Lisa Vanderpump Talks Adrienne Maloof’s Lawsuit & Lies! Calls Adrienne A Hypocrite For Suing Brandi!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump is discussing the explosive episode in her Bravo Blog. She talks about Adrienne’s lies, and declares that Brandi’s problems with Adrienne have nothing to do with her. Lisa also says that she too has been under Adrienne’s wrath, however, she handles it differently. Lisa also says she’s glad she wasn’t at Mauricio’s event when all hell broke loose. She says she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy of Adrienne’s lawsuit, and she could have “screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions” in regards to Adrienne!

Lisa writes, “At the tasting Kyle asks Brandi as to why she has such negative feelings for Adrienne. . .ooh dear. Now what you don’t realize is that Brandi has had many, many instances, nothing whatsoever to do with my situation (may I remind you that they knew each other prior to my meeting Brandi) and has accumulated deep negative feelings towards her. Adrienne has been economical with the truth on many occasions, vicious lies from her employee about myself and Brandi in the press, social media, etc. I felt that when Brandi exposed this particular scenario that Adrienne had wanted to keep secret, it wasn’t to expose the issue, but to expose that this was just something else that they weren’t honest about (she regrets it herself), but I understood her frustration. I too have been at the end of Adrienne’s wrath. I deal in a different manner. I don’t need anybody, as I have said previously to Kyle, to get involved. I will hold my ground and deal with it myself, one on one.

Meanwhile at Mauricio’s event all hell was breaking loose. I, honestly was thankful I wasn’t there. I hated to see the anger and hypocrisy about suing Brandi after what has transpired between us all, but understandably they were upset. I could’ve retaliated myself and screamed lawsuit on a couple of occasions, but I don’t believe there are ever any winners in that situation.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo