Lisa Vanderpump Talks Her Fight With Camille Grammer & Questions Her Friendship With Kyle Richards!

Lisa Vanderpump & Yolanda Foster

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa says that Camille and Kyle bringing up Adrienne at their dinner was absolutely “ridiculous,” and that they’ve all traveled to Vegas without Adrienne and never focused on her absence. Lisa writes that Brandi’s comment over Adrienne’s ownership of the Palms made her uncomfortable, because her friends are the people that own the other 98% of the casino. Lastly, Lisa writes that she feels like Kyle Richards, who is supposed to be her friend, and whom she has known for years, doesn’t ever come to her defense when Lisa is being attacked. Read more of what Lisa wrote below!

Lisa writes, “The pole dancing was something that none of us really wanted to partake in, but all were willing to support Brandi. It is absolutely a 1000 percent more difficult than it appears! However we had a laugh, which is so important. I lead a pretty stressful life, so I always jump at the chance for a good giggle.

We hop into the limo, and when Kyle received a phone call from Kim informing us all of her impending nose job, it was a surprise to us. Not the fact that she wanted to do it, but that she was doing it that very day. Why was she all alone? Where were her children? I didn’t understand that as I have witnessed a strong and supportive family in the past. I am also unqualified to judge whether a surgery would awaken the beast of addiction. I am hopeful for her success with her sobriety and strongly sport her.

The dinner was proceeding with an unusual calm that often worries me as it normally doesn’t last long. Camille and Kyle raise the controversial subject of Adrienne, which was ridiculous. We had seen at the SUR tasting it is a subject matter on which we are divided. I have been to Vegas, as we all had, many times without Adrienne, and I could again without lamenting over her absence.

The fact that Brandi commented that the Palms was no longer owned by the Maloofs was something I particularly didn’t care to discuss. I had known this prior to her attacking me over Pandora not choosing the hotel, for her party. I had known this as my friends had bought the 98 percent.I should’ve hit back and humiliated her, at the reunion, the way she tried to humiliate me with her unwarranted accusations, but decided it was better left so she could continue to live in her delusional world.

It was something that was always left unsaid. It had been well documented publicly, but socially it was ignored. Brandi, love it or hate it, is honest to a fault. I don’t agree with Kyle’s interpretation of the conversation “Lisa and Camille got into it.” Umm no we didn’t. Camille threw unwarranted accusations out of nowhere, stating that I was just the face of my business. . .

You the viewer have been with me on the journey as I introduced my partner, financed the development, created the lounge, designed every inch of the space. So I defended myself, quantifying the shareholding between us. I sat there and wondered, if Kyle, who has known me for some time, eaten at SUR with me, witnessed the development, and seen my dedication to the business would maybe say something in my defense. I know for certain I would. I am becoming a little exasperated by the constant accusations and doubting my integrity. Where does it come from? I am constantly challenged by a bevy of staff in the workplace. I would prefer to be non-combative with my friends. Why is there a need to demean others? Is it with intent to elevate oneself? Whatever it was, it was unfounded, redundant, and ridiculous. Onwards we go

As I reiterated the the conversations to Ken, I realized the pointless expectations I have. Friendship to me is defined differently. This will come to fruition soon, so keep watching. Love to you all. Thank you for your comments and have a good week.”

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  • Deborah Brenner

    Lisa values her integrity, as she should. I think she’s beginning to realize that behaving with integrity isn’t even on the to-do-later list for Kyle, Camille, Taylor, and Adrienne. Their worlds revolve around gaining self worth by what they have and what they can get, not who they are. If the Real Housewives franchise is indicative of the fairly wealthy and very wealthy in this country, the rest of us aren’t missing much.

  • Julie

    Please keep being exactly who you are, Lisa! Your integrity shines so brilliantly and your heart is bigger than your house! Wow! I love watching you on both of your shows and am so inspired by your kindness and your success. Brandi is in great company with you. Keep helping her and teaching her and defending her….she needs to have someone like you on her side.

  • Lola

    Yes, Lisa keep being holier than though and keep your digs going at Adrienne and act as if you would never lower yourself to that level. Lisa is smart she is passive aggressive and uses people to get what she wants. She wants Adrienne destroyed and engaged Brandi, taught her how to be a fan favorite and help her with her dirty work. Now everyone is raving on what “integrity” she has.

  • Shortytlk

    Lisa’s behavior was above reproach. Kyle’s however was drama-inducing as per usual. They were all there for Brandi and to be supportive of a fresh start for her; there was absolutely NO need to mention Adrienne as this was supposed to be about Brandi, not to mention the well-known & frequently(constantly)discussed disagreement between Brandi and Adrienne. Kyle sucks as a friend to Lisa, especially if her mouthpiece Faye is around to do Kyle’s dirty work. After Kyle and Kim’s mean-girl nasty behavior toward Brandi last season I think they both have issues and that would be they haven’t yet discovered the world does not revolve around them.

  • Kate

    Lisa, the victim is not a good look for u… stop trying to act innocent. It’s completely obvious that you are using Brandi to do your dirty work cause you’re pissed off at Adrienne still. GET OVER IT…….