Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Brandi Glanville Is Jealous?


As we previously reported, the women filmed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion last Friday, and RadarOnline is dishing more details on the feud between former BFFs Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. Brandi recently made comments that Lisa wants to “project this perfect persona like there’s nothing wrong in the world,” but revealed Lisa was almost bankrupt at one point.

Insiders tell Radar that this issue came up while the women filmed the RHOBH reunion. Lisa said to Brandi, “I’m not broke. How dare you.” The production insider adds, “Lisa was hot under the collar regarding the comments Brandi made about her finances and business empire.”

“It’s one thing for Brandi to claim Lisa used her as a puppet to do her dirty work, but entirely another to discuss the British native’s alleged money troubles. First of all, Brandi has no idea what she is talking about, Lisa has never been on the brink of bankruptcy,” the insider says. “Lisa accused Brandi of having a vendetta against her and being jealous of the life she has.”

“Brandi tried to play victim and that Lisa was just bullying her. At one point, Andy Cohen asked Brandi and Lisa if they could ever be friends again. Lisa steadfastly responded, no way. This reunion was the most gut wrenching and emotional ever for the Beverly Hills cast,” the source shares.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Brandi you are nothing but a big over grown baby. You act so childish – like a spoiled brat who , when you don’t get your way, use sticks and stones to get attention. You are so disgusting. And how dare you invite yourself to Puerto Rico when you don’t even like Joyce. Y U C K !!!

  • De ann

    She just wants to go to Puerto Rico to continue to harass poor Joyce in her back yard. You don’t think this is totally inappropriate Kyle?????!!! I have always liked Kyle, but if she goes along with this, I’m done with her. This is wrong & not fair to Joyce. Leave that woman alone!!

  • Tailisin

    Damn, Skippy Brandi is jealous of everyone. Lisa, Kyle, Joyce, Scheana, Johanna from Miami, Leanne, Eddie, Julie Chen..
    Brandi is one seriously disturbed nut job.
    You can not argue, reason or have a discussion with drunk and crazy.
    She is the worst media whore I have witnessed in a very long time.
    Attacking a sweet polished lovely hardworking woman like Lisa? Brandi is a rabid dog that bites and then defocates upon the reputations of the people that have helped her, have shown her kindness and given their support.
    Shame on Brandi!
    I hope your book bombs, you get evicted and you get booted off of Bravo and have to get a real job.
    You are not a writer.
    You are too cartoonish to model.
    You are not a housewife nor would anyone in their right mind ever marry you again.
    Put a fork in yourself, you are done..
    Now, go away & stfu!

  • Aunt Bee

    Dee Ann I agree. I can’t believe Kyle is allowing this.