Lisa Vanderpump Weighs In On Rinna’s Fight With Dorit

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to talk about the drama that happened during the season finale on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump defends PK for involving himself and wanting to help defend his wife against the other women. Lisa also explains how she believes Rinna calculated the whole situation with Dorit.

“So we rejoin the Diamonds and Rosé party. The glittering, peach hues served as a beautiful backdrop, however…

So I greet everyone with enthusiasm, bantering, as always, with Lisa , hugging Eileen, which is one good thing that has been born from this season, and playfully mocking myself in regard to my short snout and needing Kyle to help me up is all in good humor, which was dearly needed this season.

So the launch of The Vanderpump Rosé was a gorgeous summer evening, but with a dark shadow that loomed over.

I had created, along with Kevin Lee, a romantic garden that was a setting, perfect for a warm and celebratory evening. Unfortunately it was

juxtaposed by intense conversations that were ceremoniously delivered, purposefully, by people resplendent in their finery…Bejeweled, adorned with gold leaf, pink hair, roses, long sequined dresses and even a ball gown. It was certainly a feast for the eyes, but insinuations and angry accusations were plentiful, and many were aghast at the level of frustration that had been simmering. Tonight finally boiled over.

I knew there were unresolved issues. Hong Kong had ignited a flurry of feelings. Unjust accusations had been hurled without thought of the ramifications. LR made some unnecessary, brutal, inaccurate statements.

Or maybe that is naive. Maybe it had been systematically planned out as a retaliatory move after the whole fiasco of XanaxGate, designed to hurt with the intent to sully someone’s reputation.

Dorit was feeling uncomfortable, and I knew that in order to move forward, if in fact she wanted to at all, it was essential she defended herself and brought to the surface all her questions as to why this had escalated to such a state. I understood PK involving himself. He was asked a question by Erika first, and I am sure he will be criticized, but that is exactly what Ken has done in the past, especially when I had been the subject matter in his absence. He also aware of how distraught Dorit had been in Hong Kong, so why shouldn’t he stand up for his wife? And it certainly hadn’t been even handed prior to this.

Eden screaming at LR was certainly unexpected, but I knew her emotions were accumulative. She felt she had been dismissed, and now as it all came to an ugly head, metaphorically speaking of course. LR exacerbated Eden’s frustration by laughing in her face, intentionally dismissing her once more.

Sometimes you have to hear people out and look from another perspective. That is the sentiment that resonates so loudly with me this season.

So…as the door closes on the final episode, the curtain drops, and we can now take a moment to reflect on what has transpired…

The choices we made ,the lessons we learned.

Erika asks in her interview, “What are we, five?”

Now wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing, where we could return to those days of innocence, rather than every statement be scrutinized, with an intent to create a bigger problem?

Perhaps I could say that one might be better served if they tried to look more closely at the recipient of a well-intentioned gift. Do they have the same humor as you?

Maybe to laugh at yourself would also diminish the embarrassment of an unintentional faux pas.

None of this would have gathered momentum if it had been dealt with in that manner.

We live in troubled times. This country is ostensibly at war, so the time we spend with friends should be vibrant, honest and coupled with thoughtful conversations, but above all, wrapped in a blanket of humor. Remember this…Laugh at yourself, then others can laugh with you, not at you.

I am thankful for the chance to have drawn attention to my cause, the fight against the tortuous festival know as Yulin, so that is paramount in my mind as we wrap his up. We have been successful in opening our dog rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs, just a few weeks ago and already nearly forty dogs have gone to loving homes.

And on that note, I thank you for watching, and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my fellow Housewives because, regardless of our choices, it was a fascinating season and I think we can all garner some sort of lesson from it.”

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95 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Weighs In On Rinna’s Fight With Dorit”

  1. 1. Dorit absolutely did question Rinna’s sobriety, despite her protests to the contrary.
    2. Dorit had reason to question Rinna’s sobriety. Who carries a big sack of pills everywhere and makes jokes about popping Xanax? There was a basis to her questioning.
    3. Rinna’s cocaine accusations had no basis at all. They were made for spite, because that is who Rinna is.

    1. Yes Dori did question it,. I feel that is different than saying Rinna is an addict. Rinna bragging about a knapsack of pills then acts like a complete loon, who wouldn’t question it.

      1. I thought she said. (Do you think it is induced?). Dorit is a favorite of mine a long with PK. Ericka would rather show her puss than a panty line. Then she announced loudly I’m not wearing any. Rina put the hate for Dorit in Ericka.

        1. Nobody saw anything but a little skin. Women have to actually have their legs spread to see the vajayjay. So, the reference to seeing it was a total lie. Women were built the way we are to protect and hide the most valuable organ of our body, because all humanity comes from that very place. To speak the way PuKe did is despicable and vulgar.

        2. I feel the same. Pk I think is hated right off the bat because they are the new ones. I like him as well. They both were accused of things they did not do. Rinna talked more about her bag of pills than Dorit did. And when you act like a lunatic who can’t understand a conversation and break out a bag of pills who wouldn’t ask if the behaviour wasn’t induced? Rinna makes me too angry. It’s not normal for me. Lol

        3. ITA! Dorit did say “do you think it’s induced.” She answered Eden’s question about why LR was saying she never remembered saying any of those words to Eden. I’m call BS on LR. And Erika said, she was told by someone that Dorit was making a big deal. Really? Who told her that? Has to be LR or ED. I love Dorit & PK, they are a great addition to the show.

          1. I’m glad you feel the way I do Dorit seems like a lot of fun to me. I think Ericka gets her glam squad telling her how fabulous she is then Dorit shows up Ericka must get jealous .

  2. First of all, she needs to hire a new ghost writer. The comma’s in this piece are absolutely dreadful and moronic; don’t even get me started on the fluffy language used throughout that is wildly unnecessary and might I say…. pernicious? Secondly, Vanderpump is admonishing the girls for their behavior yet spends the later part of her blog grabbing her stirring spoon and making sure she gets the last cackle while she stirs the pot! Here, I’ll paraphrase: “This world is hell right now, so please, don’t be offended that one of your ‘girlfriend’s’ husbands was drooling over your barely ‘exposed’ vagina, and for god sakes!!! Just laugh when we continually bring it up to embarrass you. Cause war!”

    The only thing I agree with in this post is LVP’s observations on Eden. Rinna treated her like a sack of shit at that party. Remember not even 2 years ago when Lisa sent Kim a horribly threatening text all because she felt like she’d been “dismissed and silenced”? But now, when she dismisses and silences Eden, Eden is just supposed to take it? Why? Because she was right in every single one of her points, and Lisa Rinna is tired AF at being #exposed?

    Rinna: “I NEVER NEEDED YOU!!!”
    Eden: “What about that time with Kim?”
    Rinna: “Well I needed you then! But that was it!!”…. You mean the FOUR months that Kim was your storyline. PUH-LEASE!!

    1. She writes it herself. You can tell because she uses words incorrectly in life that she does in writing. I’ve noticed it often in the past. She has said “inferred” when “implied” would be correct a couple of times before. Here was “accumulative” when “cumulative” would have been correct. And all those commas are indicative of a period in the 50s when it was sometimes taught that commas were pauses that were used at your discretion. That said, I get her. She honestly believes that they take things too seriously, and should have thicker skin. That British “stiff upper lip” is a real thing!

      1. Yeah but there’s a difference between a stiff upper lip and literally having no ability to recognize or accept that you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Not once has Vanderpump genuinely apologized for anything she’s done. A lot of things she has said are harmless and equate to, yes, British “humour”. But the fact that she outright refuses to accept that she has had a hand in truly humiliating someone is more than just a “British” thing. It’s an individual character thing and it disgusts me.

        1. Stiff upper lip means not showing your emotions , it doesn’t mean oh let me mock you and offend you in the name of humor. LVP is not Lady Grantham !

          1. Stiff upper lip also means being able to take a little heat. She never can, and when no one else is in agreement with her, she’s in the garden crying to poor Ken and the ponies.

            1. Please think about something else for me with your big brain. Please reflect on Eileen, and how she might be a lot more strategic then we think without hardly lifting a pinky.

          2. I can see Lvp turning into her the older she gets, lol. She does have the same cutting wit. Lol. I’m off now Rain. Its so nice to be excited something. ( it’s been awhile lol)

        2. I honestly think, right or wrong, Lvp doesn’t care enough about these ladies feelings to care if she offends. I bet she treats the important people in her life better than she does these ladies. And frankly I bet it’s the same for all of them. They know it’s a tv show, so I just don’t know how real they are. Granted I was taught to treat a pauper and the Pope the same. But these ” reality” shows are running their course. Like Rain says 4 seasons then they graduate.

      2. I like lvp, but you are entirely correct about her blogs. Maybe one or two of the fluffy words per blog, but she uses far too many. Btw I saw an snip it on my news site about someone going around the internet and correcting everyone’s use of commas ( I didn’t read it) . So I had to look up the correct usage. Lol. I bet I still screw it up. Lol

  3. oh my gosh yes!!! I can see him now, white tux (yellowed around the collar because he’s sweaty), his 24-hour never-dry lipgloss, microphone in hand, butchering jazz covers of The Beach Boy classics while 4 people pay attention and the others turn down their hearing aides to go to sleep!! The best part of the show is when his mic short circuits because it’s drowning in slobber!!!!

  4. the crush is mutual, girl!! LVP will never call out her puppet until she starts causing problems, and then the strings will be cut and we’ll have a juicy season!!

      1. Wow. I don’t think I will watch if LVP is not there, however.
        It would be nice if we got more fun newbies…maybe?

  5. It is hypocrisy at it’s lowest on Lisa’s part, for Lisa to say to Erika to let “pantigate” go. That if she had left it behind, like her knickers, it would have died away, then….for ANYONE to truly believe that Dorit’s “gift” in front of 10 people at least, saying “now that we’ve all seen you pretty little puss” was to bring levity is delusional about Dorit. To even assume that ANYONE could SEE Erika’s vagina is BS. I am so disappointed in Lisa. She expects Erika to see it wasn’t important, then at her really lovely party, in the decorative sense, she mentioned it every chance she got??? How could anyone forget and let it go? I did think at the beginning, when Erika first became part of the cast, that Lisa was struck by a totally new feeling – jealousy. She handled it Ok at first, but she let it get the best of her, and that I am surprised and let down by. She was loveliness itself in her first 2 1/2 seasons. Then, to prove to Kyle that she didn’t need her support, because of Kyle not defending Lisa against Adrienne’s accusations that Lisa was selling stories to Radar Online was unjustified. She became friends with BG and YoYo, and was mean and spiteful. But, they forgave and repaired their friendship.
    Maybe a little off topic of this actual article, but maybe Vince and Harry don’t want or need the camera time at the cast functions. Wow, they can’t win. If they’re there, they are too involved, and when they are not there, they are not supportive. I know Eileen and Vince started their marriage with some stigma, but there comes a time to forgive and forget. Even not being a fan of Eileen’s, I agree with her that my Husband would never try to peek up the dress of a friend of mine! Ken’s remark, though I am not saying it was cool, was not said in a mean spirited way. CreePK and Dorit had been talking about it to anyone who would listen for months, and he made an off color statement.
    And, once again, I bet a mortgage payment no one saw more than a little skin on Erika’s thigh. she certainly wasn’t sitting there with her legs spread FGSakes. And DORIT did keep it up about that lie. Her husband is a pervo in the biggest sense to even speak the words he did the next day. YYUUUUUUK.

    1. I agree about the husbands. I think they can’t win either way. And then the editing. I believe we aren’t always given a fair view, if that makes sense. I believe that is where most of the manipulation occurs.

      1. I just tried to post to you, Rain. So, I will make it a two person post, I hit “post” and the screen goes blank, I can arrow back, but it keeps happening. Dorit was STILL saying, even on the boat, “any woman with a short skirt on blahh blh blah” Let’s get real, CreePK didn’t see her vayjayjay. Our inside private parts are very well protected between out thighs. Not to be crude, just real. He MAYBE saw a moment of thigh skin, she would have literally had to have had her thighs spread for him to see more, so that was Bulls**t. I liked Kyle’s reference to “tweeter” on the cable car, that cracked me up.
        Erika was sitting with her thighs CLOSED period. Dorit maybe better watch out for the pervert her husband is, seriously. I will never get over what he said in the kitchen. He labeled himself as the real punk he is saying that. He can NEVER crawl out of that s**thole, IMO. Love you girls.

  6. I enjoyed Kyle and Lisa V.’s humor this season and also enjoyed Kyle staying neutral. In my opinion – Pantygate was staged from the beginning and started between Lisa V. and Erika. The first conversation between those two regarding Erika not having panties on looked fake. I don’t think Lisa V. thought it would go this far. I feel Erika purposely took this farther than was needed. I can’t imagine that she was as put off as she stated. After all she conveniently forgot about any apologies. Just like first season when Erika started gossip and sat there silently as the ladies tried to figure out who did it. Oh well…. they do have to have a storyline to be relevant.

  7. You are correct, I think you just buy the grains. My daughter had a dog with terrible allergies, yeast in ears, everything. This poor dog was always at the vet. Antibiotics, steroids, the whole deal. I started to read about the benefits of goats milk for humans, as I use goats milk soap. It was then I came upon the info for dogs. I’m almost afraid to say it, but it has been like a miracle, and it’s been months since a vet visit.

    1. I am curioud what you feed your dog. Do you make your own food?
      I changed dry kibble for my dog and always add toppers of antibiotic free or organic chicken I cook for him. He is now on Amicus small dog food (from Canada) and loves it but always gets chicken too and once a week some grass fed beef. He is not allergic.
      I read about how some say just to give dogs homemade food.

      1. I have a cat, she gets Fromm dry grain free, and Weruva grain free wet which I also augment with my shredded chicken.
        My daughter’s dogs eat Zignature, (wet and dry )after trying absolutely everything, plus she gives them fruits and veggies, I think bananas and sweet potatoes mostly, plus the kefir. You should see them, they gleam.

          1. I tried it and added some nutrient powder made by a company specifically for homemade (you just add the meat) and you had to add a lot of the powder. Mydog hated it.
            It is not easy.

        1. Oh, my little dog loves sweet potatoes. He loves some frozen wild blueberries at times too. I give him a little when we have them.
          I researched lots of dog foods, and I love and feel very safe about this company (Horizon who makes Amicus for small breeds) in Canada. They are family owned and operated in Saskatchewan, and they locally source healthy ingredients including wild salmon, etc., and they are rated highly with no recalls.
          I am not advertising, but my little dog is very fussy, and he loves this food, and it is just the right size for his mouth. He is a toy breed, but not a very small toy at 10 lbs. He is about cat size. Other companies I loved…he hated the food…or he liked it and they changed the formula…and the kibble was so big I had to crush it for him.
          I know lots of people love Fromm.
          Okay, sorry to bore the others! I will quit now!

  8. hey Sunshine. Goats milk? I will look into that. i appreciate your concern for my little man. His eye seems to be better but I still plan on taking him to the eye specialist – couldn’t get in until April 13 so I continue with treatment my vet is giving. I’m really interested in hearing more about this goat milk… what is goats milk kefir? Again thanks….you’re sweet.

    1. A little at a time to start. I wish you could see the difference in my hands just from the soap. I buy my soap from Beekman Farms online.

      1. just looked at Beekman Farms websit…. these guys used to have a reality show. I’m looking at their products.

        1. Good morning, Cin!
          Yes, they are something else, these guys. Brent is a physician, and used to work for Martha Stewart. They bought a farmhouse and then lost their jobs in the recession, starting this business selling soap which has blossomed into a real lifestyle brand. They have a lot of locals helping them, everything is USA made.They sell some of their products on Evine as well. One bar of soap lasts me a month, they’re huge, I half them, half for kitchen, half for bath. I’m hoping your little Jaxson is enjoying better health every day. It’s so difficult, they can’t tell us what’s wrong.

  9. Anyone notice that ANYTIME Lisa Rinna is called on the carpet and someone starts to really get close to her having to own something she deflects onto some other last explosive topic? Right when Dorit had her by the lips, she says what about what you did to Erika and they all let Rinna off the hook and focused on pantygate while Rinna stood there gloating. And as the discussion got heated and PK walked past doing his best to evesdrop…As he walked away, LVP detached from the group and left the way he did, then a minute or two later he heads back in followed by lvp and has a go at Erika. Was his involvement instigated by LVP?. Now I love me some LVP, but the continuous digs when she knows something bothers you is out of line. Not as out of line as Kyle’s treatment of Brandy when she joined the cast, but…As to Rinna, she’s a vile thing and my only complaint with Eileen this season is she enables rinnas behavior while saying it’s not right behind her back.

    1. Hi Bobbi,
      So hoping these points get truly addressed at the reunion. Rinna being so dismissive of Eden was disgusting, and I’m still trying to figure what is up with Eileen.

      1. I think because these two were actually legitimate friends who were also co-workers played a huge part in their choosing to align together on this show, executing the “strength in numbers”/ “united we stand” strategy from day one. E&L’s interdependence and united front has worked for them in terms of surviving the battles you endure on these shows, but like any relationship between allies, things can get a little funky when one of the allied parties is ultra aggressive and you’re drawn into useless conflicts that are of THEIR making. If Eileen returns next season, it will be interesting to see if she provides more “on camera” imput to her friend to help reign in some of the more outrageous antics.

      2. Hi Sunshine…I hope they get addressed as well but Rinna is always dismissive to anyone calling her out and she’s great at redirecting to hot topics to get the focus off her misdeeds. SMH

    2. During the time when Brandy started, I believe Kyle was so focused on Kim and worry over her that she really had no time or thought for Brandy. Game night, for example, at Dana’s house was not on Kyle. What a s**tshow that night was. Kim is the one who called Brandy all the names, and Brandy is the one who called her a crack whore or whatever words she used, so Kim forgave her, and Brandy so much wanted to remain on the show that her way in was to get in between sisters. For years after that Kyle tried to make it up to her while Kim made Brandy her best friend. Talk about turning on your sister. Geeze, Kim is always getting a pass for that. Kyle would pick Brandy up for an event, Brandy would have her usual Xanax with many wine chasers, then go in after Kyle. When they went to Ojai California Brandy, Carl and Yo were so awful to Kyle and Joyce, and everyone just sat there. Kim wanted to get between any reparation of Lisa and Kyle’s friendship, and Brandy and the ugly witch wanted to do anything to make themselves known. That was one of the most sickening nights of mean girls I have seen on BH. That and Camille’s dinner with Allison Dubuai where she was saying such evil things. Rude is one thing, evil quite another.

      1. Heya 3 D’s from double b…I agree with most of what you say except for putting game night strictly on Kim. Kyle was so concerned with not letting Kim look bad, she banded with Kim to throw all the shade on Brandi. She knew Kim was hitting that bathroom for a reason and both of them having zero consideration for everyone waiting on the two of them was frustrating to watch. And when Kim stole the crutches Kyle said on camera that was the Kim she loves…seriously? Maybe my view is colored by watching these old episodes I had never seen. I’m watching the finale of season three and Kim’s entitled attitude doesn’t surprise me because I’ve always seen that. What has surprised me is Kyle presenting her supposed innocent questions and then sitting back and watching the fireworks while accusing LVP of manipulation. She admitted to getting with the other women at first reunion to go after Lisa to get the spotlight off Kim. Kyle has repeatedly defended everyone but Lisa and refused to apologize for never having Lisa’s back. Brandy is crass and disgusting but for Faye to say Brandi was the cause of the Bickersons breakup and attack LVP at LVPs party in her home when she wasn’t even an invited guest and Kyle’s defense of that was repugnant. Ms. Maloof vendetta against LVP started cause Pandora didn’t have her shindig at her hotel but Kim gets a pass when getting a new nose not from her husband? It seems to me Kyle is running the show and she’s the only one that can talk about Kim and she’s allowing and instigating attacks on LVP cause she doesn’t like Brandy and Lisa does and she doesn’t like it. Everytime Brandi spews some stupidity, LVP gets attacked. Brandi was doing that before she even met Lisa, which wasn’t too after game night. Funniest I’ve seen is Kim and Kyle calling out Taylor on her drinking…I mean, pot meet kettle. As much as I can’t stand Rinna, she’s actually easier to watch than Adrienne and Taylor. I won’t even go into Yolanda and Brandy cause gratefully they’re gone but what a bunch of self involved hags and we’ll see how my opinion of Kyle changes as events unfold. I am enjoying watching from the beginning and appreciate the chance to talk about it with you. We don’t always agree, but I like your point of view and your comments have occasionally changed my opinion as you let me see a different perspective.

  10. I knew you would be right on it, Sandy! Yes, goat’s milk is so beneficial, and your mother was right to give it to your brother as well, it’s close in ph to human.
    With my hands, the only thing that worked was $ 150 a tube. Goats milk hand cream started working the first day.
    I think God gave us everything we need, we just have to find it.
    Digitalis( spelling?) comes from foxglove I believe.
    Hope it’s a good day for you❤

    1. You are right. Digitalis comes from the foxglove plant. (Don’t try this at home.)
      There is a lot out there we have yet to discover, like in the rainforests…if we take care of them.
      I love goats cheese, but I have not tried the milk. I also love kefir, but I have taken a break from it. I should go back to it. It is the best.
      Thanks, Sunshine. I hope it is a great Friday for you too.
      I am happy the rain has stopped…for now anyway. Probably because you are here, Sunshine! (I am on my laptop so no emoticons here.) 😉
      Have a good one!

    2. Foxglove and many, many other garden beauties are poisonous to pets. Mine are inside cats only and no houseplants. I have enough dirt, and plants to care for without having my kitties getting curious, hahaha.

      1. Cats are soooo curious, my husband can’t even buy me roses unless I would leave them in a room with the door closed.

  11. What a wonderful similarity, Days. I watched all of those shows, that was when VCR’s were the deal, and ours could only take 6 hours of taping at a time. So, when I got home from work, my kids were at school already as their Dad was responsible for cooking their BK during that period of time, I would sit down ( finally ) after dealing cards all night, and enter the realm of the unknown. How ironic that that is what I thought HW would be like! How ironic and how wrong‼️

  12. I don’t have the feeders, just many, many Hummingbird Mint plants, a bunch of different cultivars, and I also don’t have the time to keep them full and clean. My yard is a Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. So, a promise to always have fresh water, shelter, feeding plants with nectar or seeding plants etc. I have a huge Honeysuckle Vine, well 2 actually, one smaller, that they adore. We only get them during migration, the Hummers, for about 2 1/2 months. But the tubular shaped flowers provide much to all bees and other good insects that are part of the food chain and are never harmful to the plants. No pesticides EVER. No herbicides EVER. Only natural, organic and my compost, which is like gold. I also believe what the Book says “The leaves of the tress will provide the medicines for your bodies.”

  13. Frankly. I love LVP’s humour. One cant take offense to how she words it unless one is ultra sensitive &/also does not understand sarcastic humorous one liners. I enjoy the wit shared between herself & Kyle very much, it just comes so naturally to them both & they obviously enjoy each other tremendously.
    Eileen & Rinna has an artificial friendship which I think is hypocritical & false. Not the kind of friendship I myself consider to be one.that is a keeper.
    I’m beyond gleeful that LVP was vindicated this season & if she mentions it one time too many, she has every right. Eileen NEVER SHUT up last season about wanting a thousand needy apologies from Lvp last season & unto the start of this one. Why was it okay on every level of hers, but it’s not okay for Lvp. Nonsense!!!! She has too faces, not something I would appreciate.
    Rinna really, truly showed her true blue self this season. She has behaved badly in past seasons for sure, but this one showed her up for who & what she is & in my opinion, one cant find more deplorable. She’s as low & nasty as Brandi Glanville.
    Erika, I like, but I do not trust her. She bases her facts on others input & not from her own experiences with people. She is aire-headed & empty shallow & it’s all about her. Her big toe can never fit in one of Lvp’s shoes. If there’s any jealousy there, it’s coming from Erika, not the other way around. Who wants to be friends or even look up to a frigid block of ice anyhow? I know someone identical, gave her every chance, did not work & I had too many other important stuff to deal with than to waste any more time on being nice. I’m still nice, can afford to be as she is now a non-entity in my world. Also, like Erika, her sense of humor was so dry that I really had to try overly hard to muster up a hint of a laugh. What pleasure is there around people joke that? none that I can see.
    Eden & Dorit? I like them both. Happy that both stood their ground at the tail end of the season. I hope they’ll be back.
    Goodness, this is way too long. Love you all. Bye.

    1. That was brilliant. Very articulate. I agree. I don’t mind eden, she is trying too hard, not a big fault in my eyes. Erika is shallow and ignorant. I think Tom married her 18 years ago and didn’t notice how worthless she is because he was very busy and she was playing a part. She is a fake with nothing real. I to know someone like that, and they don’t have many friends or much of a substantial life.

      1. Thanks Karoline, I also agree with your comment that types like Erika do not have many friends. Most tend to run from that sort & it’s sad–for them as they’re losing out.

        1. But Erika would say that women are just jealous of her. She doesn’t get it at all. People should avoid that type. There is nothing to them.

  14. Hey Sunshine…. I went to Outpost tonight (organic store) and bought the kifer. Gave Jaxon one tablespoon of it along with three blueberries. The lady at checkout also gives it to her dogs daily. thanks for the information. He seemed to really like it but I had to hand feed the blueberries.

    1. I had a thought…Maybe you can freeze the berries in a little bit of the kefir…like a pop. My dog always loved little frozen treats…especially as a teething puppy.

  15. Hi, sweetheart! Just got home, happy to see you posting. I’m not really sure what mine was either, and mine was so much worse from work, I cannot wear latex gloves either, they make my hands BURN. I use Beekman pure goats milk soap,and pure lotion. They have baby bars as well with calendula. They also have a lot of salves, you need to take a look. People swear by this stuff, and it’s been a godsend to many. They are on Facebook also, Beekman 1802 Boys.

    1. Thanks Sunshine. Latex burns me too. I will order some this very day. I have used thousands of dollars worth of ointments, soaps, oils……….. I hadn’t written down where I asked this question, so I finally found it!! I am also going to get what Sandy recommended, as I am totally allergic to any type of antibacterial anything. I don’t believe in using it anyway, the good bacteria on our skin, like the good bacteria inside us as we were speaking of here is necessary to fight the bad stuff. Washing does the job, with hot soapy water for everything, dishes, clothing, whatever. Those wiped they put everywhere, and those pumps everywhere now that everyone uses whenever they walk by does WAY more harm than good, IMO. Thank you so much, Sunshine.

  16. thanks…. he has an appointment with the eye specialist Thursday. I’ll feel better when I’m told all is good.

  17. I bought two kinds of Kifer…. goats milk and lactose free lowfat kifer milk – bought the milk kifer yesterday at organic store I go to and I was at whole foods today and found the goats milk kifer – so I’m loaded up on the stuff… lol l will have to google to find out the self life in the fridge.

    1. I would read what it says at the company’s website. Some say use by the expiration date. Others say up to 60 days shelf life. I think you could even safely use it past the expiration date if kept at 40 degrees unopened, based on what I read.
      I always used mine within a couple of days once opened.

      1. It can be frozen, too. Put in sterilized jars and frozen in small increments. I freeze lots of things, plus my yogurt. I only eat Redwood Hills Vanilla Goats Milk Yogurt, and freeze it first. Then smash it up and mix in my fruit goodies for BK every day. I never get tired of it. Protein and fruit all in one meal. I freeze butter, my Daughter taught me never to put bread in the fridge, only the freezer, and thaw as needed, as the fridge dries it out. I love this pecan cranberry fresh bread from Whole Foods where she works, and I told her about how once I put it in the fridge it was not good anymore, that’s when she told me. I guess she thought I knew, being the Mom and all. I reminded her we never quit learning. Hahaha.

  18. the vet did the fluorescent stain test…. it was a scratch to the corneal. Looks better but I am still taking him to the eye specialist Thursday. Bummer is I’ve been thru this with my last dog and the vet couldn’t see what the eye doctor could so I’m taking no chances- hair growing under the eye lid that could only be seen with a special lense and it required surgery. Hoping for the best with my main man. Thanks to all for your concern. Love animal lovers!!!!!

  19. Thank you Sandy. I will get some of that today, also. I will let you girls knw if it works. I have been plagued with this for almost 2 decades, and it is time for it to be over. It hurts, I have to wear gloves for everything, if I don’t bandahe the outbreaks they bleed, and when I color the drawings and blood gets on there, there is no way to remove it. After spending 40 hours coloring some of them with a magnifying glass it is very, very hurtful, I even started crying one of the times. So, I just bandage them. I have used millions of bandaids, non latex, for all these years. It looks like s**t, and is a pain in the ass. Thanks for your help, love you.

    1. Oh my dear, dear 3D’s how I empathize. I tried everything, and the only lotion that worked before the goats milk was
      You have a loving and caring spirit,
      I am so prayerful that you find the relief you so richly deserve.

    1. Thanks Sunshine. It was terrible. I felt like I had glass shards in my eyes at the time for a couple days. I flushed them with tons of water immediately. The eye drops helped a lot.
      Raccoons have spores in their droppings….very bad to inhale. The attic had the insulation replaced in a large area, and they had special air filters going all day. and they were finished…or so the worker said.
      Homeowners insurance covers some, but it still cost me $2000.00.
      Then a squirrel got in…after they patched the entrance at the roof!?
      Squirrel damage is not as bad..,since no spores, but so annoying since they said a critter could not enter…but a raccoon returned and bent the gutter back enough that a squirrel could squeeze through! Now it is patched more.

  20. In the 1800’s if the Mother died in childbed and they couldn’t get a wet nurse soon, in the meantime they always used goats milk. Cows milk molecules are too big for a baby’s tiny insides. Also, if cows milk is given before a year, the children are much more likely to have allergies, especially to dairy. My Dad was an herbalist and a homeopath, that is the one thing he left me with was that knowledge. Not much else as he was a bigot and thought feelings were weaknesses. Anyway, I took the knowledge with me and left the bigotry where it belongs, in hell.

    1. You have the most fascinating info to share.
      So thankful that you understood the bigotry for what it was, and moved forward.

  21. They do. I don’t read rag mags, or look for any HW related stories or pics, but I have seen photos on instagram of them together in off season. Both are very busy, Kyle’s kids are growing up now, so she has more time to entertain her own creativity in business and “in the business” she was raised in. One thing I very much like is that Kyle and Lisa have always hosted a lot of the events shown on the show. They don’t just attend, like Rinna who has hosted exactly 2 in the 3 or 4 seasons she has been on. Saying “I will always attend a charity for a friend,” well, wow, you go get fed, be seen in the most beautiful surroundings, & filmed there, to be with the most famous people in SC, and you are doing a favor??? Wow, what a load of BS.

  22. Rinna and Eileen do actually see it like they are on a soap, Erika too for that matter. They don’t know any different ( and they are dumb). Eileen has been pretending her whole adult life. She pretended that she was a faithful wife and mother while she fucked around with vinney. Now pretends it never happened and no one should mention it. Rinna, well she is just loco.

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