Lisa Vanderpump Tells Lisa Rinna They Can Move On

Things still were not settled between Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when everyone gathered at Dorit Kelsey’s 40th birthday party. But the party must go on right?

First, Kyle and Rinna were cruising in Kyle’s new Lamborghini when Rinna told Kyle that Erika’s birthday party was the first time she’d seen LVP since last year. But Rinna said that since her father passed away, her perspective on all these petty arguments had really changed.

But while Vanderpump was riding her new horse with her husband Ken, she admitted, “If you ask me, honestly, do I prefer animals to people, there’s no contest. I think animals are more loyal.”

Erika Girardi was casting dancers for her tenth music video. After watching many talented dancers perform, Erika and her team selected a handful of girls to work with.

Lisa Rinna was also focused on her daughter Deliah’s modeling career. “Delilah is going to castings, meeting photographers,” she gushed. She then asked Delilah to remind her what Cindy Crawford had told her as a piece of advice. “Some pictures are ugly,” Delilah said, to which her younger sister Amelia seemed annoyed the focus wasn’t on her.

Dorit was stressed because her husband PK was planning her lavish birthday party without any help from her. “I do hope it’s something else, not just sitting around having drinks in the living room,” she told the cameras, as her guests were being driven up her driveway in a golf cart. Dorit mentioned that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony used to live in their home, and that’s when Lisa Vanderpump approached Eileen Davidson.

“I’m sorry,” Vanderpump began. “I didn’t know that your mother died.” But Eileen thought Lisa was apologizing for disrespecting her in the Hamptons and consequently started laughing, only later realizing that was not an appropriate response. But Eileen did say that her mother’s passing did put things in perspective.

“It makes other things seem kind of trivial and inconsequential,” she said. But Vanderpump clarified to the cameras, “Hell will freeze over before I will apologize to Eileen Davidson again.”

But Vanderpump still had fun with Eileen. For Example when she asked if anyone had seen her husband, Lisa joked that she had just seen him “in the corner with his head up somebody’s skirt.

Later during the party on the dance floor Rinna tried to make nice with Vanderpump. “I’m sorry for treating you and being hard on you, so I will apologize for that,” Rinna said. “I’m not proud of it.” Vanderpump then said that they could “move on.”

Rinna noted that she didn’t mind being jabbed every now and then by Vanderpump because she was pretty sure “that’s as good as it’s gonna get” between them.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I have just managed to watch episode two. Lisa is not letting Rinna and Eileen off with anything but much as I love Lisa she needs to let it go and stop with the digs. For her sake as much as anything. On saying that Rinna expecting an apology from Lisa is laughable what did she do to Rinna, nothing! I do think she will forgive Rinna before Eileen because she knows Rinna is brainless and Eileen was the instigator of the nastinesss last season. I’m glad she wasn’t apologising to Eileen for last season as I don’t feel she… Read more »
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I agree about Eileen. If I remember correctly, the two Lisa’s were friendly until Eileen turned Rinna against LVP. Even though I still don’t care for Rinna I do hope she and LVP can move forward. And Eileen still expecting apology number 100 from LVP just makes Ed look more ridiculous than ever.

Hi Aunt Bee , that’s so cute . Love the bee

I can’t stand Eileen or LR. Do they really expect us to forget what they did last season?! I hope they get a story this season, because they ruined the show last season.

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Am I the only one who loved LVP’s brooch necklace?…..
I’ve gone insane!! Lol

When is she going to take responsabilities for everything she’s said and done ? What she said last year, all of it, was true cause it was either on camera or backed by BOTH Kyle & rinna. LVP won’t apologize and will bitch all season long how she doesn’t like being a victim blablabla

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