Lisa Vanderpump Will Not Attend Camille Grammer’s Wedding This Weekend

There’s always drama in Beverly Hills. Camille Grammer is set to marry David C. Meyer this weekend and the big question is whether or not Lisa Vanderpump will attend the wedding, as she has been feuding with her cast mates.

Well, the answer is no.

“Lisa is both stressed and relieved as she finally made the decision Tuesday not to attend Camille’s wedding,” a source close to Lisa tells Hollywood Life.

The insider continued, “Lisa refuses to handle the stress of the event and doesn’t see the point in putting herself in an uncomfortable situation. She hasn’t filmed with or even seen the other ladies (except Denise Richards, who she’s filmed a couple scenes with) in over a month and doesn’t want to start now at an big event like this.”

“Production is annoyed she isn’t coming,” the insider added. As for Camille, she “could not care less” that Lisa isn’t attending. The other ladies are over Lisa skipping out, too, but are getting used to her not inviting them or attending things anymore. “Camille feels it’s probably for the best, she doesn’t want any more drama and just to get married.”

“Kyle [Richards], Teddi [Mellencamp Arroyave] and Lisa Rinna will be at the big day,” the insider reveals, before dishing the details about Camille and David’s big day. “The wedding will take place over the weekend on the big island in Hawaii and it will most definitely be filmed. Erika [Girardi] can’t make it because she’s working and Denise chose not to attend, but not because she has an issue with Camille. It was just too much for her with her kids and new husband to go.”

Congrats to Camille!


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