back to a “perceived” respectable lifestyle appropriate for her age and social circle in time for her golden years. You don’t want to be the the rickety old socialite relying on your hairdresser or interior designer to be your formal escort to public functions – meanwhile sleeping with your trainer & dog walker just to have someone around behind closed doors.

        Lu’s got the house in the Hamptons and money from her salary and divorce assets, but Tom? A few extra coins in the pocket that long outrun hers? Check. Multi-million dollar UES penthouse in the sky close to everything she knows and loves? Check. Fancy friends & yachting life in Palm Beach for “winter season” ? Check. Plus, she gets an obviously healthy sex life with a partner who serves as her companion to all of those tony functions she wants to insert into her social calendar – as “Mrs. So & So of East. 80 Whathaveyou & Whatnot Street”. “Side Bit**es” be damned, Luann was going to be the one with the marital contract, the penthouse, and they yacht, and hopefully Tom and his trollops would know their place in the game and how to play their respective positions.

        So to me, from the very beginning, snagging Tom was simply strategy for a life previously well planned. Luann comes from a sexually liberal European marriage of low ranking nobility (with all the shenanigans THAT brings), so I honestly believe she thought she could handle Tom’s wandering around those 2 square miles of the city quietly, with gracious aplomb: I think this marriage was a calculated move of pros vs. cons for a desired lifestyle, but while she was ready to do battle with friends and the press with the Poker Face of Champions, she overplayed her hand by miscalculating one factor : the pressure modern 24/7 DIGITAL tabloid media would put onto the marriage; today their reach is instantaneous, global, and with never ending press cycles allowing zero opportunity for “discretion” , while creating infinite platforms for repeated shaming and public humiliation. Twenty or even 15 years ago it would have been much easier for Luann (or ANY woman) to let chatter of Tom’s transgressions die down, then go recover somewhere in Europe or Florida’s West Coast while the whole affair gets quietly swept under the rug. The D’agostinos could later re-emerge carrying on the facade with Colgate smiles and everyone gets what they want. But under today’s tabloid microscope, this kind of peculiar marriage is not sustainable as a public figure. It implodes under the pressure. So on to the the divorce lawyer! I must say from a PR perspective the split is timed beautifully, though…. and will provide a big whallop of material for Lu to work with by the time RHONY filming begins November/December.

        1. Although I find your comment a bit on the catty and pompous side, it is certainly entertaining, thorough and possibly very accurate. I would like to have seen some financial figures such as net worth of each party, but I suppose I could google it if I cared enough. I’m curious to know who financed the wedding and, if there was a prenuptial agreement, what, if any, is the ex-Countess likely to benefit from this brief, misguided misstep of a marriage. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about these vapid jet-setters and their trials and tribulations. (I guess I’m contradicting myself considering I do watch these insipid Bravo “Housewives” shows.)

          1. yes there is a prenup. too bad. if luann could squeeze money out of this jerk then maybe it wold have been worth her while. she knew exactly what she was in for but went ahead anyways. a dog doesn’t change his spots and a dog he is.

  2. Only ones surprised is probably Lu. So sad, but she was warned over and over again…can’t feel sorry for that.

  3. It is so sad that LuAnn did not listen to her friends well before the wedding even took place. To marry someone just to save face is no way to start a marriage. Tom appeared not to care for her at all by his actions, demeanor and flirtatious ways when around other women. I wish LuAnn the best.

  4. No one is surprised at this. When Luanne made the comment that she would rather get a divorce than call of the wedding that spelled it out right there. I don’t know if this was a stunt put on by Bravo or if they both are just very stupid and immature. I used to really like Luanne but her decisions have made me look twice at what she is doing to herself. . All that money, all that time, and all the stress and finding out just a few days before their wedding that he was caught kissing an ex in the bar, it was a car crash in slow motion. They now have just crashed and as for my feelings I think they are both real morons.
    Who marries a guy who cheats on you a few days before the wedding? Luanne? So sad she looks so needy and so ignorant. I know that so much of what we see is scripted or discussed before the season starts filming, so I get a little iffy about some of the things that go on. Only part I believe is that Ramona is a horrible, wicked woman who sets out to hurt and demean people. Luanne now that you have made a decision, you have your next season story line. You were warned…… Ramona is never going to let you live this down not for a moment.

  5. Poor Countess Lulu, She wouldn’t listen to anyone and now she is looking like a dumba**. Sleeping with a man that has slept with one of your friends is gross but with two is just downright NASTY. I have a feeling the Countess is much smarter than the love struck teenager she appeared to be before the wedding and it would be very interesting dear ole Tom will have to pay for her broken heart.

  6. I barley watched this show because it bored and I get that apparently she made a huge mistake . However, the ‘I told you so’ s are kinda icky . It’s still a divorce and she was obviously in love

  7. The WORST part of this is Ramona Singer was RIGHT!!! Arghhhh!!!
    I hate when she is validated…it makes her even more insufferable, if that’s possible.

  8. Luann should have never dated someone her girlfriend was sleeping with. It just shows how horrible a friend she was. I think women who do that are disgusting.

    1. ITA that is what bothered me from the whole Tom and I are soul mates over and over and i just got married rubbing it in Sonja’s face… on the yacht it was 100% obvious he was more into Sonja that LuLu ,who knows why he married her
      she is a master manipulator and pushy and has an high opinion of herself
      LuLu takes what she wants when she wants it and Girl code does Not apply to the likes of her. everyone else
      do as I say not as I do pure white trash who got lucky to marry a lower level count

  9. While I am a die hard fan of the NYC Housewives and after watching Luann’s behavior for many years prior – and her arrogant attitude towards the other girls last season and this season – First and foremost all the signs were there so shame on her. For me it was like a straight girl trying to make a gay man switch teams – just a matter of time when they are going back to what they really like.

    1. If only she had listened to her friends. They had her best interests at heart. He is a player and never stops looking at other women. I hope she keeps the rings and donates the money to a beloved charity. I think she honestly thought she was in love. Luann is no dumb bunny she was only willing to give up the title unless she thought it was the real thing! Now she will miss her title because she used it to define herself personally, socially and psychologically. This season is toxic all ready. Bethany whom I liked before, has turned into not a very nice grown woman. This is not how we model to our daughters Miss B. Carole is certainly coming out of her shell. She is also changing. Ramona and Sonja live in a make believe world. Tinsley is about the only woman and youngest to boot who is trying to navigate life. Tinsley listen to your Mummy. I think you need to slow your roll down and honestly do not get into the habit of drinking every day. Everyone uses alcohol as a self medication. I feel like I am seeing my mother’s mah jong ladies get together just so they can dress up and get drunk!

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