Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Files Lawsuit Claiming Assault And Sinister Extortion


Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd has filed a lawsuit where he claims he is the victim of a vicious assault and a sinister extortion claim, RadarOnline reports. Ken filed the documents in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that he is the victim of an “attempted shakedown and extortion,” by a “violent and opportunistic ex-felon” named David Cazaref and his brother, Kevin Cazaref, who attacked him at his new restaurant location and then hatched a plot to scam him out of $50,000.

The documents that were filed on October 3, 2013 state the incident occurred at their new restaurant, P.U.M.P Lounge. The Cazaref brothers were hired as subcontractors and the incident occurred when Ken tried to instruct Kevin on the proper way to use a concrete chipper.

“To Plaintiff’s absolute shock and horror, Defendant Kevin Cazaref, suddenly and without provocation, became enraged, grabbed and violently hurled the heavy concrete chipper at Plaintiff, striking Plaintiff at close range, and causing serious and permanent injury to Plaintiff’s lower body, including his hip, leg and knee.”

“Before Plaintiff could take a moment to recover from the shock of the attack and Defendant Kevin Cazaref’s sudden and frightening burst of rage, or regaining his balance, Defendant Kevin Cazaref lunged and charged at Plaintiff in immediate fear of his safety, Plaintiff quickly began to back away and raised his hands and fists in order to defend himself.”

Photo Credit: Splash News