Lisa Vanderpump: “SUR Belongs To My Partner And Me!”

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the women’s trip to Vegas and is finding her own inner sexy! She talks about how she felt it was necessary to help support and empower Brandi on her new business venture, and says the first dinner was all laughs. She notes that she and Kyle have always shared a sense of humor, but have very different ideas of what friendship means… Lisa also sets us up for next week’s episode and says that SUR belongs to her and her partner. Read below!

Lisa writes, “Brandi’s trip to Vegas was something I would’ve done anything to get out of. My last memories of Vegas was wriggling around with the chipmunks. It was something I didn’t want to repeat in a hurry. Now Brandi was talking pole dancing, so I was a little nervous of what would transpire. However I felt it was essential to support her. This was after all her much needed business venture. . .

Our first dinner was hilarious. I remember it well. We laughed with true abandonment and it reminded me of when we first all came together — my how times have changed. It is fascinating how the dynamics develop between us all. Kyle and I have always shared a sense of humor, but have very different perspectives on what a friendship entails, so one has to separate and choose the elements of the relationship that you want to keep. The rest falls by the wayside.

So off we trot to visit the pole. . .I had one once. Then he went back to Poland. OK this is serious, kinda. Brandi becomes overwhelmed and I nudge her slightly. . .empowerment. . .find your inner sexy. It’s there somewhere and I will find it!

So unusually for me this is a pretty short blog. We leave you in the middle of our escapade, which until the next dinner was perfectly fine. By the way rest assured Sur belongs to my partner and me, just another unwarranted accusation that Camille for some reason found it necessary to voice.”

Photo Credit: Bravo