Luann D’Agostino Says Ramona Singer’s Behavior Sent Dorinda Over The Edge

Luann D’Agostino is taking to her blog to share her thoughts about Ramona Singer’s behavior at Dorinda Medley’s home in the Berkshires on last week’s episode of RHONY. Luann believes that Ramona’s behavior is what set Dorinda over the edge and goes over all of Singer’s rude guest behavior below. Luann was also very happy to have her good friend Jill Zarin make a cameo in this episode.

“After this year’s Berkshires birthday weekend, Dorinda Medley may not invite some of us back. She says herself that she has a very high tolerance for unruly guests, but I think the way Ramona Singer treated her home tipped Dorinda over the edge. Remember last week when Dorinda’s house filled with smoke because the girls started a fire in a non-working fireplace? She took that in stride. Then Ramona spilled gravy all over one of Dorinda’s dining room chairs. Again, Dorinda was gracious. Even after Ramona wrecked her guest room, Dorinda tried to calmly explain to Ramona what had happened and how it made her feel. When Dorinda says she feels depressed, that’s worse than if she were angry. She was truly hurt by Ramona’s behavior and her destructiveness. Ramona needs to apologize to Dorinda, but this time, apologies might not be enough.

I was glad to be back in New York with Tom, and we had a great time with Jill Zarin, Bobby, and the gang at Phillipe. I’m always glad to catch up with Jill, and she and Bobby are coming to the wedding. We were having fun with old friends, and you can see how relaxed Tom and I were. Gossips will gossip, but we don’t let them affect us. Tom was the perfect gentleman about Ramona and the naysayers, and he was more concerned about me than he was about himself. This is the type of man to marry, and I’m glad we found each other. Tom and I left for Palm Beach the next day ready to spend time with family and friends who love us and who want us to be happy.”

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4 Replies to “Luann D’Agostino Says Ramona Singer’s Behavior Sent Dorinda Over The Edge”

  1. Love you Countess! Best wishes to you and Tom. But can’t stomach the return of Jill. She is like a dose of poison.

  2. Ramona didn’t even take a breath when Dorinda spoke about the damage to her house, and how it had been depressing her all day. Then Ramona has the gall to say Bethenny cares for no one. Whether Bravo fixed the damage or not is not the point at all. Now, maybe Dorinda is seeing what Bethenny and others are talking about. Ramona listens to one person, her daughter. I like Avery very much. What a lovely young lady, and she isn’t afraid to tell her Mom the truth. If someone tries to explain what Ramona has done that has made them angry, she acts like she is being attacked, then lies about it. She always said she isn’t a liar, and she is THE BIGGEST liar of them all. I might not be a fan of Luann, but for Ramona to keep it up & up & up about Luann having to “admit” that Tom is a womanizer was ridiculous. Once Luann said she is good, she loves and trusts Tom, STFU. Just because Missy, or whoever the supposedly many women are say something certainly does not make it true. Many of them want camera time, period.
    And all that shit about Bethenny having her education paid for, cars, all those totally untrue statements was just the last straw. Ramona hits back to hurt, to purposely hurt those she is always blubbering about being friends, how she needs women. With friends like her no one needs enemies. Bethenny asked what she had done to hurt Ramona, or to make her mad etc., & Ramona said she isn’t that person. Another bunch of crap. I see that Bethenny was ready to take responsibility for anything she ever did that might have hurt Ramona. But what does Ramona turn to? All the gossip and rumors and everything Bethenny has ever done from her prudish perspective to cut her down. Remember when Mario was around, the sexy scenes? I guess she is the only one allowed to have those. She is the phoniest HW in history.

  3. let us not forget about Ramona’s dog who shit all over the floor at Dorinda’s house I heard nothing from Ramona that she was sorry or get the dog out. Ramona has NO CLASS at all.

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