Lisa Vanderpump Talks About Moving Forward With Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to share her thoughts about Dorit Kemsley’s birthday party in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump admits that she can be too provocative at times but she was happy that Eileen Davidson didn’t take her bait. Lisa also talks about moving forward with Lisa Rinna.

“So it is Dorit’s birthday, a rose gold Bentley and Buddha bar party is an excellent poultice to soften the blow of entering your fourth decade. I knew if PK was arranging it, it would definitely be a night to remember. There were old mutual friends from London and some new faces, and a curtain hung in front of what proved to be a fabulous setting carefully crafted to ensure a wonderful party.

I had already encountered Lisa and Eileen a week previously. We acknowledged each other briefly, but it was a fairly benign interaction and little conversation had taken place.

What is one to do in these situations? What is the perfect remedy to moving ahead and having some sort of civility between you when previously it had been so ugly?

I don’t have the answer, but I stand resolute in the fact that I can’t be hypocritical…

I live my life coupled with humor, and as I watch this episode, I know that maybe sometimes I am too provocative in my running commentary as I maneuver my way through the party, but I was absolutely earnest in my offer of condolences to Eileen initially. Her mother had passed and regardless of the tension between us, I was sincere in my acknowledgement of her grief.

When she remarked that she believed I was possibly going to apologize again, I was incredulous and exasperated by the fact she could possibly conjure up the notion of a possibility of me apologizing again, after the endless litany of apologies I proffered last year.

In the world I live in, it is not necessary to keep repeating the same scenario over and over again, as if to tweak a performance until it measures up, so to speak.

Rinna approached me in a vaguely conciliatory manner, informing me of something I was well aware of…”She was hard on me.” No…surely not, being called an evil, manipulative liar, too funny. Of course she wants to move on. I would too if I had challenged a friendship with no regard for the history between us.

PK made a speech extolling his love for Dorit. Their relationship is one that is bolstered by respect for each other. A genuine warmth exudes from each of them when they interact. I enjoy their company immensely and their humor which you will come to know.

Yes, I was wildly inappropriate in a jesting manner when I uttered the retort to Eileen regarding Vinny, most definitely a retort to see if we could actually go a whole season dwelling on something I had said…but I think she was wise to me. She knew I was looking for a reaction, and she wasn’t going to give me the satisfaction of rising to the bait. Goody, maybe there was hope for us after all. Maybe we could indulge in playful banter and relax a little.

The road to the finale is full of twists and turns, but we had an amazing experience traveling together and investing in each other’s lives. The dynamic changes with the integration of a new friend and actions are sometimes misconstrued.

As of this moment in time, the moments that we witness now, is a rather different dynamic than where we stand today, so savor the nuances as we continue our journey.”

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Blah, blah, blah. You were rude to Eileen. That comment was disgusting. I had a retort to it, but I won’t utter it here. My husband was ROFL when I said it. Own it, Lisa. You are manipulative and a major snob. You judge everyone by their wallets, not their hearts. Ugh! Go play on your other shows with the woman who work for you that you degrade in those skimpy outfits.

Yes, she does make them dressin next to nothing on VPR at times. That I do not like at all.

MaryBoston, I saw the dark side of Lisa last season and I used to be such a fan. No longer. She is now one of my least favorites and it just breaks my heart. 🙁

I’m glad she has acknowledged she went too far with that comment! I like Lisa I think I always will, I think I understand her more than any of the others, maybe it’s the British thing who knows! Is she perfect of course she isn’t but after Eileen and Rinna last season I understand a lot of it even if I didn’t like the comment about Vinnie. Not one of these women are perfect if they were they wouldn’t be on the show!

No one is perfect, Suze. I don’t find her witty at all. I love the picture, is that your puppy?

That is my dog when she was younger, she is ten now! My Wee Meg! Xo

Your dog is SO cute!!!!

Thank you sweetie! I think she is and she is well behaved! Xxx

I honestly don’t think it had anything to do with last year. I think it was the hysterical laughter that erupted from Eileen when Lisa offered condolence. To be perfectly honest, I would not have been insulted by that remark, or answer. For Eileen to STILL be waiting for what she considered a sincere apology is ludicrous. Lisa was not sorry for asking the question, that was the truth. She was sorry, however, even though she needed help & practice with Kyle, for hurting Eileen. She, IMO, was sincere when she said that up on the top of the building… Read more »

The way Eileen reacted to LVP, when she was saying sorry for the loss of her mother, was very odd. It seems Eileen thinks more of herself than her mother. Why would Eileen automatically go there, unless she is still holding on to that crap.

Yes and her and Rinna with this new angle of “my perspective has completely changed and everything that happened before seems inconsequential” BS! If it is so inconsequential why is she still talking about it. I believe Rinna slightly more because she does seem to be trying to move on but Eileen has a bigger chip on her shoulder than LVP. And LVP definitely has a big chip on her shoulder.

Agreed. I didn’t give two craps about Eileen’s affair until SHE made it a big deal. Now I just see a mistress turned wife trying to justify it and vilify anyone who dares to mention it.

I’m not sure about that. But I know I wish she hadn’t said it as it reduces her to their level. I still love Lisa and probably always will. Xoxoxox

So…testing someone with ‘a wildly inappropriate jesting manner’ doesn’t make you evil or manipulative at all…nope not at all…?!?!?!? LVP acts like a mean school girl. Has she ever heard of being the bigger person?
And if she doesn’t like America or our humor…there’s one way to resolve…
My like/dislike for LVP is dislike this week!

Kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rain…Rain…come and play! How are you?

Yes, the comment was snarky but Eileen could benefit from a sense of humor and jest back. Instead, she went crying to her mean girl squad to tattle. Does the truth hurt a little bit? You stole Vinny from someone else. He was probably looking up your skirt while he was married to another. So stop being a hypocrite.

Vey nice take on the matter, Shirley. Yes, a sense of humor includes, & is most needed when a “joke” is a little off color. Eileen NEVER gets that, but most believe she was an injured party in that dialogue. If Lisa would have said, “Yes, I saw him in a private room bonking your best friend” now, THAT would have been off color and insulting. What she did say, IMO, was actually a joke, and I believe she meant no true insult. And though I am a fan, I do post my real opinion when I believe her to… Read more »

Exactly how I feel. I was frustrated with LVP last season because she could have shut Eileen down by just apologizing for hurting her without justifying it the way she did. Then Eileen would have had to find a new bone to pick but LVP gave her the meat to pick at and boy did she pick! However, LVP’s wisecrack was just that and if Eileen had any whit whatsoever she would have jested back or laughed it off and thought up something later in the evening if she’s not quick-witted.

Eileen definately needs to get a sense of humor.

It was totally snarky which is not the greatest thing to be with a friend but LVP and Eileen are not friends, they are adversarial and approaching nemesis status. So heck, if you can’t be snarky with your adversaries who else are you supposed to be snarky with? I thought LVP’s wisecrack was totally appropriate given the status of her relationship with Eileen. Eileen needs to borrow some whit & lighten up.

NOOOOooooo…it’s freezing today again – but supposed to be in 70’s tomorrow. You know what they say about TX weather, if you don’t like it, just wait a minute!
Dorito is a wanna be – when you have to talk about how much $ you have, how much your husband loves you – it’s a trigger that something isn’t quite as it’s being presented.
What do you think of LVP’s ‘joke’?


Love LVP! My favorite!

Are Eileen & LR going to have a story line this season? Waiting for it.

OMG you are totally my people! It seems their storyline (and I used singular not plural because they share the same storyline every season) is monitoring LVP’s puppeteering or Kim’s sobriety or Yolanda’s health status… that’s it and that’s all.

LVP is looking really old this season. The skin on her arms is lumpy, her stomach is bigger and yet . . . her face doesn’t move.
I can imagine her looking really bad as she ages. Mean people always look mean as they get old.

Eileen is a mistress turned wife and you people are on here scoffing over LVP’s wisecrack like she and her husband are so respectable and upstanding!!! Eileen is a THOT who got a ring, point blank period. And if you don’t know what a THOT is then google it.

I am no real fan of Eileen since she came on the show. In the beginning she was okay, and then last season, she showed her true colors. I watch The Young and the Restless and have for a few years now. I know Eileen is a soap actress, and she seems to be that way in real life too…acting a bit…just not right. I don’t like her, but I don’t hate anyone of the stars either. Lisa, to me, made an error in judgment when she made that Vinny comment, but it was Lisa. She did not have that… Read more »