Lizzie Rovsek Accuses Tamra Of Lying About Why She Couldn’t Come To Her Birthday Party


According to a leaked text message between RHOC stars Lizzie Rovsek and Tamra Judge, Rovsek thinks Tamra lied about why she couldn’t make it to her birthday party, and that she convinced Vicki Gunvalson to come up with an excuse too!

In the messages obtained by RadarOnline, Lizzie confronted Tamra alleging that she skipped her birthday party because she simply didn’t want to go, instead of saying her daughter Sophia was sick.

“I understand they told you to wait to tell me you couldn’t go. On a personal note I think it would have been much cooler of you to let me know that morning,” Rovsek texted Tamra. “I honestly wouldn’t have cared if you just didn’t want to go… The general vibe I got from everyone; producers included, was that you just didn’t want to be there that night.”

The messages also state that Tamra urged Vicki not to go to the party because she had a yeast infection… ew. “And the yeast infection thing you told Vicki to tell producers wasn’t very nice,” Rovsek wrote. “I’m just sorry the bday night even happened. I have always liked you a lot and sorry that a fun night ended so badly.”

Tamra insists she told producers ahead of time that Sophia was sick and they told her to wait to tell Lizzie.

“They asked me to wait until the cameras were up in the limo to let Lizzie know,” Tamra wrote. “Then they had her call me and say ‘How rude that you didn’t call me.’”

Photo Credit: RadarOnline/Bravo


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  1. What does the word R E A L I T Y really mean on these so called reality shows. It’s all a bunch of contrived horse pucky.

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