Lisa Vanderpump Talks Adrienne Maloof’s Lawsuit & Lies! Calls Adrienne A Hypocrite For Suing Brandi!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump is discussing the explosive episode in her Bravo Blog. She talks about Adrienne’s lies, and declares that Brandi’s problems with Adrienne have nothing to do with her. Lisa also says that she too has been under Adrienne’s wrath, however, she handles it differently. Lisa also says she’s glad she wasn’t at Mauricio’s event when all hell broke loose. She says she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy of Adrienne’s lawsuit, and she could have “screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions” in regards to Adrienne!

Lisa writes, “At the tasting Kyle asks Brandi as to why she has such negative feelings for Adrienne. . .ooh dear. Now what you don’t realize is that Brandi has had many, many instances, nothing whatsoever to do with my situation (may I remind you that they knew each other prior to my meeting Brandi) and has accumulated deep negative feelings towards her. Adrienne has been economical with the truth on many occasions, vicious lies from her employee about myself and Brandi in the press, social media, etc. I felt that when Brandi exposed this particular scenario that Adrienne had wanted to keep secret, it wasn’t to expose the issue, but to expose that this was just something else that they weren’t honest about (she regrets it herself), but I understood her frustration. I too have been at the end of Adrienne’s wrath. I deal in a different manner. I don’t need anybody, as I have said previously to Kyle, to get involved. I will hold my ground and deal with it myself, one on one.

Meanwhile at Mauricio’s event all hell was breaking loose. I, honestly was thankful I wasn’t there. I hated to see the anger and hypocrisy about suing Brandi after what has transpired between us all, but understandably they were upset. I could’ve retaliated myself and screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions, but I don’t believe there are ever any winners in that situation.”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Lisa?

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6 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Talks Adrienne Maloof’s Lawsuit & Lies! Calls Adrienne A Hypocrite For Suing Brandi!”

  1. Just think, once again if Kyle had kept her mouth shut none of this probably would not have happened. Kyle does it all the time. She’s nosy and starts trouble whenever, wherever she can. Her one little sentence to Brandi reeked havoc. She should never have even brought up the subject considering the setting, a menu tasting was taking place. Kyle put the personal on the table. Once again she had no business to get involved with Adrienne and Brandi. I’m glad Kyle suffered during her husbands event. It was all her fault. I’m not glad Brandi had to go through that. The girls are constantly making comments that Brandi has no filter and yet they keep setting her up. Kim is just oblivious. She had to have realized running to Paul and Adrienne would create trouble. Just like her sister, a pot stirrer. No matter what Brandi said during the tasting, Kim would have went running to Adrienne with whatever Brandi said. These women seem to enjoy tearing each other down as often as they can. They don’t support each other, ever. The only women who seem to have any empathy or compassion are Lisa , Brandi and Camille. The others are just fighting for the spotlight. Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne thrive on negative attention. Kim is just lost. I thought she was drinking at the tasting. She certainly seemed her old self. The daggers come out.

  2. adrienne & her mouthpiece, bernie the insult cook, are scum. It is sad that money can buy one immunity from such egregious behavior.

  3. If you pay attention, you will notice Kyle is always at the bottom of every situation. She is trouble maker who isn’t happen unless she is getting shit started and then stands back and act surprise it is happening. She thinks she is better than everyone. And what is with her husband getting involved? He treated Brandi like she owed him an explanation.! These so called rich people have no class. Kyle and Adrienne’s husbands are both wusses. All but Lisa, thosre women have been treating Brandi like shit the first time she was on the show. Now that’s class. And who cares what Faye thinks. She is nobody. And I do mean NOBODY.

  4. Lisa, Fifi & Carol I agree with all 3 of you. Everyone is so quick to blame Brandi for any gossip, arguments, lies or now for a divorce! In Brandi’s own words . . . “Are you kidding me?” And I’m glad someone else sees what I have from the beginning – Kyle! Why did Kyle ask Brandi at the tasting at Sur (with everyone sitting there except Adrienne) what was going on between them? She knew what would happen, she just didn’t think it would all come out at Mauricio’s event.
    Brandi wasn’t one of my favorite people to start out with quite frankly, she’s seems to be the most honest of the entire group! On the other hand, Kyle was my favorite until I watched how she used other people to attack Brandi. The 1st was her own husband at the restaurant & he even admitted he only knew one side of the story. And the absolute height of cruelty was inviting Brandi to her home with everyone except Adrianne and in a very calculating & taunting manner, telling everyone that Adrienne is too upset and angry at Brandi to attend and queuing the ” morally corrupt” Fay Resnick to step in and attack her! Unbelievable! And if that wasn’t enough, Kyle has to kick her in the gut while Brandi’s sobbing, sitting on the curb in front of her house, painfully waiting for a a a ride to get her the hell out of there. Talk about cruel and uncalled for. That pretty much did it for me with Kyle Richards.

  5. I don’t understand why Lisa says she doesn’t need anyone (reference her blog above), yet is angry with Kyle for perceived lack of backup.
    Hope turns out Lisa is not a phony as claimed in reunion, but then, aren’t we all?

    “We are all hypocrites in eyes of da lawd”

  6. Agree on all the above. You won’t see a whole lot of sympathy for Adrienne because she is a flat cardboard-like character and not the most warm, appealing personality (to say the very least, and kindly at that); so, for valid reasons, Adrienne doesn’t and won’t garner true sympathy for her situation from 99.9999% of the discerning viewing public or just anyone with a brain, the results of her cold, confusing, calculated decisions and actions. She does, has and will throw any poor schlep under the nearest bus if it suits her agenda of the moment. Because she’s got skills, karate and such (which should have, I would THINK, come in handy when her husband allegedly beat her).

    I believe she had been planning this separation and setting up the story as the season progressed. How many times did we watch Paul escort her to the food table at any given event, being the loving gentleman and spouse, only to have to sit by uncomfortably and watch the awkwardness of Paul’s confusion, sadness and frustration at being rejected despite his loving affectionate attempts to be a good, supportive husband. We were left at each of these scenes feeling sympathy for Paul, with the final shot of Adrienne turning, sighing in exasperation and walking away while rolling her eyes, annoyed, and apparently feeling superior, leaving poor Paul standing there looking sad and embarrassed as if to say, “what did I do?” He loved her truly. He tried. She didn’t appreciate or care. Nobody will love her like he did and if it hasn’t become apparent to Adrienne yet, it will. Looks like the Rod Stewart family dodged a bullet. Don’t care and couldn’t stomach another story of Adrienne’s next target, in essense a bulletpoint on the list of her calculated plans to conquer yet another one of her twisted unrealistic formulated “opportunities” for God knows what!!!! I do hope she gets the counseling she claims is on the agenda. Doubt it’s true or that she will because the woman is a faultless legend in her own mind. As Yolanda says, “Who is she? She is nobody.” In a nutshell!

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