Lizzie Rovsek Says Tamra Is A Bully, Reacts To Phone Number Being Leaked


Earlier this week Tamra Judge posted Lizzie Rovsek’s cell phone number on her public Facebook page in a rant about the behind the scenes details of Rovsek’s birthday party. Now, Lizzie is speaking out about the “hazing” she had to endure from her cast mates.

“I feel like some of the things that happened this season were below the belt and they don’t stand by the moral compass that I live within my life,” Rovsek told RadarOnline. “And I don’t get to very below the belt levels with other women.”

“It gets to a point where it’s not something that you can ever take back, and you can’t come to a resolution for certain conflicts,” she continued. “And it’s just, do you want to put that in your life? Around your children? And stuff like that.”

Tamra claimed posting Lizzie’s private phone number was an accident, but Rovsek says even before the incident, “I don’t really think I have a relationship with Tamra. I thought things were good, and the reunion proved otherwise. I would say there’s no relationship.”

“I did get bullied in the beginning and I had to prove myself: I’ve never had to do that with a group of friend before,” Rovsek explained. “And then the one who ended up being a bully, was one that I thought was my friend from the beginning.”

Lizzie also discusses Vicki Gunvalson’s remarks about her ethnicity.

“It was really tough,” Rovsek admitted. “She gave me a little bit of a struggle in the beginning.”

“I really love Vicki and I think that she was testing the ground with me to see how strong I was,” Rovsek explained. “And to see if I could really handle being in this group because it’s a strong group of women. I love Vicki.”

And Lizzie admits she has forgiven Vicki.

“It’s forgivable, it’s all silly stuff,” she said. “Vicki has given me some great advice and I look up to her. Things are really good with us right now.”

Lizzie’s husband, Christian, also spoke to the site about how difficult it was to see his wife be judged by her co-stars.

“It’s difficult,” he admitted. “You have enough going on in your life to have emotional stress caused from a show. So based on just trying to live life and doing what you need to do on a daily basis, to have that thrown in, makes it that much more difficult.”

After wrapping her first season, Lizzie has one thing she’d like to say to the women: “Try to put a little compassion in your heart for other people,” she said. “There’s enough crap going on in the world, there’s enough hatred that we don’t have to do that to each other. It’s hard enough to be a woman, we should try to make each other better and uplift each other and focus on positive instead of negative.”

Photo Credit: Bravo