Lisa Vanderpump Wants To Quit RHOBH After Cast Turns On Her?


Lisa Vanderpump wants to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after her cast mates have turned on her, RadarOnline reports. Spearheading the movement to oust Lisa is former BFF Brandi Glanville, “but the duo’s friendship has hit the rocks. Brandi was sick of being Lisa’s puppet to do her dirty work. The entire cast, including Yolanda Foster, Joyce Giraud, Kyle and Kim Richards have all turned on Lisa, and none of them are talking to her,” a source tells the site.

“Lisa wants nothing to do with the ladies anymore because it has just become so toxic recently. She wants off the Beverly Hill housewives franchise show because Lisa has her own spin-off show on Bravo, Vanderpump Rules,” the insider reveals.

However, Lisa is contractually obligated to film another season of RHOBH, but “everyone knows she has Bravo executive, Andy Cohen wrapped around her finger,” the source added. “If she is miserable enough, Lisa will make a huge stink and demand she be taken off of the show, and she will get her way. She always does.”

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6 comments on “Lisa Vanderpump Wants To Quit RHOBH After Cast Turns On Her?

  1. Lisa doesn’t need to be on that show anymore she has so much more going for her. I hope she say’s Goodbye to all those Witches!!!!!!!

  2. lmao@Lisa, now that she’s in the outs with the majority of the cast, she now walks up to Adrienne maloof and they conveniently make-up… Kyle must be loving this moment! See, it all comes back to you, eventually, such as life, you get what you give. Yes, Lisa, you should quit! lol

  3. Well I guess Lisa knows that Brandi found someone else to spend more money on her. Lisa and Ken paid for her trips and bought her things, I got sick of hearing her all Ken her husband and fall all over him. Lisa needs to cut her losses and move on.

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