Lisa Vanderpump: The Truth Always Prevails

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts about Lisa Rinna’s confession to gossiping about Kim Richards’ sobriety. Vanderpump says you and misuse and abuse the truth, but it always prevails in the end. Lisa also talks about her work with Vanderpump Pets and the charity work she’s been doing.

“Now let us begin to understand exactly what has transpired here as we delve into the complicated scenario that we have witnessed, the murky quagmire, where truth is scant on the ground.

After Mexico, I would assume Lisa Rinna came to the conclusion that the probability of Eden’s reiteration of their conversation being accurate was more likely than not.

It was captured, documented for all to see, and I suppose, as Eden remained steadfast in her opinion, it must’ve provoked her to admit that it was said. Eileen comforting her friend, stating how wonderful she is, how she always owns her stuff, is ironic as Rinna previously had been in utter denial.

I seem to have trouble understanding how Lisa Rinna keeps remarking that I must be enjoying this. Yes, there was some sort of vindication from her brutal attacks last year, as we shine a light on her recollection skills, but the most important factor is that she seems relentless in her judgement of Kim.

I love Kim. We started this experience seven years ago, and I bore witness to her struggles with sobriety. I know her journey has been a challenging, painful one. As she has been so successful lately in her attempt to remain sober, it must be crucifying to have people doubt you, have the doubt thrust into an arena, where it is up for public scrutiny, all because of an hour or so interaction at Kyle’s house, where there was zero evidence to give Rinna’s claims any credence.

I think LR has good qualities, and I have enjoyed our friendship at times, but Harry stating that LR has always tried to help her and has total empathy for Kim is laughable if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Lisa passed her resentment of Kim to Eden, knowing that Eden was eager to immerse herself in this group of women, and with her history felt, she could speak from authority.

Well, as much as I respect and adore Mr. Hamlin, telling his wife just to speak the truth and speak from the heart is utter nonsense. When we had the conversations and assertions in Mexico, she vociferously denied saying any of those pertinent statements! Also sending texts threatening to “f— someone up” does not resemble empathy. You can misuse it and abuse it, but the truth will prevail. Her intentions are coupled with retaliation from their altercation two years ago.

What I can’t quite digest is this: Rinna spoke openly to Eden, saying she “trusted her.” She insinuates it was a private conversation, but we all know that is not so. What difference did it make if Eden repeated it to me? Eden was protecting herself, explaining why she had been eager to get involved with talk of sobriety. Prudent? Maybe not, but after her own personal experiences, maybe she felt time was of the essence. She heard Kim was “close to dying” and felt compelled to act as she valued Rinna’s opinion.

So at Carnie Wilson’s cake tasting, she retracts her defensive statements of innocence, capitulates and f—ing cops to it. Can we all give ourselves permission to make strident accusations, but as long as we “own it,” we are exonerated, free from blame?

This was a beautiful example of mea culpa….A little late for my liking…But there we have it …And on we move.

As we pull up to our site that had potential for our dream, our dream to open a rescue center for dogs, a puppy palace, where people could interact with them, bring their furry friends for Vanderpuff glam treatment, buy toys, clothes, food, and the proceeds would support the center.

As it comes to fruition, as we open tomorrow, an arduous task for sure, as we have navigated the rocky terrain of construction and permits, staffing, etc., we are happy to say VANDERPUMP DOGS is up and running.

We started Vanderpump Pets, our new business venture, a while ago. We then became involved with China as we made products there, Cambodia and USA. We started to hear horror stories from animal activists, about this torture festival known has Yulin. So after months of work, I went to speak at Congress, which was an awesome experience, to support our resolution—the fight against Yulin.

As I watch this footage, to see the depth of emotion that is so palpable, Ken devastated, tears rolled down my face, my husband and I have been traumatized by the visuals and stories we have endured. As I sat speaking to Congress, videos were shown where the screams from the audience were deafening as they witnessed atrocities that transpire in Yulin.

We brought a dog onto the table, Liberty, a little puppy whose front legs were chopped off for a delicacy called hot and sour paw soup.

We have made it our mission, collectively with our partner who has been to Yulin last year, to try to draw attention to this barbarity that has only been in existence the last few years. People remark that all animals deserve the same. I agree, but this is about the torture that is so wrong. I can’t fight every fight…

The government has been in such turmoil lately, it is hardly their priority. If you tell your Congressman to support the resolution, it will help greatly. We’re 3/4 of the way there and have garnered much support.

But it is OUR priority, many of you know speaking on behalf of the LGBTQ community, as an advocate for equal rights, supporting Trevor Project, children with alopecia, the homeless …the list goes on…we can only do so much. But if we can create a better world for man’s best friend, by utilizing the platforms afforded to us, then that is what we shall do.”

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34 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump: The Truth Always Prevails”

  1. I think only reason Rinna “owned it” was because she realized it will be seen on camera where she did say those things about Kim. She still spewed lies about LVP but this was never on camera—hummmm, wonder why? MAYBE it was never said!

  2. Love LVP. LR only told the truth after she was caught red handed. I don’t believe LR, Harry, or ED. Just because they say LR didn’t say that to them, doesn’t mean she didn’t say it. We all watched LR say horrible things about Kim. They sure are willing to keep blaming Eden. Eden went about it the wrong way, but it was because of LR hate for Kim. LR & ED have no story line. They need to go.

    1. bluebell, Eileen & Harry Hamlin are trying hard to cover Rinna’s dung, but they cant anymore. Her dirty heart showed itself clearly by her own filthy mouth.

  3. Lisa admitted she said it and she did it to KIm’s face…which rarely…actually… never happens on Housewives. And thank you, Carnie Wilson, for being the voice of sanity.

  4. I have to agree with Real Sandy that the work LVP is doing to bring the attention of the Yulin Festival is outstanding and her other charity work as well. It’s not easy to fight for these poor animals and to be able to discuss it with your congress is unbelievable!! Poor Ken the fact that an Englishman of his generation broke down and actually cried on TV says it all. Even when there was out and out confrontation amongst him and the other women in the past he never actually lost his composure or even shouted. His tone may have raised slightly and yes he did call someone a very bad name ONCE! but he’s never shown this amount of emotion and so it hit me even more. Lisa could not bear to see him cry hence the running off with tears in her eyes. She’s not as hard as people think she is and does “feel”. I also agree with LVP that actions say more than words and will watch what happens between LR and Kim. I think LR kept deflecting her behaviour onto others and still did not mean her apology. It a case of Oh shit I’ve been caught out. I wonder if that’s the real reason? but keep on deflecting LR keep on deflecting. I wish nothing but the best for Kim and congratulations on the birth of your grandson.

    1. nah. Peta has been fighting the yulin festival for a decade now. LVP is not actually doing anything that hasn’t been done unfortunately. Peta are the ones who should be praised.

      1. Then kudos to PETA as well! The more people become aware of this barbaric custom then hopefully the more donations come poring in!! Thank you for the information about PETA though.

      2. Sorry Jay, I need to correct this. I’ve been a long time member of Peta, Humane Society, WWF etc; etc; I even got 2 awards, but let me tell you that LVP deserves any praise she gets & trust me, she’s not looking for praise. Her deep love for God’s creatures is what her driving force is all about. WELL DONE LVP.
        Incidentally, I bow before all the above societies I mentioned above as they are fighting a just & worthy cause to bring attention to making the world a better place for ALL animals.
        Also, remember that LVP is tackling this alone. God bless that woman.

    2. ITA! Love LVP & Ken. They are really great human beings. Their care & compassion for people & animals is awesome. I believe they both have great caring hearts.

  5. Rinna keeps deflecting, noting LVP’s delight. Well if that attention whore had spent an entire season telling lies about me, I’d probably throw a little petty party in her honor when she gets shown for exactly who she is. Can she and Eileen go now?

    1. lvp is just mad she was caught last season. why would she be happy if that wans’t what it’s about. Rinna is vile, but so is lvp.

      1. I don’t think LR is vile at all. I have been watching these silly Housewives shows since the beginning and I know Vile. Now LV is sneaky and oh so manipulative, and vindictive.

    2. I agree. Love LVP! I don’t think she was happy, but vindicated. LVP could cut LR off completely, but she still acts with grace. I hope LR & ED are gone next season.

  6. lol, unless you deny everything for an entire season until everyone moves on, like LVP does. VanderP is pathetic seriously.

    1. Oh Jay…..proof is on film…Lisa R told “her truth” about Lisa VP–where is the proof? LVP had right to deny what wasn’t truth–all saw on film how LRinna lied. Can’t deny that. No proof that LVP did.

      1. Nah. It’s on film that Rinna & Kyle proved last season that LVP did tell them both different things about ‘bringing kyle into it’.
        What is on film this season is Rinna lying about not remembering, maybe, but then she owned it, so benefit of the doubt. Either she was high on xanax or she really didn’t remember. But she did ‘own it’ in the end, I guess she was just embarassed she was caught that’s why she lied.
        Either way we would know cause it is on film she said those things about Kim. What LVP is smart about it doing her stuff when the cameras are down, and you know it 😉 You can’t say something that IS on film isn’t true — whereas you can say all you want something told off camera isn’t true, and dumb viewers will actually believe it. Even Kyle knew what she was doing at the time, watch the episodes and the dubai trip again 😉

        1. You have every right to post your opinions as well as others do. Even if others agree or disagree with your point of view, it can lead to an intellectual debate between others in America or abroad. People can watch a clip and see something completely opposite from you. It’s all down to their interpretation and that’s the point I’m trying to make. To call those who oppose your point of view ‘dumb ‘ actually says it about you!!!

        2. Can you knock off your insulting please. You don’t have all the answers and can only speculate and opine on any of these shows like the rest of everybody. Dumb? You’re dumber then, how’s that feel dude?

  7. LV and her work with animals is wonderful and I applaud her for it, but don’t think she is this perfect, wonderful, faithful friend she pretends to be. Not even close.

  8. I have always loved Ken and my heart went out to both of them in this episode. I also agree with the idea of getting rid of the soaps stars and bring on Carnie Wilson with the not so perfect body but with a genuine heart.

  9. Ist & foremost , my grateful thanks to Ken & Lisa Vanderpump for all the good they do for the animals of the world & for their heartfelt attempts to full stop the horrific Yulin dog festival. I am proud to admit I am part of that as well.
    Now, on to the housewives. Rinna is a major lying hypocrite & I am soooooooo happy that she was caught & that LVP was enjoying it to the fullest. Truth never hides & I’m so glad that LVP did not have to wait too long for her moment of glory.
    The records have shown That LVP & her doings makes her my hero.

    1. Well said, Starr. ITA. I have signed petitions online, though I am not actively involved in the Yulin fight otherwise than my online activities. I commend you. I have always been an environmentalist, and I fight for animal rights as much as I can, including sea mammals, etc. I was much more active when I was younger as far as going to demonstrations, writing a couple of columns monthly for a grassroots environmental action paper, etc. I am still always doing my best for the environment, and I do support worthy causes. I am not a vegetarian but I gave up red meat for years. I wish I was better at it, and I do have it occasionally, but only from reputable sources. I love Whole Foods now.
      I imagine you may be vegan. I have seen the films by PETA, etc., and eating meat at all is not easy after that. I feel sorry for the torture that is out there of innocent creatures. I admire you Starr. I admire Lisa and Ken for all that they are doing too.

      1. Thanks Real Sandy, I’m an advocate these days because of my health limitations, but my voice is still as strong as ever. You’re great yourself & I am truly proud to know another person who’s all heart for animals.

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