Lizzie Rovsek Wishes She Hadn’t Said Anything To Heather Dubrow


Lizzie Rovsek is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss what happened at Shannon’s Holiday party. Lizzie says she wishes everyone could just get along, and admits she probably shouldn’t have said anything to Heather about what Shannon and Tamra said.

Lizzie writes, “Let’s just jump right into the good stuff, shall we? The first thing that comes to mind watching this episode is: open mouth, insert foot. First off, let me say that when we were all talking in the living room sans Heather and Vicki, it was agreed that we were going to get Heather so the girls could talk out their problem. What happened was Tamra was really upset and I thought, “Why don’t we go get Heather and you guys can work through this instead of carrying on about an old issue while Heather is in the room next door?” Seems logical, right?

I can see how Tamra could have her feelings hurt, everyone is entitled to their feelings, however, the Good Day L.A. incident she is referring to happened a long time ago and now Heather has offered Tamra and CUT Fitness a great opportunity! I really think it’s time to put the past in the past and live in the present.

This is a great opportunity. I have to agree with Vicki on this and side with Heather. Also it’s free promotion for CUT Fitness and Heather was excited to share the opportunity with her friend.

Heather and Vicki came back in the room and we were waiting for Tamra to address the issue, but that didn’t happen. It was like she was never upset and we were talking about the weather; ho hum… Heather was in the house at the party. I don’t agree with everyone talking about her behind her back while she is one room over. We are grown women, we can do this, right?

I was only trying to help, but I wish I just kept my big mouth shut. Maybe Tamra doesn’t want to resolve the issue. Tamra also did not share the fact that Heather and her had already addressed this issue earlier that night outside. I was simply listening to Tamra, she was clearly upset, and I just wanted to help out and keep the peace. Wrong! What an idiot I must be to think that was a good idea. I have to say, the reaction from Tamra in her confessional seemed way harsh and unnecessarily abrasive. I didn’t understand Shannon’s response either. Why was Shannon so upset? I thought Heather and Shannon were in a better place since their lunch. I guess not. In any case, I am sorry I tried to help. It wasn’t my place. I prefer things out in the open and I just thought surely we can find a resolution for this.

I have to say I don’t think Heather did anything at this party but offer her friend an opportunity. After all, the Good Day L.A. gig is Heather’s opportunity and she is sharing the spotlight. I think it is super cool.

I was still new to the group at this party. I just seemed to notice a lot of petty things blown out of proportion from day one. The chair incident seemed to be blown way out of proportion. I tried not to make a big deal about the silly things with Vicki. I felt like we were all in a pretty good place going into this party. From where I sat I thought the Good Day L.A. offer seemed positive. I regret stepping in and trying to help out.

It’s a shame that such a beautiful holiday party was spent arguing in the living room. We sat in those chairs talking about the same thing for the whole night. I just wanted the girls to make amends. I really just wanted to have a fun night with the ladies so I could get to know them better.

I thought it was cute to see all the guys hanging out and having fun. Christian is a guy’s guy. He is one of those guys that get along great with almost everyone. I love my hubby, but Christian isn’t particularly the most attentive husband especially when he gets around his friends. But, awe… look, my baby brought me a drink, too.

David and Christian get along great and I thought their little conversation about having boys and girls was cute. I know Shannon isn’t happy about what David said about having girls. But I thought it was funny and not literal. That’s how guys talk and it really didn’t come across as that offensive to me at all. I hope not too many people read into it. My dad cracks jokes like that sometimes, too. I actually remember my dad saying once, “If you behave you get boys and if you don’t you get girls.” I think it’s a guys joke. Girls are expensive and emotional, (along with many other amazing qualities) but I can see the humor. I am sure David, like all dads of daughters, adores his girls and thinks they hung the moon.”

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3 Replies to “Lizzie Rovsek Wishes She Hadn’t Said Anything To Heather Dubrow”

  1. Don’t like Lizzie. She is t-r-o-u-b-l-,e.. Just wait. She is just getting warmed up. It’s okay. She will be gone next season.

  2. Lizzie, that whole thing between Shannon, Tamra & Heather was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! It was not your place to decide who should say what and when! YOU were the big pot stirrer that night. You don’t seem to be working with a full deck at all & I can’t see you as valedictorian of anything except maybe a wet t-shirt contest. You really seem to be so star-struck by The Dubrow wealth that you can’t think clearly when in their presence! Also, your exhibitionism is really wearing on me….. Must you always, ALWAYS over expose those massive breasts in every scene and in everything you wear? They DONT look at all natural, despite what you say, just like your cheeks and huge lips. Tone it down. It’s just way too much. And stay away from Shannon if you don’t like her & just want to put her down. She never did anything to you. You’re just a Heather Dubrow groupie of sorts. Have fun riding that bus all by yourself.

  3. I like Lizzie. She’s not intimidated by Heather because she’s confident in herself. Also, for the person above who said she shows off her big boobs… when you have big boobs and try to hide them it just makes you look FAT. Not so easy to cover them up and still look sexy. I am speaking from personal experience. Stop hating. How can you say it’s none of her business what they are talkiing about? They were talking about it in front of her so if they wanted it to remain private they should have. If someone is talking about me in front of my friend then they should tell me– I don’t think that’s pot stirring. The pot was stirred when they started talking about HEather in front of everyone BUT Heather.

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