Lost Footage: Joe Gorga Confronts Teresa Giudice


In case you missed The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell-All special Sunday night, we have a clip of an argument between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga that was shown. At Kim D’s Cuffs party, Joe Gorga wants “answers” from Teresa about why she continues to “do this” to Melissa and him, but Melissa tells Joe not to confront Teresa, because they are on “her turf.” Kim D’s assistant, Maria tells Joe to make peace with his sister, which causes Joe to lose his temper and confront Teresa.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


11 Replies to “Lost Footage: Joe Gorga Confronts Teresa Giudice”

    1. I agree Paisley they are just ugly human beings and I think people are getting sick of them. I LOVE Teresa, Juicy and the gorgeous Giudice girls!

  1. Why do these women play, pet, pat their hair so much. Caroline is the only one who doesn’t. It’s so distracting to me. Is it because of all the extensions they wear, are they afraid it’s going to fall off. It’s ridiculous.

  2. First off, anyone agree that Kim D has totally ripped off Lynn Curtin’s (OC) cuff? Some of the rhinestone designs were even identical!
    Joe & Teresa’s girls are the MOST obnoxious little brats I’ve ever seen. I feel for any future boyfriends (no one will ever marry them). Wonder if the feds had a gander at the ENORMOUS amount of Xmas (ghastly btw) decorations? And the sheared mink coat with the oversized collar (another poor animal slaughtered), and the numerous diamond bangles?
    Joe “midget” Gorga is the scariest POS ever. He needs to stop the steroids already and stop shrinking his d**k., as they’ve already shrunk his brain. This whole series needs to go away.

  3. The Giudice girls need to learn me good old fashion manners and respect. Hopefully whoever raises them when their parents go to prison can get them starightend out, otherwise they will grow up to be as bad as their mother.

    1. You think it is cute for a 5 year old to tell her mother to ZIP IT? If so you are just as a bad parent as Teresa Giudice! If my child had ever tried that with me the next words out of her mouth would have been “Sorry Mommy, that soap tasted really bad”!

  4. I agree with Anonymous about those bad mouthed girls and with Binky about the Lynn Curtin cuffs. Of course I am over 50 and when I was her age and talked like that to my parents I would have felt my Dad’s belt on my backside.
    But now my Dad would have been accused of child abuse, but we grew up with respect for our elders.

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