Lisa Vanderpump Talks #STFUGate & Defends Brandi Glanville!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to shed some light on this week’s episode. Lisa continues to defend Brandi, but admits she should have edited her language at the table, and also points out that the other women use curse words themselves. She also talks about Taylor’s problem with Brandi’s book deal and says Adrienne encouraged Taylor’s behavior at the table. See what else Lisa said below!

Lisa writes, “And so, as the story unfolds, friendships flounder, loyalties are challenged but move forward we must. . .

We resume the dinner in Ojai, Brandi just left the table with me holding the baby so to speak and now. It will be my turn…Kyle starts immediately questioning my defense of Brandi, well it’s a slightly precarious position I must admit, as I hadn’t witnessed the conversation between her and Kim. But, I was aware that something precipitated the outburst and, not feeling too enamored with Adrienne’s back all night, as she cozied up to Yolanda. I had an inkling that Brandi was defending Kim. Kyle swooped down on to the fact that Brandi had called it wrong, but I was not going to join the sides of the other women and take her to task. I have been in that position and I prefer, as I have told to Kyle regarding the Adrienne situation, rather to deal with it myself. Last week in her blog Kyle says she now understood Brandi’s position. . .mmm that is what I have said before. Don’t judge too quickly all will become evident in the end.

I knew that Brandi should apologize for using the expletive at the table, not the sentiment, as clearly she was right. But Lord knows that these women should suddenly morph into Julie Andrews when it suits them. I have witnessed many occasions when many expletives have fallen from some of their sweet mouths. Anyway I chastised Brandi in the bathroom and checked that Kim was OK. . .Then coerced her into some sort of apology. Good enough for now.

So we resume the dinner conversation, Brandi announces to the table she has a book deal. Well I am truly happy for her, as I am all too aware of the fact that financially things have been tough and she certainly has not had the same comforts and privileges as most of the other women at the table, excluding Taylor.

Taylor takes umbrage to this, again encouraged by Adrienne, as she felt Brandi had judged her previously. Look I support both of them making a living and trying to be independent so that was one I was not going to involve myself in. It is amusing as I stated before, I in no way wanted my opinion to influence Yolanda in any shape or form, but we will see as we progress how she comes to her own conclusions pretty rapidly.

The rest of the weekend was a serious giggle, with us reminding ourselves of the fun that we can all potentially share. We put aside our differences and relax. Unfortunately this plateau doesn’t last and this group of women are soon to find themselves immersed in an almost unresolvable fiasco, where tempers flare, regrets are plentiful and tears are spilled.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Lisa in defending Brandi?

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  • Lisa

    Yes, Lisa is correct. The women are all scrambling for the spotlight now that Brandi has become the shows star. All of the women’s insecurities are glaring, especially Taylor. They are threatened by her youth and beauty as they fight for that spotlight. Just picture how boring it would all be if Brandi was not a part of the scene. I’m sure Yolanda is second guessing her role on housewives now.

  • Pamela Creque

    I do not feel that anyone needs to defend Brandi. She does a great job representing herself, and jumping on one’s bandwagon makes one look a part of what is going down. It would be much better for Lisa to remain silent and let Brandi fight her own battles.

  • Judy

    Lisa DID tell Brandi that it wasn’t appropriate and finally Brandi agreed. Brandi acts out like a spoiled kid quite often so I’d say to Lisa, who I like a lot, to be careful because at the dinner table you tried to defend her and it didn’t make you look too good. Obviously, I not a fan of Brandi mostly because of being, I think, a trouble causer. Making comments to Lisa’s husband will not win points either.

  • SydVixen

    No I don’t agree because this isn’t Brandi’s first time saying something she had no business saying. Brandi needs to mind her own business & stop snitching about other people private affairs. What day was she granted the job of correcting people’s truth? If someone has something in place to protect children then Brandi needs to keep her blabbing mouth shut.