Lizzie Rovsek’s Bikini Line Displayed at the Miss USA Pageant


We reported a few months ago that Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie Rovsek had an amazing business opportunity coming her way-her Sun Kitten Swimwear line would be shown at the Miss USA Pageant, and the day had finally come for the reality star!

The swimsuits were dazzling on the screen and all over social media, the proud mother of two shared some of the posts via Instagram. Congrats Lizzie!

Are you watching? Swimsuit competition in Sun Kitten❤❤ #missusa2015

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Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


6 Replies to “Lizzie Rovsek’s Bikini Line Displayed at the Miss USA Pageant”

  1. Lizzie dear; you need to step away from the over the top boob jobs and lip fillers, you look cartoonish……..

  2. Yes, it’s not very nice I guess but since she makes a big deal out of her prior beauty queen status, I do notice that she has a very funny looking face. Also, yawn, every woman with a rich husband thinks she is a clothing designer. I don’t really want her to be back on the show because although I watch all of the OC shows, I barely remember her. So I don’t think she added much.

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