Lisa Vanderpump Has a Strong Message For the Ladies Who Say She’s Manipulative


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOBH. Vanderpump has a strong message for the ‘Wives that say she’s manipulative and says she cannot invest in the vicious conversations that are going on among the ladies.

“I am sorry for my reticence to write a blog last week. I have not viewed the episodes, as the final quarter of this season left me bewildered at first, then in an attempt to survive the emotional lambasting, I withdrew and refrained from watching. I am not advocating you should. Quite the contrary, watch and observe, and you can decide…

There are many circumstances that propel you to tears as the story unfolds, tears that are indignant, entwined with frustration and hurt…and tears that are manifested by utter hopelessness, tears that are propelled by sadness at the unfairness of the pain and suffering inflicted on helpless beings.

I cannot invest in the vicious conversations, the aggressive pettiness from some Housewives who clearly have little else to focus on. Initially I saw LR saying in response to ED that she didn’t want any part of her insinuations, but I understand somehow in a week something changed that—something or somebody…

Now the primary importance of this episode to me is purely the fact that we have drawn attention to the barbaric “festival” known as Yulin. I thank Bravo for allowing me to use this arena to draw attention to something I am passionate about.

The horrific images will forever be imprinted on my mind, deeply etched in my conscience, as I garnered a plethora of photographs with the intent to eradicate this yearly event in China.

I do not profess to be an animal activist. I eat meat for one, but I am an avid advocator for the well being of mans best friend.

The premise of this disgusting event is the aim to torture, skin alive, torch and sever limbs, often whilst the dog is strung up, pleading and yelping as the barbarians relish cooking the limbs in front of them. It is the saddest, most painful demise of these wonderful creatures.

Many are pets stolen, driven in nets without food or water for days, handcuffed, limbs broken intentionally as they are stuffed into cages, helpless as they sink into this evil abyss, known as a celebration of the summer solstice.

The ignorant belief is that the adrenalin, that is stimulated by the pain and torture, will tenderize the meat, also increasing the virility of the pig…also known as man…that eats it. I am thankful that through a PSA we produced, t-shirts and banners that have been shipped to other countries, news outlets that have supported us we have managed to draw attention to the atrocities these poor dogs endure.

My heart has broken over these graphic images. It has absolutely been my focus this year, gaining permits with my partner and my relentless husband, creating websites and writing endless letters to people pleading to aid us in our fight.

I have many passions and causes that some of you are aware of, but none quite like this as we race against time to stop this once and for all. It has only been in existence a few years, and I hope this episode will capture enough attention to give a voice to the voiceless.

So maybe now you can have a better understanding of the underlying meaning behind my tagline, the sentiment that I drew from this season…the baseless accusations hurled by some of these women that have a palpable aggression that resonated for sure.

I admit to my time being compromised. Between my three restaurants and the demands you have witnessed on Vanderpump Rules, also my focus on Yulin, and the endless charity events I have hosted this year, I do prefer to dwell on important issues. The minuscule amount of time I spend with my friends should be enjoyed, and I find it almost funny that as I struggle to manage my own life, the notion that I am manipulating theirs, gives an importance that is hardly credible.

So I bid you all a good week, send love and positivity to you all and encourage you to always stand up for what you believe in. If this touches your heart, help us, please, because collectively we can make a difference. Go to and support us…..Oh and to the Housewives that insinuate they are being manipulated and don’t take responsibility for their own choices and actions, I have some sound advice…Get a f—ing life.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


106 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Has a Strong Message For the Ladies Who Say She’s Manipulative”

    1. Haha!!! Vanderpump, you are manipulative but only in the best way AND that last parting thought is why I love you. Vulgar, yes but honest and how you truly feel. Good for you Vanderpump.

      1. By the way, what is not to love about a filthy rich woman who pulls over and offers to give a random housekeeper trekking through Beverly Hills a ride! These women can try to bring her down by pointing out her faults but I don’t care. Vanderpump is the best.

  1. Go for it Lisa, I wish they all would get a f…. life! Yolanda and Eileen are now doing just what they are accusing Lisa of doing. Pot calling kettle??? Is Lisa manipulative, of course she is but they let her, doesn’t say much about them!

    1. Shit, now you nearly made me cry, I have just been cross with you about one of your comments now this! That’s unfair! I’m certainly trying to kick its arse!

      1. Oh shit ! You have done it again! I am so sorry about both your Dad and Mum. it’s tough for you. I’m glad we have a better understanding of each other! Take care xo

  2. You all know…I love LVP…but I can’t take these descriptions. I know what happens and I do a lot to help…but please stop showing me pictures on my Facebook page…and no more graphic descriptions. I just can’t.

  3. You go girl. Lisa is right. Get a life. The pettiness of Eileen and Yolanda is childlish and hopefully Lisa P can rise above it. Even comments made just to cause a scene to be be relavent must hurt a little. I am with Lisa P all the way. I love how she handles the attacks on her character.

  4. PS Eillen keep to acting in soapies. Leave the drama on the set, You surely are mixing up your acting on soapies with adult behavior required in RHOBH, Grow up and get a life

  5. Yep. LVP is a class act and the best many of the others can do is nip at her ankles to try to appear relevant.

    1. I zipped the “endearing” scene at the doctor. She was loud because she is rude and she was shit faced.
      I disagree that just because they send money they should be required to give to charity every time they shop. Who the hell does she think she is this afterbuzz woman. The jewelers mark down the items and give money too. I do not think it is a bad thing at all. Why not be glamorous? This afterbuzz show is way longer than it needs to be.

  6. So to me it looks like Eileen is the one stirring the pot…YoYo is the hypocrite and both manipulate. LVP had some less than shining moments of her character aired, but she is only as manipulative as allowed by the weak women who blame their actions and decisions on someone else.

  7. If you can manipulate people to do your dirty work, take a bow!! It’s something to be admired, Lisa can do it and be charming about it, it’s a skill and she’s amazing at it.

    1. Right! Since when did having the ability to influence (manipulate) situations become such a horribly bad thing. It’s only when used unfairly, like on children or people incapable of thinking/acting for themselves that it’s horrible. All of these women are grown and signed up to do nothing special on tv. Who did they think they would be filming with? Dumb and Dumber?

      1. Thanks for the laugh it’s 5.30 in the morning here so funnies or witties appreciated! Dumb and Dumber! Very good! Xo

  8. Own it, LDC. Everyone of your castmates have called you manipulative and calculating. You are. You’re just mad everyone sees it now. You know what they say, it walks like a duck…. 😀 #oldweb

  9. Eileen is a pot stirrer because she has no story line, as is Rinna. Yoyo has her faux illness as her story line. These women are so pathetic and so boring. I wish they’d go away. LVP’s last line summed it up beautifully!

  10. I’m very proud of you, Lisa! Protesting the Yulin Dog Torturing and Eating Festival in China was a very important event. I back you 100%. Having seen videos of the festival on YouTube, it made me ill to watch these helpless animals be treated so horribly. I couldn’t believe Eileen wouldn’t attend the march, because she said she needed a day to herself; yet, these poor dogs in China need not just a day but their LIFE!!! She should have put her perceived differences with you aside in order to help these poor dogs. It would have been a great educational opportunity for her to spend the day with her son at the protest. She is the “manipulator” out of the bunch, the way she tries to get Lisa R. to agree with her and all of her bullsh*t. If she really needs more free time to herself, perhaps she should leave RHOBH and get all the time she requires. What an UGLY woman Eileen is…and I’m not talking about her outer beauty here. Her inner soul is ugly. She needs to GO!!! Keep up the great charity work, Lisa!

    1. Had Whiney Eiley put aside her differences with LVP that would have shown class on Whiney’s part. That is never going to happen.

      1. Skeptic, Eileen is annoying to me. Her whole issue with LVP was ridiculous. Let me get this straight: you came on to reality tv and then got offended by a castmate who questioned you too vigorously about what is really going on in your life? Like, how you came to be with your husband when you were both married at the time? Seems like fair game if you do a tv show about your life as a wife in Beverly Hills, no matter how long ago it was.

    2. Ronnie, once again, great comment! I agree with every single point you have made!
      Welcome to this blog we are a lovely bunch of nutters! But all respectful of each other. You seem to fit in really well! Xo
      (Of course there is the odd troll but in general are ignored or put in their place by someone or other!)

  11. I may not always like Lisa, but I am RIGHT WITH HER on this thing with the dogs. It is beyond sick and disgusting for ANY animal to be treated in such an evil and savage manner.
    As far as Lisa Rinna goes, I think she’s another Yolanda, who came onto the show to promote her kid’s.

  12. Love you dearly LVP! You rock! Obviously the other ladies have too much time on their hands. When LisaR says she didn’t really make that big a deal of Yo calling her bipolar, that wasn’t the case. I remember her in the limo with Eileen & her blog she seemed quite miffed. I love when you & Kyle banter back & forth. Both of you crack me up. It’s nice to see people with a sense of humor. Life has to have some fun! When you & Kyle are together it reminds me of a sitcom. You two are hilarious. I’m glad you & Kyle seem to have worked things out. I like watching LVP, Ken, & their animals. I also like watching Kyle, her family, & the dogs. I also like Kathryn (& her huband), she seems like a straight shooter. I really hope LVP, Kyle, & Kathryn return next season. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, Eileen. I’m not sure about LisaR anymore, she flip flops 2 much.

  13. I can understand if Eileen wants some quality time with her son, since she is on a soap and her plate is full, however, unless she had a prior commitment to her son, she should have taken some time out to join Lisa V for a worthy cause. It seemed more like getting back at Lisa V, since she did not think Lisa apologized enough to her, so she refused to join the protest. She has no idea what Yulin is, or took no time to learn, it seems, or she would not say some of the things she has either IMO. Eileen is taking a side against Lisa V and has aligned herself with Yolanda and Erika who both are on the attack against Lisa V. Eileen looks like a very unhappy woman, maybe it is because she has been grief stricken and just has no patience. I just am not a fan of Eileen any more on RH, and even Y&R with her acting is not the same now,

    1. I totally understand and agree, of course! (Would I dare do otherwise?) I think she isn’t in a happy marriage, he seems so detached! But I’m done with Eileen, I always thought she was over acting as Rinna does as well. It’s almost as if they can’t see the difference between BH and a soap! Xoxo

      1. Yes, Soapy and Sudsy are all washed up…down the drain…or will be soon maybe? Oh, in case you are unaware, most soaps here in the states are history. With so few left, the Daytime Emmy awards for daytime soaps are given out to the few who are remaining, so as someone else mentioned somewhere recently, it is the best of the worst at times.
        Yes, I am commenting to an older comment…and almost wrote Tweet. I do Tweet and have for years. If not, how could I get Ken to tweet you! I love how he comes to Lisas defense on Twitter too. Yes, I changed the subject again! Oops! Love you Suze!
        I still love LVP. I tried to buy her sangria at the biggest store around, recently greatly enlarged…millions and millions in the building/store (huge)and inventory, and they don’t carry it.. So LVP, of you read this, please sell your LVP sangria at the Wegmans Liquor store…independently owned and operated from Wegmans high end grocery store and right next store , in Ocean, NJ. When I asked about it, they knew of it and clearly others have asked about buying it too.
        Well, I bought a sangria from Spain…and some nice Calif. cabs and chardonnay. I could make sangria, but premade is just nice. 😉 ❤️❌⭕️

        1. I meant it is right next door not next, store….to the grocery store that is a smaller chain in several states….

        2. That was such a ice thing to do for me! I love Sangria but can’t drink right now. Love you too xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Oh, how I wish I could do so much more, my dear Suze. I wish we could all meet and that every pain, ache and illness could be erased. We could party and have sangria. 😀 Still hoping for a cure and then we will do just that! You are the best!
            Love you. ❤️❌❤️⭕️❤️❌❤️⭕️❤️❌❤️⭕️

  14. Lisa you are the most misunderstood woman and I wanted to do a shout out to the ladies on the show. STOP! enjoy and embrace each others journey. Your all getting older and I would hate to see any of you miss out!

    1. Aww Nancy, you’re so sweet and naive. None of them are gonna do that, heck, not even the commenters on this blog are gonna do that!

  15. Oh my god I can’t even read this pile of shit. I didn’t get past emotionally lambasted. This woman had no clue. Not coming back to this story.

  16. LVP, You go girl!!! I’m with her all the way. With some of the other women & their sick blatant jealousies that’s so obvious, I say, time to exit, bow out, get lost. They wont be missed. Cant bear anymore the pain & suffering animals endure at the hands of man, Time for the world to change. Man is the beast & must be stopped once & for all. I’m an advocate & part of this, but have to blank my mind at night in order to sleep as the graphic scenes torment me.

    1. Starr, I just love your name every time I type it, especially now that I know where you got it. Anyway, I don’t ever watch or even listen to the filming of the atrocities. Sometimes even the news does it to me. The part about animals surviving in the wild even, but the difference is animals are never cruel. Only humans are cruel. I have nightmares for years sometimes from one image, so just quit watching. You won’t forget or stop trying to help.

      1. Thanks so much 3 D’s so sweet of you to like my name. For years I wondered why that choice for me, then I grew into it. One negative/positive for me is that no one forgets it. As for the animals, I refuse to look at the news. I have asked peta, Humane Society, Aspca etc; to no longer send me any brochures, magazines or anything graphic. My heart cannot take the pain. I’m like you, some of the images in my mind, makes my heart race. Being an advocate, I have seen many changes come about, but not enough yet. We are their voices & must speak in their defense as much and as often as possible. My husband have often said that I’ll one day be jailed. It will be worth it to me.

        1. I will always remember this. Do you all remember “Dances With Wolves” with Kevin Costner? We went to the theatre to see it. My Daughter, DeAnna was sitting by me and it was the scene after the soldiers had found ( Whatever Kevin’s name was ) and they were taking him back & had him in the back of the wagon. They were just beating the shit out of him at every turn for quite a while, DeAnna just sat quietly watching. Then the wolf comes up over the hill and one of the soldiers wings it with his rifle, Nan lets out this guttural scream and starts yelling and crying! One of my favorite memories. ♥︎

          1. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Yes, like so many successful women, she seems to have married someone who is not as successful, maybe, and just not nice. His father, Dick Van Patten, was more successful than him, and Vince was a teen idol for a time, and now a professional gambler, but I bet she pushed away the guys who adored her for the more bad boy types…just a feeling.
    I don’t think she is so happy at home with her hubby, but she is happy to be working a soap for so long, and there she gets others to snuggle up to on camera, anyway. Now she is getting close to an Ex AMC star who played Tad, Michael E. Knight, on Y & R.
    Yes, Suze, you can disagree if you like! 😉

    1. Why would I disagree?? I wouldn’t dare, if you tell me robins have a blue breast and I would say of course Sandy! Hahahahahahahaha

        1. Don’t be sorry. I dare you to say you are sorry again…Don’t! 😉
          Suze, relax! That’s an order. Hang loose. Chill. Mellow. Loosen up. Unwind. 😉 xoxo

            1. I guess you’ll do anything on a dare then…Hmmm. I am surprised you keep saying that you “wouldn’t dare” then…really, Suze. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  18. Do your mommy and daddy do that too? Just wondered.
    Do you believe in senilicide too? Oh…just wait..if you are lucky enough, maybe one day you might actually age and then maybe someone you know will throw you out to pasture. Moo moo. Boo hoo. 🙁

    1. You won’t be, fight it! If I can at my great age, lol you can! Xo I’m not giving up I want to see my son married. And my daughter, well, doing whatever she wants to do!

    2. I am sorry if I offended you too. I went overboard, for me, especially. I do take offense at the putting out to pasture comment, though.
      The eskimos (in the past, mostly) did abandon their elderly when they were too much of a burden. It happened.
      I am all for medicating for pain as much as possible. I am all for self administration of IV morphine for pain, etc. I am for medical marijuana too. No one should have to suffer. Whatever it takes to be comfortable should be given IMO.
      Take care.

      1. That’s ok I’ve been told to try it so my daughter getting me some purely medicinal of course! fault of Rain here she told me to! I don’t really want to of course! LOLOLOLOL

      2. Forgiven. Housewives are people too..really. 😉 Also, when it comes off a bit too ageist, many take offense and not just me, and rightly so. Age is a fact of life. It happens.
        Also we all have our bad days. It is easy to come in here and blow off steam at a HW too.
        As you can tell, we have a bunch of friends who comment here, and I feel privileged to be among them.
        The Internet trolls are the ones who just come in to start trouble or pick a fight with someone over and over. After a while, they become easier to spot.
        Have a nice day and weekend. 😉

  19. You know, I wonder why Lisa still does the show, only since she does not have to do it for the money or even the fame. She and Ken have it all…the good life…bon vivants. Lisa has all of her faculties and is very with it. Ken only has to walk around and hold Gigi. So, why not do the show? They are really just living their lives for the few months they are on. It is their reality, so it is not that much more effort than just living. They have the rest of the year to travel and do whatever they want. I find Losa V to be funny a lot and I do love her wit. Sometimes she iand Ken seem to be obercritical, but they are never boring to me. I watch mostly for Lisa V, and to see her at home with her ponies is beautiful to me, not ever a deterrent. Without Lisa V, there is no BH for me, really.

    Now you can go ahead and call me old for liking them, and I have to say, I hate trouble makers.

    1. I meant sometimes Lisa and Ken have appeared overcritical of others…more so this season, anyway. In the past, it was not like this past season. Maybe Ken is tiring of it, but so far, Lisa V is still in it and going strong. She is also a lot younger than Ken.

          1. ITA! If you love what you do, why stop? And Ken had hip replacement surgery on both hips – that cannot be easy at times! At any age! If I sound harsh it’s because I feel comments about people being “put out to pasture” just cruel. I think of my parents and if anyone ever said that about them I would be beyond upset.

    2. You don’t think they play and have fun? Of course they do! Maybe not 24/7, as they have thriving going concerns to oversee – but they LOVE what they do so it is not WORK to them! I have immense respect for both of them, not just because of their business savvy, but because of the many charities they support – Lisa will rarely say no if someone asks for her help. And Ken is right there beside her (with the Sexmonster of course). You keep saying “that age”. I am not that age yet, but I hope to be. They are not old, not chronologically, and not in mind or spirit. I find your “I’m sorry” rather hollow after the numerous times you commented on how they should be put out to pasture.

      1. All you can do is carry on being nice you have been amazing to me everyone will come round we all have spells. I am crabbit a lot lately and they all put up with me!

  20. Well, if Lisa is too old, then I guess Eileen has to go since she is older than LVP and so is Vinnie. None of these women are old. And I think Ken looks fine as well – what difference does it make?! I will say, Lisa is at her most beautiful when she leaves the heavy makeup and false eyelashes, and the big hair at home – when she was doing that charity event for Mo on the spinning for whatever, she looked lovely. That being said, RHOBH and VPR have been of HUGE benefit when it comes to free advertising for their restaurants. I hope that Ken’s Pub venture comes to fruition and that we get to see it next season.
    If I am 1/10th as successful as LVP when I am her age I will have done really well! Hell maybe even 1/100th! (not saying that I would be by any stretch, but it’s nice to have goals 🙂

    Real Sandy ITA about hating troublemakers! XO

    1. Janelle, good morning, I hope you aren’t too sore from Rains operation! Lol
      I am ten years older than Lisa and I don’t think I’m old! Maybe next time I’m at the vets I should get him to give me an injection as I am methuselah? Erika’s husband is the eldest I think at 76, although he looks good, not as good as my Ken but good! I also like Lisa without the fake eyelashes and fake hair, she looks a lot younger! Xoxo

      1. Hi Suze – I don’t understand your comment – Too sore from Rain’s operation? It sounds like I offended you, but not sure how.?

        1. Hahaha! Of course you haven’t offended didn’t she make a comment about chopping something off from when she thought you were male?

          1. Oh that! Gotcha! Yep a bit sore – no pain meds or anything! Just off with them! :)…Hope you’re having a lovely day!

          2. Ok just went back to check it was when you changed from Jacob to Jenelle and Rain said to naynay that it didn’t take them long to castrate you as Jacob! Sorry it’s my British sense of humour and due to time difference with Scotland I am always catching up in the mornings reading all of your comments from the night before!

    1. All I will say here is look at the top of the thread to her answer to me I think there maybe a bit more understanding. I hope so anyway! Xoxo

  21. What I noticed about Ken is that he is walking a bit slower and seems to have less patience. He did have both hips replaced, I believe, but at least one hip, anyway. She and Ken don’t ever have to retire until maybe they cannot function at all. It is not as if Lisa and Ken do not have others doing work for them either. They do have others running their restaurants for the most part. Their daughter and her husband help run the sangria business too. Lisa and Ken work as much as they need to and want to, and it seems Ken has not stopped wanting to work either. He is the one who mentioned opening yet another kind of restaurant and had Lisa tour a possible site for it with him. Ken has not aged mentally at all. He is just moving a little more cautiously. Lisa is in her early fifties, approaching mid 50s. I would not call her old yet, but she is not 40 something. Eileen is not much younger than Lisa either. These shows are mostly about 40 somethings usually or late 30s maybe. I am all for an older version of the show and another younger version for those who want to watch the wild crazies. We do have Vanderpump Rules too, however, which is a younger show.
    I know watching people get aggravated is no fun either, and if it seems like Lisa and Ken hate the other women, then maybe they should not continue. I see Ken tiring of the other women more than Lisa.

    1. Well if he gets tired of Lisa….. I’m waiting baby! He has had both hips replaced, I guess not helped by his footballing days. Xoxo

      1. You are Ken obsessed! So he played soccer, I mean UK football. You clearly are his number one fan! I don’t think Lisa is leaving her Ken, Suze…but you can be his Barbie in your dreams, anyway! ❤️ 😀

  22. Love Lisa & Ken. They have a tremendous work ethic. Their charity to those less fortunate, including animals, is part of what makes watching them so great.

  23. Lisa V- Eileen (whineileen) is ridiculous and you should just stop acknowledging her, Lisa R has been messing with you from the beginning, when she asked you about Faye and then called Faye over to talk to you- I saw it going downhill from there and was a little surprised you didn’t call her out on that. I believe Yolanda has been ill and has been getting misleading information from others; I haven’t seen you doubt her illness or her children’s you were just answering a question about what Muhammad said about the subject. Erika Jane doesn’t know you well enough to talk smack about you- that was clearly a play to try to get Catherine against you- not sure why. I love and understand your passion for dogs (and most animals) and I understand and agree that love for our furry friends is sometimes a better investment of time than the petty human beings that are out there full of bitterness. Love your last line- we are with you.

  24. OMG is that all Eileen thinks about? She is so annoying. They should let go of Rinna for starting all that crap and Eileen because she has no relevance. I am so sick of both of them that I fast forward every time they are on. If Lisa Vanderpump goes so do I. She makes the show. Can’t stand those other two. Seriously get a life!!!!

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