Lisa Vanderpump Teases Drama with Kyle Richards On This Season of RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump is teasing the new season of RHOBH in an interview. Vanderpump is revealing that this season has a lot of drama, which tested her friendship with her long-time friend, Kyle Richards.

“There was some stuff swirling around me, but I was ducking and diving,” Lisa shares. “I didn’t get myself into too much trouble.”

Calling this season “tumultuous,” Vanderpump continues, “Normally I have my cool, and I kind of lost it that day. I think on Beverly Hills, you see this wonderful, glittering existence, and you also see the struggle that the women go through.”

“I was like, ‘OK, Alexis Carrington, got it.,’” Kyle Richards says of the dramatic moment where Lisa drives away in tears. “It was so out of character for her to let her guard down like that, that’s why my mouth was literally hanging open.”

Lisa reveals that the dynamic between the women change this year and things get rough between her and Kyle Richards, but the damage wasn’t too bad and they were able to repair their friendship.

“You know, we have a great relationship, but like any relationship, it has its problems,” she shares. “Like any marriage, or you know, partnership in life or business, you have your struggles, but then you come through it. I think what we have supersedes, you know, the negativity.”

“I love Lisa,” Kyle tells ET. “I mean, Lisa and I, obviously, we’re very close. We’re the closest of the bunch and I could never do the show without her. You know, we keep it fun.”

“I do think in some ways, we’re very much the backbone of the show,” Lisa says. “We’re the two existing [original cast members] and our friendship was always so strong, and it was so authentic. Even now, I call her up and I’m laughing and she’s like, ‘What are you laughing about?’ and then we get to talking about something else.”

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11 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Teases Drama with Kyle Richards On This Season of RHOBH”

  1. When Kyle says something like ‘we keep it fun ‘ , I can’t help but think this is all scripted and that they manufacture a drama between them to ‘keep it fun’

    1. Exactly. Don’t think for one second that the two of them haven’t choreographed their whole season. All of the statements above are part and parcel of their machinations for this season. Neither one of them can act worth a darn.

      Hopefully, the other women bring some “reality” to the show.

          1. Wow, it’s just a TV show. You can turn it off. The affluence, the hypocrisy, the outrageous behavior with kids starving all over the world is what you tune in to see and if no one watches it, it will die a natural death.

  2. I think if Kyle sits beside someone other then LVP or agrees with someone else, it’s a problem.. We can have more then one friend people.

  3. While these shows are fake, it does seem like LVP and Kyle have a genuine friendship and share the same sense of humor. They can be quite funny together

  4. Oh, speaking of scripted, did you catch Kyle’s hints that she’d never leave her current house until she found something better? Well their house went on the market in November and they bought a new place in Encino. She never even lived in BH, the old house was in North Bel-Air. I wonder how many shows in before she is “surprised” by Mauricio buying a new place?

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