Lisa Vanderpump Being Sued By Fifi & Romeo

We all know RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump likes to dress her dog Giggy up anytime that she can, but apparently this time Lisa didn’t pay the person suing her, according to TMZ.

Fifi & Romeo, a luxury dog boutique, claims they had a deal with Lisa to dress Giggy for some high profile photo shoots and events. The deal was, “F&R would dress Giggy to the nines at no cost but Lisa would promote the company on Instagram and TV appearances.”

Fifi & Romeo is suing for fraud, as Lisa stopped giving them credit even when Giggy was still looking good.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. LVP is alwayw screwing people over, this, the dog shelter buisness that she wanted to buy from a woman before creating vanderpump dogs or whatever it’s called, and there’s another lawsuit coming apparently! that’s what I want to see on rhobh, and how ken was violent towards some woman too! Juicy! 🙂

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