Lisa Vanderpump Talks RHOBH Season 7 Drama

This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is underway and in a new interview Lisa Vanderpump is revealing that the cast is at war and the drama this year is just as intense as it ever has been.

“Last season I was beaten up by the girls,” Lisa said. “But it’s changed a bit this season. Last season they were all pretty damn mean to me. That was last year though, and this is this year.”

This season the cast accompanied Vanderpump to Hong Kong to protest the Yulin Meat Festival that she is a hugely involved in. “We were in Hong Kong and filmed part of the upcoming season’s show there,” she told RadarOnline.

“We saved a couple of hundred dogs from the meat truck and we have them in a sanctuary now. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation just sent them blankets because it is getting really cold there. Some of the dogs were reunited with their owners because they were stolen to be tortured and beaten alive. It is really that bad,” she said.

And reports claim that newcomers Dorit Kemsley and Eden Sassoon are stirring up drama this season.

“Dorit is my friend,” Vanderpump said when asked about the rookies coming on board.

“She is fun but she gets herself in trouble definitely. Dorit definitely has an opinion. I think that is what housewives is about. It is about women with opinions. Sometimes things get a little complicated. Dorit and Erika just had a really rough time together.”

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  1. I hope all this nonsense with Eileen settles down. I didn’t like Lisa’s comment about Vinnie but I can’t stand Eileen and she deserves some comeback from last season. If anyone needs to apologise it’s Eileen although Vinnie now deserves one from Lisa I just wish she wouldn’t come down to their level!

  2. I agree with you, Rain. Vinnie didn’t do or say anything insulting to LVP – that I remember anyway. It’s almost as if I need to re-watch last season because all I remember is it was boring. LVP as tough as she tries to act it’s a facade. RHoBH is also having too much husband time.
    I’m so glad Eileen did not react to LVP – it would have gone on and on and on….

    1. Kt, I dont think Eileen is done yet. Remember, she reacts after the fact & then becomes like a non-stop carousel. I have to agree with all that Eileen’s husband did not do anything to deserve that tasteless comment from LVP.

    2. I have been thinking of you, kt, and how busy and cold and dangerous it must be doing your job. You are one of the people who make me proud to be an American, with what you do, and how well you do it. With all of your strength and courage. There must be times it is a little frightening to go into homes, or alleys etc. where you never know what you will find! Happy, happy holidays kt.

      1. Thank you 3’D’s! There are days or even hours my job is very fulfilling and others when it difficult or scary. I love what I do…I’m considering flight training…but we will see! Again, thank you and Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh Lord please don’t let them show any of the animal cruelty. It will give me nightmares. I know it exists but I can’t bear to see it. Even reading LVPs blog made me sick to my stomach. I may have to quit watching. I quit taking out the letters from the ASPCA I just take the return envelope out to put my check in.

    1. Aunt Bee sometimes I think we may be sisters separated. I swear you write things exactly how I feel and see things in life so many many times, I read your posts and find myself just nodding my head. Again, you took the words out of my head. I cannot read, watch, or hear anything about this Yulin atrocity it does something very bad to my soul. I feel like weeping doesn’t even come close to what it does to me. Whoever in God’s name ever came up with this inhuman idea in their mind to do what they do …. well it’s not in God’s name first of all, it’s in Evil’s. I’m not a violent person by any stretch. But I feel there is a very special kind of hell for all of those who take part in this & I hope they’re condemned to all eternity. I feel sick.

      1. Miss Moneypenny, I feel my soul is tortured as well. If ever in this lifetime you hear I have committed murder, it will be done to nasty people like that. God frowns on not being a good caretaker of animals. Clearly written in His word.

    2. I don’t want to see it either. However, I believe they show the pictures so that we are horrified, and that maybe people will act to prevent such atrocities from happening and help save the poor creatures. It is horrible.
      Sometimes, the pictures come through on Twitter, and it is very disturbing. It is just terrible.
      I know I am better at seeing gruesome sights than others perhaps, after my years as a nurse, and I know others, like some of my own relatives, would pass out. I still do not want to see any of this horrendous torture. I hope it all ends. It is great that Lisa has saved so many animals. It has to be so difficult when the culture of the country is so ingrained in these festivals..sick. I admire her for her fight.

  4. Almost!!!
    I don’t mind the interaction, like you said they need to let the women be the bitches. (British humor?!) PK’s name is mentioned a little much – IMO

  5. I wonder why freedomgirl is not commenting if you read this and are stuck signing in Nicki will help. She helped me and several others. This also goes for some of the other regulars. Xoxoxox

  6. That is what angered me so, so much when Eileen said to Lisa at the last reunion “I think it is obvious that you have much more compassion for animals than you do for the women sitting here.” I swear, if I had been there, I would have slapped her across the face. Like I have said before, maybe Lisa knows you bitches can take care of yourselves. And if you have a problem too big to handle alone, make a phone call to a trusted friend. Animals can’t. It is our obligation as human beings to protect them, they have no say in how they are treated, whether they eat, or are loved. It brings hot painful tears to my eyes to think of any animal or child being abused. I am like you, Miss M, I am not one who could go as my FB friend does, to the shelters, out to the puppy mills etc. I simply don’t have the strength. Lisa Vanderpump has my utmost respect, and her comment about where Vinnie was actually, for real, did not bother me. It was a joke. I believe it had nothing to do with last year, only with Eileen’s obsessive need for something, A special apology that she can’t seem to find in the many she was given.When she hysterically laughed, I got the chills. How out of bounds effed up that was. To want an apology about the pettiest thing from an entire season of petty to be more important than a condolence for her deceased Mom???? It is weird now, it has gone way past what it started as. Lisa said she was sorry she hurt Eileen. She meant it, whether she was coached or not by Kyle. She simply was NOT sorry for asking when the affair, ( which it WAS ) started. And, to her credit, she refused to say she was.

    1. Yes, me too. In fact I wrote that about Eileen’s comment recently too.
      Eileen’s laugh to Lisa V. was like from a crazy person…inappropriate and bizarre. She could have just said, Thanks, Lisa and left it at that. Eileen is playing the part on RH. She seems to force the smiles and act…poorly.

      1. I thinks so 2! She doesn’t seem to be able to be a normal person. Or it just may be that she is weird. I don’t think she knows how to handle herself outside of being an actress. She thinks she is way 2 important.

    2. ITA! I can’t believe Eileen thought about an apology to her instead of realizing LVP was sorry for the loss of her mother. She seems so self-centered. Her laugh was very weird.

  7. I’m a bit conflicted. I’m a huge lover of dogs and all things dogs but, there are cultures that feel that our treatment of cattle for food is horrendous and how would we feel if they came here to protest our way of life? I understand Yulin is very brutal, but have you ever seen a slaughter house here in the US? We raise our own beef and chickens and I make certain that their lives with us is comfortable and their deaths humane, but we are the exception, unfortunately.

  8. I feel the same. It hurts me so much that I have to call out to Jesus. I pray for the little animals. God knows what these awful people do & He will get them. I really admire that LVP can get in the mix & work so hard for this great cause.

  9. I agree with Aunt Bee about the animal stuff. I can’t stand to see it or hear it. I know it exists and I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff and adopted ALOT of cats who have been abused so I could nurture them back to normal but I just don’t want to see it when I am only wanting to be entertained. My head isn’t in the sand, but you can’t “unsee” things… Hi 3D and I agree with you about Eileen also. Every single thing about her bugs me. She is SO SMUG she makes me sick. Why does she think she’s such a big deal having been on a soap opera for 20 years?? Who cares. Who does this benefit in the world. What does she do that actually helps others? Not much, obviously.

    1. She is smug, TY GIGICAT, the perfect word. What really got me was that her and Riina kept repeating at Dorit’s party how the death of their respective parents made the foolish goings on from last season look like what they were, very petty. Then, when Lisa gives her sincere condolences about Eileen’s Mom, she laughs hysterically thinking she is getting the apology she felt she still deserved????? What part of death has made either of them behave in a way that proves they have let go of their inherent pettiness? No part. The supposed comment made last year by Lisa was not even concerning either one of them. They made it look as if Lisa had done something really despicable to Kyle. Then with that untruth in mind, they ran with it much further, stating publicly many declarations concerning Kyle and Lisa, that their long term friendship was somehow fouled by this one simple comment, stupid or not. Kyle and Lisa spoke of it that very day and settled it!!! For God’s sake, who are they? If I was Lisa in that moment at the meal out in the desert, I must include that it was during a once in a lifetime experience, I would have answered, “Really, I said that? What could I have been thinking?” Unfortunately Lisa is so defensive about what others think of her, she couldn’t say that. Lisa would never, never admit that she cares what others think, but she does. It gets her into all kinds of kerfuffles. That would have ended it as it should have been right there. It wouldn’t have destroyed a trip most Americans could never afford, or ruin a friendship, or make 10 arguments, or ruin Kathryn’s Birthday on the yacht, so many things. Rinna then accusing Lisa of being the one who wanted the Munchies comment to go viral, how absolutely laughable, really. How the hell did she end up back on this show? I zip every segment with her, especially with her family. Not that her daughters aren’t dolls, they certainly are, but we all have our own families to enjoy, I don’t enjoy seeing other Mom’s doing whatever they’re doing with their teen aged and older children. My children are the most interesting people in the world, so no reason to waste time watching Rinna and her kids, no contest there.

    1. I couldn’t find a mini pig Daisy! ⭕❌

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am sure your husband would love that!!! I am picturing his questioning features, like HOW MUCH DOES THIS THING EAT. Thanks, Rain, you get the best post of the day.

  11. I must add this. I forgot I have these Champagne colored Iris’s, very pale, about 3 feet high and the blooms are as big as a cantaloupe. They bloom, as they mature, all down the stem, and they are exquisite. Pale colors emphasize and highlight deep ones, and both are more beautifully accented because of the other. In the Fall, I forget what is going to bloom in Spring……etc.

  12. What is with LVP playing the victim? It’s the same thing any time someone stands up to her and calls her out on her behavior. It seems that she can lie, manipulate and scheme all she wants, but anyone who has the audacity to call her out on that behavior is made the bad guy … while she plays the helpless victim. I watched last season and don’t believe that the other women were attacking her for no reason. She was (finally!) getting caught in some lies, and they spoke up about it. Now all I read is how she was bullied, attacked, etc. What?!? This is Manipulator 101 behavior. You turn everything around, play the victim and put all the blame on those you victimized.

  13. Thank you for not just laughing at my opinion and calling me stupid. That’s a pretty common thing when one has a differing opinion.

    1. I am lucky I guess because the slaughter houses where I live are much more humane thank goodness. I do know some aren’t elsewhere! I think with Yulin some of these dogs are pets that have been stolen for this barbaric festival. That’s the sickness for me or just part of it. You are entitled to your opinion and I don’t think on this site you will be challenged becuse of it. The only problem we have is trolls trying to tell us what we can talk about and what we can’t. This site has always been friendly so please keep posting your opinion. If I don’t agree with someone I tend to just ignore the posts as I am positive others do with me. So on that last note have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017. ( I live in Scotland in the middle of the countryside and haven’t eaten lamb since we moved here ten years ago! It would be easy to give up meat altogether, I eat very little anyway)

      1. I have neighbors thinking that I’m raising my goats for food. NO! I love my animals. Merry Christmas and a blessed and happy New Year.

        1. And happy Christmas to you to! Goats used to steal my washing when we lived in Dubai! I soon learned the right way to hang it on the washing line! Xo

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