Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Her Feelings Towards Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump spoke out about her co-star Kim Richards’ alcoholism and she didn’t hold anything back.

Lisa hosted an event to promote her new line of Vanderpump Pets products at Petco in NYC over the weekend, and she confirmed that Kim “is doing very well, absolutely!”

“I really support Kim because I think that she is a really good girl,” Vanderpump told RadarOnline.

And for the first time, Lisa spoke out about Kim being fired from the show. “A reality show should document your reality. It shouldn’t be the reason you drink and the show should not be what keeps you sober,” Vanderpump said.

But Lisa is glad that Kim is back and will appear on this season of RHOBH. “It is good to have her back on the show,” Vanderpump admitted. “There are a lot of poignant memories with Kim because we started all together.”

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18 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Her Feelings Towards Kim Richards”

  1. Wish Kim the best… If she comes back on the show she should expect some backlash from some of the other ladies. Just cuz you drink doesn’t give you the right to do/say what you want and then when you become sober – you think all is forgiven. That’s not how it works.

  2. This is true Cin. And honestly I feel like Kim never needed drink to make her behave childish in many cases. She’s just not a well adjusted woman in my mind regardless. She has a painful history that has mucked her up along the way as well which she must struggle with.

    1. Ughh..I agree. I didn’t mind her as much when she was drinking (the first two seasons) because we didn’t yet know the extent of her disease. I can’t tell when she was or wasn’t drunk after that, but she was a very nasty and petty woman, so I’m not entertained by her. I do agree with Lisa that the show shouldn’t drive her to drink, and it shouldn’t be the only thing to keep her sober, but like you all mentioned, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for her in such a fragile state. She can’t be kept off boundaries for the nastiness that ensues every season, so how is she going to handle that in a fragile state?

  3. I agree with Cin and Miss M, Rinna will go after her for a story line that’s for sure. Maybe Eileen. I’m not sure about any of the others. I wish her well but I don’t really want to see her again!

    1. Suze can I just what a CUTE couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is??? So adorable!! Nice to have some diversity eh??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. PH is very cute, he has a lot of Diana in him! I don’t know much about her but she is very pretty and an improvement on some of her predecessors!

          1. They are Rain and She would be so proud of them. This is how I see the Royal Family in years to come, not too sure about Andrews girls! One was at Uni with my daughter and flanked by bodyguards the whole time. Crazy! Love Princess Anne’s son and Daughter and they don’t even have titles, just as it should be.

    1. I agree with you Rain, for her own sake. Just watching gets our gander, far more Kim having to deal with the stress. I do wish her all the best.

  4. She’s coming back because it is her only source of income. Sad. She didn’t save anything all these years. She shouldn’t be on the show at all. Rinna is going to go after her. And I hope the others all go after Rinna with fangs bared,….

    1. Me too, GIGI. I can’t stand Kim. I think she is a cruel, nasty, vengeful person, with or without pills/alcohol. She was not sober for the 3 years as she kept repeating. I can tell immediately myself. But then, I have a unique view of all of it. Like Cin mentioned, it doesn’t make everything forgivable because one does not recall. It is a real part of recovery, realizing you did it, or said it, whether you remember or not. God knows she has the ability that most addicts don’t, to look at the show and see how awful she has been. She says the cruelest things, like Jaqueline and Kelly. They hit you where they KNOW it hurts most on purpose. That is not only the sign of an addict, but it is more common in them. I didn’t like her from the first day, but after a few other franchises, I have now done my best to realize how different what they are doing is than anything I would have to walk the line of, and give them as much time and acceptance as possible. Not people like Kelly though. She showed her true colors really fast. I will never like or accept her. Not that it matters much, I am done with the OC anyway.
      I am also hoping Rinna gets what she deserves this season. Maybe from Kim. I haven’t figured out if she is a full time cast member, Kim, or a “guest” this season. I will have to watch the tagline portion and see if she’s there. My memory is really bad nowadays.

  5. I posted that last comment at 11:33 my time, I have no idea, I have never checked when it always goes into moderation, which all of my comments still are, whether the time shows when it posts, or when it was approved. For some reason, I wanted to tell you girls when it was!! : 😎

    1. Whenever mine go into moderation, they can show up even hours later at times and show the original posting time or close to it.

  6. Oh yes!!! Having Kim come back even for only 1 episode will make Lisa R. Blow off the rest of her tiny head with the big lips….Lol… Eileen will know her place, and REALITY world will be some what RESTORED. Kim on a WITCH HUNT.

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