Look Inside Shannon Beador’s New House


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador moved into her new house with her family on this week’s episode of the show and now we have a look inside the family’s new home for you.

Shannon exclusively shared details about her new home with us. “We’re renting a house. Jeff Lewis helped me furnish it, because I really had no furniture that worked. The kids are really much happier, the only thing, they miss is the basketball court. But other than that, they are happier in this house. It’s a better location, it’s a good fit.”

“We signed a year lease and it’s interesting because the property is for sale for $24.7 million and it’s basically a tear down, because it’s over an acre and it’s above the bay so there are amazing views. If they would have us for a year and a half or two years we would be happy.”

Check out photos of the new home below.

What do you think of Shannon’s new house?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Real Sandy⛱

    I wonder what the rent is…for the views. It is a tear down, so the property is what is worth the money. I guess all this furniture is temporary too..until the next house. No wifi…must be hard in this day and age, even if it is not so healthy to have 4G and wifi….

    • Real Sandy⛱

      I was quoting the article with “tear down”. I don’t think it is a tear down, but in California, it is all too common. Of course it happens here in some of the beach towns too and elsewhere. Beautiful homes are torn down to make more modern ones that are generally much larger. If there are no laws to prevent it, it happens.
      I have watched Million Dollar Listing LA, and it happens too frequently. Some homes have period details that are so beautiful and unique, and yet a multimillionaire or billionaire will buy it, tear it down and build a monster house in its place…shiny new and humongous. Some may even build two homes in its place if allowable, especially at the shore, since it will mean far more income when they are sold. All the art of the past, our history of architecture… is gone forever. Yet, I do love when some of it is saved…like a big old hotel at the shore in Spring Lake, NJ was saved and converted into small condos. I wish more developers would try to reuse older buildings, like they sometimes do in cities when factories are converted into loft apartments.
      Yes, I wondered what they paid to rent that house. I know the rents must be outrageous, and I thought perhaps the furnishings were placed by a home stager temporarily, since they won’t need it for the new home…most likely, buying all new for there IMO. That way they can just move it all out…even if they did buy nice healthy mattresses. 🙂

    • Lady of London

      Everything in California is a tear-down that’s why there is no sense of history, or heritage…everything is disposable, from properties to people. I grew up in Lincolnshire where people still in houses built 200 years ago, they have been renovated, updated but the architecture is the original. We lived near Long Beach and it was like living at a strip mall, everything was fake, temporary; houses built nearly with cardboard, now we live in Europe and it’s wonderful to walk around houses, churches, public buildings that have resisted wars and the test of time.

  • Suze☕️

    I know Gigicat will have the answer to this why is it worth $24.7m? I’m sure the views are lovely but…… There must be a reason …….


      It was listed to rent for about $50,000.00 per month which is hilarious since the place is SO OLD. I doubt they are paying that. If they are, they are insane. And people are going to be laughing their heads off. There are plenty of rental properties in CDM that aren’t ancient. And let’s remember that in CA, homes are built by those crossing the border, not the old world craftmanship that we used to expect.

      • Suze☕️

        I have just been looking online at properties and there are some nice ones, some not so nice, but that rental is ridiculous, they can’t be paying that!! I know living in Scotland is so different but it would be nice to move our house there and then sell it! Lol xoxoxoxoxxo

      • Bobbi

        High end rentals in CDM top out at $25G. Most likely what the Beadors are paying.

      • Queenie

        So true about poor craftsmanship. Regardless of the cost of construction, it’s all slapped together crap. If I had that kind of money, I would buy an old beautiful house from the 20’s or 30’s, built by men who took pride in their work. Sadly, people like that no longer exist these days, regardless of how much they get paid. Just a bunch of lazy, liars and thieves.

  • I wonder is this the furniture that Jeff Lewis picked out, because it’s ugly, but I do remember jeff saying shannon wanted a nautical touch. Everythg looks list, I doubt he decorated it if it is. If any1 knows I wld be interested. Tx. By the JMO.


      Yes. He did. But nautical theme? None of the locals have nautical things anywhere. I guess if it’s the first time near the water, you figure why not but we never did.

      • Suze☕️

        It’s a bit naff having a nautical theme a bit like if we had a golf theme in ours! (Bad enough tripping over golf balls that the dog brings in!) xoxoxox

        • GIGICAT

          It rented for about $10,000.00 a month.

          • Suze☕️

            Thanks Gigicat that sounds a bit more normal.

  • starr

    It has the look of a cold hotel. Warmth is missing.

  • gigi

    All the furniture looks like she bought it off of craigslist. Its a little odd. Is she planning on only staying there a couple of months? None of this makes sense to me.

  • THAT house is a tear down? Wow. I think it is beautiful, all the windows & the sun room. I really don’t get this need to make every little thing new, to be honest. If it was literally a “tear down” condemned house I could understand. But this is a beautiful home with the look I love of bringing the outside in. I would definitely plant a fabulous garden, but I would certainly not tear it down. Geeeze.

  • Madame Frou-Frou

    Nice house….some people here need to drain some bile


    Opinions aren’t bile. Some people like places that are 80 years old. Some don’t. I’ve seen the place. It needed updating. When you go look at it, how it was 10 years ago when we saw it, you can let us know.

  • radishy

    I like it because it’s a rambler and the view is fantastic. I like the furniture too..love the minimalist look. I think the price tag is ridiculous…but they are ridiculous everywhere. Who cares how much the Beadors are paying in rent. How much are you paying?

  • Lizard

    omg its horrible! It looks so dated and cold..How depressing .

  • Margo

    Who the heck is Gigicat? Making a general statement on how people living at the beach furnish their homes. How ridiculous. Most of my friends at the beach in CA do exactly that and incorporate some nod to beach living intheir decor. Shannon Beador has more class and style then most women. The house is iconic in Orange County and is sitting on prime real estate in this country. Ignorant people should not be allowed to have an opinion. Educate yourself first if you feel compelled to make comments about someone.

  • Wacky

    Whoa! They went from living the high life to this house?? My goodness the appliances are ancient! Renting this house is just like throwing money away. Wonder why they haven’t built another house? Isn’t his business contractor construction? I’m confused….from that mansion to this. I still have doubts about his wealth!!!