LuAnn Believes Bethenny Will Be the “Terrorist” of the RHONY Miami Trip


LuAnn de Lesseps is not happy about how her friends are reacting to her engagement and in her blog this week she says she believes Bethenny Frankel is going to be the “terrorist” of the Miami trip with whatever news she is ready to spill about Tom. LuAnn is also shocked by Ramona’s behavior on the yacht and says if he was so intimate with Sonja he would have proposed to her.

“When did it become a crime to speak to the press about yourself or your fiancé? When I’m interviewed about my upcoming wedding, I’m happy to dish on Tom and our plans to marry in Palm Beach. In this episode, you see how a celebration of my story was almost turned into a fight about who talks to the press and who dated Tom before we started seeing each other. How many times do I have to tell Ramona and Sonja that what happened before I met Tom doesn’t matter? Sonja speaks of a 10-year flirtation with Tom in the same breath as congratulating me on our engagement. Who does that?

It took Tom only a couple of months to realize that he wanted to marry me and in 10 years, he never considered making the same commitment to Sonja. This doesn’t mean that Tom didn’t care about her or that he didn’t enjoy her company. They are friends. What it does mean is that our relationship is different, and we are deeply in love and looking forward to spending the rest of lives together.

I was glad to hear that we were going to Miami rather than Hawaii simply because I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Palm Beach, and I’m always happier when I’m close to Tom. When Carole said she’d be able to make it to our party, I was excited to be with all the girls on a beautiful yacht with Tom by my side. Jules was glad for Miami as well because her parents are close by in Boca. The part with her parents was really sweet, and you can see why she’s such a positive person. I’m hoping her new Modern Alkeme tonic brand is a huge success, and I’m sure her parents are very proud of her.

How amazing was my friend’s boat? Sonja may have had a larger one at one time but not in a long time so you’d think she’d be quiet and enjoy. Is Sonja a sleeper cell? I’m thinking that Bethenny is going to be the terrorist of this trip! You can see how excited she was to tell her friend in Florida about something she heard regarding Tom and me. The look on her face says it all…like a cat who ate the canary! Why some of the girls revel in making me unhappy, I’ll never understand. I’m just glad that I know myself and I know Tom so whatever Bethenny’s concocting, we’re ready for it.

Pick a room, pick a guy… what’s next with Ramona? Will she ever be a contented guest? We invited our Palm Beach friends without any regard to Ramona’s man needs yet I know that she was feeling frisk-ay that night. She couldn’t get into her bathing suit quick enough. She acts like a nun but we all know better, and I do not judge. I wish this were the case for the other girls because they seem to have never-ending opinions about my engagement. Bethenny has no problem disparaging Tom by insinuating that he dated only wealthy women. Tom is very successful on his own and doesn’t need to marry for money. We will see next week what trick Bethenny has up her sleeve.”

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  • Daisy

    I’m not a B fan but with everything going on in our world is it really OK to compare her to a terrorist

    • Bon Vivant

      Thank you.

      • Daisy

        Good morning Bon V FYI I love reading your comments . You always but an intelligent spin on things

        • Bon Vivant

          Thanks, Daisy. I didn’t think about the time difference between where I am and a lot of the other posters here: it’s already cocktail time in Europe (smile). That comment from Luann wasn’t particularly well thought out at all – I can be happy for any woman that finds love the second time around or late in life, but she’s heading into overkill territory for all the cheerleading she’s doing in defense of her own love affair and saying the silliest things. Her PR guy is really working overtime it seems as this extended press tour she’s been on for her upcoming wedding is also bordering on Team Too Much as well, sigh:


    • Suze☕️

      Well said Daisy, an extremely thoughtless stupid comment!

      • Daisy

        Thanks Suze dear . Xoxo

      • Anonymous

        Luann’s comment was in response to B’s comment calling Spnja a sleeper cell, a terrorist reference. Bethany is the one who brought up the terrorist subject.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just a word. I think it will be ok.

    • Misty K

      Nope not cool

      • Nancy

        Jules marriage is over! Her bum of a husband happens to be a cheater that abandons his kids while Jules is out. He has already moved in with his mistress.Dorinda is dating a drunk with no class that is a bafoon. He has no respect for . Don’t think there’s anything there the single gals desire. Jealousy is an ignorant word used as an excuse to defend the indefensible. Lu loves to use it! Go figure!

  • Daisy

    Oops put not but

  • I believe that we all shud have a companion if U need one. Some ppl can’t be alone. But when U’ve been married B4 the big wedding extravaganza is a bit ridiculous! Lu has grown children & has been around the block several times. Why all the show. She’s looking like a fool everyday! I knw this is 4her & 2shut her costars ! Not bc,”it’s Tom’s 1st time getting married”! Get a grip Lu.
    As 4calling Bethenny a,” terrorist” is ,?too much! We knw what ever she said won’t matter bc Ur blind & don’t care!

  • DebBrenn

    How much more elegant would LuAnn look if she just shut her mouth and smiled. If getting him is the prize why can’t she be content with that? Instead, she looks manic and obsessive, and feels the need to discount his prior relationships with her friends.

  • Sherry

    The fact they are all divorced and so against her marriage makes me think they are jealous the only ones with their heads skrewd on right are Jules and Dorinda.

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100

  • Lk

    I understand lu is happy let’s face it she tells us every 2 minutes but do we really need the incessant giggling . It almost makes her look drunk !!!

  • Shirley

    Bethenny will be a buzz kill as usual.
    Ramona is so jealous it’s pathetic
    Sonja just needs to move on from her past
    Girls, Luann is getting married. Get over it.
    Have some class and manners.
    I’m sure if Tom asked Ramona to get married this would be an entirely different conversation.

  • Bethenny didn’t concoct anything, she received some texts in the middle of the night. She didn’t look happy about it IMO. Luann is very thin skinned sometimes, and others she can handle anything. OK, her 1st husband and her fell in love in 3 weeks, married and had a 16 year marriage. Things are a little different when a 58 year old man has NEVER been married. I don’t wish any unhappiness for Luann, but she better take heed about what is being said. It isn’t all spoken about with jealousy, some of the girls actually care about her. What would the show be without a little drama? Boring.

  • Bento

    Bravo needs to fire Bethenny. She is so cruel that it has made this show dark and I watchable.