Lizzie Rovsek: I Don’t Think Meghan Was Concerned For Brooks’ Health


Things got hot and heavy during this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, as Tamra Judge threw a sex party for her friends. During the party we saw more tension rise between Vicki Gunvalson and Meghan Edmonds, even resulting in Meghan’s husband Jim get involved. In Lizzie Rovsek’s Bravo Blog for this week, she dishes her opinion on the fight between the original and the newcomer and her thoughts on Meghan’s intentions towards Brooks’ health.

“Emotions are certainly running high in this episode, so I’m just going to jump right in…

First, let me say that I like Meghan. I appreciate the fact that she is very strong-willed and stands up for herself. I know it takes a lot to take on Vicki. However, I think this is a very sensitive subject. We are talking about a life threatening illness and the love of Vicki’s life, Brooks. I don’t have someone in my immediate life battling cancer, so I don’t know how I would personally react if someone wanted to tell me how I should be treating cancer. I understand that there are alternative ways to treat cancer and there are very individualized treatment plans out there. I can see how it would be personal to someone.

Vicki and Meghan were both very upset after their argument at Heather’s lunch. I am not here to tell anyone what is right or wrong or who is right or wrong. The fact of the matter is that Meghan did overstep her bounds, into a personal situation with Vicki and pushed the wrong buttons. I don’t think Meghan was concerned for Brooks’ health, she wants to prove Vicki wrong. She even called Vicki a con artist to her husband Jim and said it was her job to bring this to justice. You know what, if Meghan doesn’t believe Vicki, that’s fine. I will not fault her for that. It’s her opinion. I just think in the long run it would be more honorable and straightforward to come out and say, “I think you are lying!”, instead of pretending to be concerned for Brooks’ health or blaming it on a psychic. I think Vicki can sense that and feels like Meghan’s concern is not genuine and doesn’t feel like she is coming from a good place.

Tamra and Eddie’s sex party was entertaining to say the least. Tamra looked super hot and they were both great hosts. I think their sex tape, workout video was brilliant and original. Tamra and Eddie are a great couple and a lot of fun.

I think I speak on behalf of all the girls when I say that we could all feel the tension between Vicki and Meghan at Tamra’s party. I have to give Meghan credit, she did not start the drama at Tamra’s party. At this point I do think that Vicki is overreacting and making the situation bigger than it needs to be. I wish they would both just let it go. Now, we are throwing out all kinds of insults and I don’t agree with that. When Jim got involved in the conversation I have to be honest, he made more sense than anyone. Jim was the voice of reason. He was very clear and diplomatic and I think he gave great advice.

I said in my blog last week and I will say it again, I can’t let myself believe that anyone would lie about something as serious as cancer. I think we should trust our friends and be supportive of them especially in very difficult times. I think there is a time to talk and a time to step aside and let people handle their own business. I think Meghan needs to let it go”

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11 Replies to “Lizzie Rovsek: I Don’t Think Meghan Was Concerned For Brooks’ Health”

  1. IMO Lizzie is a class act. I agree with all of her observations. I do believe Vickki is under incredible stress right now with so much happening in her life. I think that is part of her reacting the way she has. I can’t imagine my parent dying and my partner maybe to follow soon. She is there with him at home and treatment side effects can be devastating to both the patient and the care taker. I cut her a bolt of slack. Meagan is just too snarky sometimes and she can’t understand where there is a line. She has done so with her parenting, her lack of understanding about her role as a parent/step parent (and I am sure Jim hasn’t been real helpful there) and in this case where to shut up when it comes to other people’s choice of treatment. I just think Vickki and Brooks knows more than we do about what is diagnosis is and maybe that is why he is choosing something different. I am not a fan of Brooks but I certainly do not wish him to go through this. I think Meagan is scared. She is very immature and insecure and she must read and certainly hears what others think of Jim’s treatment of her (or what we have seen of it) It’s really very depressing this year. I just hope it all ends well.

    1. I agree. And I think that Meghan acts very immature for her age. Maybe she spends too much time with her stepdaughter and has reverted back to being a teenager.

  2. Meghan is unbelievably immature for her age and now she is using her age as an excuse and throwing it in the women’s faces. She’s going to watch this show in 10 years and want to run and hide. Her husband is a real prick. He thinks who he is (he’s so not all that), he’s condescending, and he is not nice to her at all. Trust me, one way or another we will be reading about these two.

  3. I can’t stand Lizzie and I am glad she is not a regular castmate. Last year from the very beginning she went out of her way to cause trouble. Being honest is a completely different thing than choosing a time when everyone is on a trip to tell everyone everything anyone ever said, out of context, because you were hurt “no one came to your birthday party” God, she was still whining about it at the reunion. It is hurtful to repeat things others say in anger or off the cuff remarks as if they were gospel and said yesterday. She went on a binge of hurting everyone on the trip. She thinks because she has “real” huge knockers instead of implants, that she is somehow endowed with a brain also. I don’t ever like it when the entire group gangs up on someone, even if I am not a fan. If you feel something about someone who is your friend, then you should be telling them all along, not bring things up from your entire friendship when others are angry with them. And even if you have had times where your friendship was tested, you should never just believe what someone like Lizzie says without giving your friend the chance to explain. She stirred up the shit from the beginning on stuff that was none of her business. And she chose the least “classy” times to do it. She pretended to try to put everything on the table, as if she was being helpful, first at the Beador’s Christmas party, then every time Tamra wasn’t present. She ruined the trip just like Kim R. did the trip to Holland.

    1. I didn’t see it that way at all. I think she was just tired of Tamera talking out of both sides of her mouth, and being so hateful to her.

  4. I agree with Lizzie, Meghan crossed a major boundry line there & even though she had done a lot of research concerning Leann, it did not give her the right to step through Vicki & Brooks’ door. She was trying to act all smart & display her non-existent intelligence. She does not even have the brain of a pre-schooler & she is silly, spoilt & obnoxious. I just cant seem to like a single bone in her bony body.

  5. I agree with Lizzie too. Meghan is not equipped for this gig. I am sorry. She looks like an ass every time she opens her mouth….I really wish I knew what was going on with Vicki’s hysterics about Brooks alleged cancer. If she knows he has cancer, why does she need to carry on like this? I can see they are all wondering this. She is trying to hard to shut people up (thou doth protest too much). I dont get it. I hope the truth comes out someday. I can tell Tamra is suspicious but made it clear she has to back Vicky up now no matter what and she is.

  6. Now I understand why Lizzy is not full time, she seems to be the only one with class and social decorum. Bravo doesn’t want someone who knows how to behave appropriately in public.

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