Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Accused Of Assault

Spot Rescue is suing RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump, her husband, Ken Todd, and the Vanderpump Dog Foundation claiming Ken got angry when Spot’s executive director refused to provide dogs for a fundraiser gala Vanderpump sponsored.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Spot’s executive refused because it’s against company policy, but Ken got mad. He allegedly threw her against a wall and yelled, “Do you know who I am? I will ruin your life!”

The director relented and sent dogs to the event, but when it came time to split the $64,000 raised, Ken allegedly shorted the operation, according to Spot Rescue. In the suit, the org says Ken offered partial payment, but only if the exec released him from liability for the assault.

Lisa denies Ken touched anyone. She adds, “It was a beautiful event with friends who donated to the charity,” and there was no deal to split profits with Spot Rescue. She says it only asked for money after seeing how much money they raised.

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12 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd Accused Of Assault”

  1. I’m surprised this got out. The Todds are usually pretty good and keeping a lid on their lawsuits so they get minimal media coverage. Anyway, if this is really about the animals’ welfare then I hope they all work it out: a stack of legal fees means less money for the pooches.

    1. We have seen Ken lose his temper and run his mouth on the show, so this doesn’t surprise me. Just because you’re an animal lover and defender, doesn’t mean you can’t also be an asshole .
      Ken was always given excuses like ‘he was defending LVP ‘ or some such baloney . Clearly, he’s just a douche .

      1. Oh, I’m only surprised that the story got out, not that’s a donkey. I haven’t forgotten all horribles things Ken’s said about various housewives, or him grabbing Yolanda’s arm during a disagreement a few seasons back. If I were in Yolanda’s shoes back then Ken would have been drawing back a stump, I tell ya.

  2. This I wont believe. It’s just nasty gossipers trying to slander good people’s names. Shame on horrible minded fools.

  3. I think the rescue person was shaking down the Vanderpumps for money. This story is preposterous. If Ken treated people like this it would not just now coming to the surface. Beating up rescue people? I think not.

    1. Did you believe the Cosby allegations? Those came to light later, some as much as 30 years later. Be careful with that logic.

  4. I can see him being this sneaky, with the comment of ‘friends donated’ gives the sense all the $ should be theirs. They lie; they stopped Yulan, that she’s 56 years old, etc. I know he was Suze’s bf, but she might have even been disappointed?!

  5. He’s a mean little man. In his suit he looks like a human Jiggy. He’s the original lap dog to Lisa Vanderlumps!

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