Luann D’Agostino Denies Divorce Rumors

Luann D’Agostino is speaking out about the reports that her marriage is already in trouble.

During an appearance on WWHL, Luann addressed the reports that her marriage was in trouble. “Oh my God, that’s so not right.”

And as far as their public fight? “I did not slap him,” she told Andy Cohen. “We have a very passionate love affair going.”

Luann said the rumors were just gossip and the situation was blown out of proportion. “No, I took his face in a very loving way, and people took it as a slap,” Luann said, confirming that she and Tom did have a “lovers’ quarrel,”at a New York restaurant.

Do you believe Luann?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I call bullsh*t !

Where there’s smoke…..

They need to set clear rules so both can enjoy the swinger’s lifestyle otherwise there will be conflicts

What is UP with this woman. Is she really this unaware of how dumb and desperate she comes off? Really? Is she honestly this self dishonest? Whyyyyyy. She’s somewhat worldly, very attractive, has travelled the world has some cultural smarts but man oh man she’s dumber than a box of rocks in love relationships. But she’s still funny as hell drunk.

I need say no more, Miss M.

Luann looked nice I do not usually like what she wears
Sick of her LIES Bethenny said the perfect nickname LIARANN

I was angry at that dress and Luann’s decision to wear it. There are some times when a mini dress in knit just doesn’t work for everyone.