Luann D’Agostino Reportedly Caught Flirting With Other Men in Public

As we reported, RHONY star Luann D’Agostino was recently having issues with her newlywed husband Tom. Now, the former Countess is being accused of flirting with other men.

“Luann couldn’t keep her hands to herself while hosting a charity event and it wasn’t her husband Tom,” an insider told RadarOnline.

Luann recently hosted the 3rd annual Foodie Ball in New York on July 18th, despite rumors of their troubled marriage.

“The front the couple attempted to put on didn’t last very long as for the couple to ignore each other with, “He [Michael] would talk to friends at the bar, while she [Luann] mingled with the guests.”

The insider added, “Tom ditched his wife halfway through the event, as he left halfway through her speech about the cause.”

Apparently Luann wasn’t alone for long as she had another man’s arm to lean on.

Luann was caught on-camera flirting with other men. “She [Luann] was laughing with all these men at the bar after her husband left, the insider said. “At one point she leaned on his shoulder.”

Are you surprised by this?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Lady of London

    And a good time was had by all

  • Miss M

    I don’t know I don’t care. All I know is I laughed my fanny off at her drunken in the bushery in Mexico Lol

    • Miss M

      drunken fall into the bushery

      • Daisy

        Yep, I’ve never done that , lol. Love you sissy

        • Miss M

          Welp I have done that. Love you too sweet sissy❤️

          • Daisy

            Morning Sugar Mama, just me trying to be funny. I’ve been in the bushes a few times myself. Lol no shame in my game

    • Who knows

      I was laughing so hard last night when I watched her drunk. I needed that belly laugh.

  • starr

    What a mess. The couple barely left the altar & already the gossip is on.

  • Bon Vivant

    Didn’t she have an understanding when she was also married to Count De’Lesseps? Must be her half French side…never enough amour to go around, lol.

    Seriously, though, that particular event is a very, very casual affair; it’s not like he walked out on a black tie gala where his absence or departure would be missed that much. Maybe he had another appointment, meh.