Lisa Vanderpump Teases Return of RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules


Lisa Vanderpump is shutting down the idea of her former friend turned enemy returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She also dished on her show Vanderpump Rules which will lead to the wedding of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, followed by Stassi Schroeder crashing their honeymoon.

“We’re back really soon,” Lisa told ET of Pump Rules. “And it’s a bit of a tumultuous ride, shall we say? It’s [all] coming back.”

“Why would they need her to sleep on their couch?” Lisa asks. “I have no idea! But that group, I mean, they love each other. A little dysfunctional, but they do love each other. I wouldn’t invite Stassi on my honeymoon. That’s for sure.”

Lisa did invite her friend and fashion designer Dorit Kemsley, to join the cast of season seven of RHOBH.

“So, that always changes the dynamic,” Lisa teases. “She’s actually a friend of mine, so I like her … Normally, they beat me up, so this one worked!”

Vanderpump is of course referencing Brandi Glanville, and she said don’t hold your breath for any more cameos from Glanville.

“Oh, no!” she said. “Absolutely not. No, I don’t think Brandi’s gonna be back. Well, definitely not on our show.”

When asked if Brandi is now on her “blacklist,” Lisa simply responded with, “She’s not on my list, period. How about that?

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  • Suze☕️

    Lisa keep Brandi and a few others off your list permanently! To me that would include Eileen and Rinna.

    • Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️

      • Suze☕️

        Love you too sweetie pie xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Jake

      did you not watch last season? How LVP was still willing to throw her friend Kyle under the bus? Or are you just blindly following the sparkles that LVP’s outfits leave beind her path?

    • Janice

      So right Suze!

  • texussgal

    Thank the Lord, no more Brandi Glanville. She has to be the most worthless human being on TV. I truly feel sorry for her poor children, but not sure how much of the time they are with her. She seems to have unlimited time to do nonsensical shows and to run around town drinking and who knows what else. I just hope they are with Eddie and LeeAnn more than they are with her!!!

  • I hope VPR has something to offer other than Lala and James fodder or Stassi crashing a honeymoon. I like watching this show, but every year of a reality tv star’s season, seems to make them less real. I used to like Tom and Arianna and that was a bit sour last season as well. I am looking forward to seeing a happy event like the wedding, but hopefully no more storyline of Jax cheating.

    • texussgal

      Oh Freedom, from your mouth to Bravo’s ears. And, they can also get rid of that annoying, truly annoying, Kristen Doute. I guess they had to include her when she and Tom were dating, but once they broke up, she was totally not necessary. And, the stunts that she pulled were more shocking than entertaining. And, the fact that she thinks she is G-d’s gift to men is absolutely hilarious. She ISN’T good looking, she drinks waaay tooo much and she seems like she would do anything and anyone to be on VPR. Stassi’s comeback is beginning to be a bit much too. Crashing Katy & Tom’s honeymoon is just a bit too much. And, will someone please enlighten me on why in the world James & Lala are even on the show? James is an egotistical little pr*ck and Lala is just a bitch. I mean, Jax is hard enough to take and has a big enough ego for all the guys on the show. We don’t need James throwing his ego into the ring too. He isn’t even a server, he is a bus boy and sometimes DJ. I think there is more than enough drama between the bartenders and servers without bringing in bus people. And, will someone please enlighten me on how much money these servers actually make? They seem to be living a very righteous life-style and don’t seem to be financially strapped, any of them. I know they get tips, but I think they get a salary too….am I right or am I wrong???

      • I definitely couldn’t tell you how much they make, or what they make from being on Bravo, but I agree with a lot of what you said. I think Bravo keeps Kristen on, regardless of her lack of storyline, because she’s bat shit crazy and they know she will bring drama. I completely forgot about this until now while we are discussing it…I REALLY hope the storyline of Shay and Scheena isn’t about his alleged drug popping (but he is allowed to drink and smoke pot by her). I used to like them both, especially with Scheena as the underdog, but last year was very weird. I agree with you that there has to be other servers with crazy lives that they can add to this mix and change up the storylines a bit.

      • We don’t really know if Stassi crashes the honeymoon. That might be a little trick. The way I see it there won’t be much “honeymooning” to crash. Jax is the biggest W**re on TV, of all the Bravo shows in particular. I hear James is back, which is awful, but Lala isn’t. But we never know until the show starts, do we? I have always liked Stassi, and I think she really grew up. I also think that the problems in the friendship between her and Katie was as much Katie’s responsibility as it was Sassi’s. Like what is said about Lisa, manipulation only happens if the OTHER person allows it. I very much disliked Rinna’s entire portrayal of the few words spoken on the bridge. Using up almost the entire season with it, so, so stupid. Ruining a trip to DUBAI because of a few words spoken in haste, who cares, I didn’t, Kyle didn’t, so why should Rinna? !! What a petty woman, she is the one I am sorriest about returning. I can’t stand to even LOOK at her, she is so ugly inside and out. Her and Eileen deciding what a friendship should be between two OTHER women. Just like Dorinda, the arrogance baffles me. Dorinda & Rinna should be friends. Then they can decide together what everyone else feels and thinks no matter what those “others” say. One would think it embarrassing to say “I have been doing …….’s dirty work” She thinks she is so observant and deep that she just knows what another person wanted, even though they never actually SAID IT. Wow. I now dislike Dorinda for that characteristic. But…looking forward to both shows. 🙂

        • Skeptic

          With Lesser Lisa and her conscience (aka the boring soap actress) returning I just won’t be able to watch it. They have ruined the show for me. Thank God there is RH of Cheshire to watch!!

          • Suze☕️

            Just watching it at the moment, much better season than the first two. Last season I enjoyed and they finally had a reunion! Ampika is still a pain in the Ass she would get on with Rinna, two of a kind.

          • Hi Skeptic! It was great to see your name here. I hope you change your mind and watch so we can talk here. 🙂 I agree, though, Rinna and Eileen ruin things. I actually can not stand to look at Rinna, she is so ugly. Her ugliness comes from inside her soul, she is the pettiest HW ever, IMO. Anything to keep the camera on her. She should keep a diary or something to write down all those feelings she constantly has to share. I honestly don’t get how Kyle or Lisa can stand to film with her. Petty, petty, petty.

  • ChristopherM

    I could happily live without ever seeing Trashbox Barbie on my television screen ever again.

  • Miss Moneypenny☂

    When does BHills housewives start?? I’ve googled it but I don’t see any date. harrumph

  • starr

    No Brandi ever again, please. No one wants what she has to offer. As for Rinna & Eileen, wish we could bid them farewell also.