Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Yolanda Foster’s Lyme Disease


On this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills there has been a lot of chatter about Yolanda Foster’s diagnosis. While fans know her as battling Lyme disease, cast members seem to be a bit confused and question what is going on with their friend. Now that the cameras have stopped rolling and footage is at play, Lisa Vanderpump appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast Dirty, Sexy, Funny to discuss the matter.

“I had questions, but I think you see she has questions too,” Vanderpump shared with McCarthy. Two episodes ago we saw Yolanda get her breast implants removed along with leakage from them. Though Lisa called and sent flowers as we saw this week, she believes that may be the big issue.

“She’s having her breast implants taken out, so is it silicone poisoning that is really damaged her immune system? She’s had amalgam taken out of her mouth.” Lisa added that “there could be more to the story than just Lyme disease.”

When Jenny asked about Lisa’s reaction to the Foster’s divorce, she said she was “totally gobsmacked.”

What do you think of what Lisa had to say about Yolanda? Sound off in the comments below!

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30 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Yolanda Foster’s Lyme Disease”

  1. Well, it doesn’t sound like Lisa V. really said much, just the usual appropriate, non-committal things. My best guess is that Yolanda was very ill and just went looking for more help when the usual things didn’t seem to work.

    I was not totally gobsmacked by the Foster’s divorce when they had six marriages between them and Yolanda was ill and not able to provide arm candy to David. But of course a friend couldn’t really say that in public.

    1. Ooh! I don’t think there is anything friendly between Lisa and Yolanda since the arm touch or not debacle! I don’t like Yolanda and never have, do I feel empathy she had Lyme disease, of course, do I think she has overplayed it yes I do. I just don’t think there is any friendship between these two!

      1. Oh, oh, oh!! The arm touch! I had thought about that as it concerned Ken and Yolanda, and totally forgotten about the Yolanda and LISA connection. OK. Thanks, I see the entire thing now.

  2. I always felt that Lisa never really liked Yolanda. Lisa is great friends with Mohammed and my guess is she never liked Yolanda, and probably wasn’t happy when Yo-Yo joined the show.

      1. I think its the opposite. Lisa and Yo were close in season 3 and I think she sort of took her under her wing and was welcoming to her for Mohammed’s sake. I think when in Season 4, Yo turned on her and tried to turn everyone against her with Brandi, Lisa stepped back. I don’t think Lisa would have “forgiven” Yo if had not been for her being unwell/ Mohammed connection.

        Yo said in Season 4 that she had her own issues with Lisa (not seeing her when she was ill). the fact she confronted her along with everyone else wasn’t what a friend would do, even if they had issues.

        1. I don’t think I have ever disagreed with you before Stuart! Mohammed is Lisa’s friend I agree on that but I could never see any connection between Lisa and Yolanda. They were polite with each other initially but I never got the impression that Yo liked Lisa either. But I guess we all see things differently. Xo

        2. I thought during that season that Lisa V. and Yolanda were having a little battle to see who would be queen bee of the group.

        3. I think it’s because Yolanda became Brandis bestie and Lisa couldn’t stand that. Plus we know Lisa NEVER forgives , so yes the arm touching thing probably ticked her off too

          1. And who could forget the Kyle connection. Yolanda sided with Lisa purely because the fans were, IMO. She is much more interested in her public persona than she likes us to think she is. Always “I am who I am” “You see who I am.” “I am just a Dutch farmers daughter at heart.” “I say it like it is.” You know all that horse pucky.

  3. I think that Lisa may have known about Mohammed’s extramarital affairs, probably even bringing them to her restaurant, behind Yolanda’s back (or maybe she suspected as much), so that could be the reason Yolanda doesn’t particularly like or trust Lisa.

  4. Saying it all, yet saying nothing. I’m sure Lisa could’ve said a ton more as to her real thoughts on the subject, but to avoid an unpleasant confrontation, she held counsel. Well done.

  5. I want to know what is wrong with someone touching someone’s arm to their attention since Yo turned away and was ignoring what Ken had to say. As usual, Schmo made a mountain out of a mole hill. Shocking!!!

  6. Lisa Vanderpump is her usual Classy, elegant, appropriate self, much more so than I would have been considering the history / histronics of lemonbrain against Ken & Lisa.
    Yolymes is totally jealous of Lisa Vanderpump— Lisa’s close relationship with Mohammed, Lisa’s successful marriage, business, VPR show, etc., and then there is lemonbrain who pimps her daughter into modeling and acts like she created the wheel, the only thing lymes has added to the BH’s show is—stupidity, boring wasted camera time, etc..
    The viewer’s are TIRED of the lame munchausen storyline, note to lymes, you are not the only woman in the world to have a breast implant rupture, you are not the only woman to have gone thru aging badly and menopause, get over yourself and go away, REALLY, NO one cares or wants to see your stupid selfie’s…lymes is an entitled moron.

    1. Honestly post menopausal women are more even tempered than menopausal women…if we talk hormones, however, that is not to say that women are not bright or are unable to express themselves intelligently because of their age or their hormones compared to men at the same age or younger. It is a proven fact that our vocabulary increases with age. We also amass more knowledge with every year, especially when we read and stay informed. Women and men who are older should not be thrown out to pasture, Gavin. Instead they should be revered for all the knowledge and life lessons they have learned and could teach you if you even asked. They have seen things that you may only read about in history books. They are a wealth of living history. The expression, If only I knew then what I know now, is because life does teach us so much over the years and in doing so, we learn from our mistakes most of the time. Sure we have some here who may get fired up about characters, but why shouldn’t they? What is wrong with it? When you are older, do you have any idea what you will be doing when you have so much free time? Right now, you are no different than anyone else here. We are all human. I like you even if you may be younger than me and not 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70…. Time flies and before you know it, if you are lucky enough, you will be considered old. Enjoy your life. I do hope you get out and do all that you want before you are too old to do anything but sit here and write criticisms about people you have never been lucky enough to meet. You are missing out on a lot with your narrowed view. Some cultures do actually respect and revere their elderly more than others, and they are the lucky ones, really.

      Have a great day and weekend. 😉

  7. Yolanda has always been jealous of LVP. She has constantly made snide remarks about her. That’s why Yolanda became besties with Brandi. I will never forget what they did to Lisa & to Ken. LVP is my favorite housewife.

    1. Yolanda was horrid to Ken. I was shocked when she started in on him on the beach. Then I realized she has no idea what it means to have your husband actually be your partner. She always has to get the last word, even when he said he was sorry at the reunion.

  8. Is it possible LVP just said what she believed to be true? I think Yolanda’s problems are cumulative, not some freakish Lyme disease-on-steroids. And she’s got more time on her hands and so few real problems to take up her time that her emotions have gone into overdrive and made everything worse. It is human nature that if someone suggests you must ignore your breathing, for instance, it’s impossible not to pay attention to it. And if you’ve got nothing else to concentrate on….

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