Lisa Vanderpump’s Candid Interview With Giuliana Rancic


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump sat down with E!’s Giuliana Rancic in a new interview that aired on Sunday night. Lisa invited Rancic into her home to discuss her life before The Real Housewives, her marriage, children, the show and more.

“I do remember saying to them [producers] that I wanted to leave the show with the same integrity I came in with,” Lisa tells Giuliana of being on the hit Bravo show. “I just don’t want any BS editing. I’m no angel, I do make a few snarky comments and have a laugh. It is a television show. But I’m not in this business or on this show to put down my cast mates or get into a bitchfest, that’s not who I am, and I think if that day comes then I should leave.”

Giuliana shares that she is curious to find out who Lisa was before being on the show. Rancic asks Lisa what her relationship was like with her parents. “They weren’t that emotionally available,” Lisa admits. “I tell my children I love them everyday, often a British upbringing they know you love them so you don’t have to tell them, but I often went against that. I don’t think I was that tactile with my parents either, I was very close with my grandmother. I had a good childhood.”

Lisa Vanderpump's Parents
On the right: Lisa Vanderpump’s parents

Lisa goes on to reveal that her father was in advertising and she believes that’s where she gets some of her creativity to design her popular restaurants. Vanderpump loved creative arts as a child and attended the famous Corona Academy in London. Lisa began dancing at the performing arts academy, which eventually led to her acting career.

Lisa reveals she met her husband of 32 years, Ken Todd, through her brother and their chemistry was instantaneous. She admits they were engaged within 6 weeks and married within 3 months. They went on to have their daughter Pandora in 1986 and adopt their son Max a few years later.

Lisa’s daughter Pandora, reveals to Giuliana what it was like growing up with Lisa as a mother. She shares that Lisa was the type of mother who would be on the ground horsing around with the kids before school to make them laugh.

Back to RHOBH, Giuliana asks Lisa out of all the seasons of the show, which moment was the toughest. “I think this season when there was 4 against 1,” Vanderpump says of the confrontation in Puerto Rico. “The two new girls have been really supportive, Carlton and Joyce, I have to say they were great. But when the 4 of them (Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster, and Kyle and Kim Richards) get together and on the same page, it’s very difficult.”

“Who has been the toughest Housewife to deal with in the history of the show?” Giuliana asks.

“Brandi,” Lisa insists. “It’s been horrible. Saying horrible things about me. I don’t want to give it too much credence, it’s just to keep deflecting, keep denying, and the fact is that once something is out there it can stick and that’s upsetting. But I don’t retaliate. I mean I could throw every name out there, it’s an easy target, but I’m not going to. There are some downsides and this season has been particularly difficult.”

“I want to be on a show with 6 bright, beautiful successful women,” Lisa continues. “That’s why I’ve never understood the competitiveness and negativity. The better everybody does, the better it is for the show.”

Giuliana asks Lisa if this season was so rough she’s thought about quitting the show.

“Oh definitely,” Vanderpump admits. “The attacks and it became so emotional for me I thought, ‘What am I doing?'”

“I left in the middle of the night,” Lisa says of the infamous dinner in Puerto Rico. “I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ In my reality if I was on a vacation with friends, of course I would leave. I’m not going stay.”

When Giuliana brings up Lisa’s Bravo spin-off show, Vanderpump Rules, she asks is Lisa thinks her other cast mates are jealous of her. “Have you watched my show?” Lisa joked. “Do you think there’s any jealous… no! I’ve had a lot of great opportunities and when Vanderpump Rules was picked up for 16 episodes and I think it even superseded Housewives’ ratings… I would like to think they’re supportive, but I can’t say honestly that they have been.”

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6 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump’s Candid Interview With Giuliana Rancic”

  1. Lisa was amusing, interesting, charming, and likeable. In other words, exactly what we all see on her shows. Somehow she always maintains her dignity while making others feel comfortable, even when they don’t. I really admire and like her.

  2. Lisa is a woman of integrity, sublime wit and a brilliant businesswoman.
    Lisa is the type of Woman that other woman aspire to be therefore she is too sophisticated, alluring and dignified for this trite banal Bravo bitchfest..

  3. I have a lot of respect for this lady.

    It’s comical that a few of the other women on the RHOBH-show had nothing else to make themselves interesting with other than through attacking her. So, she was too busy to pamper their egos from time to time, something they wouldn’t have noticed if they had been busy too. And if they had had something else to think about perhaps they wouldn’t had much time to think about her? If they had had something they wanted to market while on the show they would have taken their time on the show to try to draw attention to that. But hmmm…no…there wasn’t much of that, was there??? People with no career prior to this show. People who are currently famous for being famous. Their accusations had the stamp of the minds they came from. A child might accuse you of things children think about. In the same fashion these women attack with what their minds CAN conjure up. They’re as see-through as Yolanda’s fridge all in all, that it’s hard to believe that any person would willingly flaunt such an empty life and personality.

    And anyone who has spent A LITTLE BIT of time in the UK… at all… ever…gets Liza’s funny dry comments and sense of humor. Brits rely far too much on the entire world to understand sarcasm, which it doesn’t … ;^) Actually, a few of these cast-members could actually look up ‘’sense of humor’’ in a dictionary in the first place.

  4. Liza
    Works hard is beautiful and has a loving husband.

    I think others are very jealous
    Brandi can’t speak without the F word
    I used to feel sorry for her but see she needs drama. Liza you are amazing
    Congrats on PUMP love it

  5. Your great Lisa! Keep being yourself. These women are intimated by your success and beauty and are looking for negativity and flaws just to pick at you.

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