Lisa Vanderpump Snubbed By Cast At RHOBH Event?


More drama and snubs in Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards reportedly refused to invited Lisa Vanderpump to her daughter Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah, but other RHOBH cast members were in attendance, RadarOnline reports. Kyle “refused to invite Lisa to Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah because she was disgusted that the restaurant owner told Brandi Glanville to question her on camera about allegations that her husband, Mauricio, had been cheating on her,” a source tells Radar.

“Kyle has suspected for a very long time that Lisa was the one behind the scenes stirring the drama, but never had any proof until Brandi recently admitted it,” the insider adds.  “Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah was a truly happy occasion for their family. Yolanda Foster, Brandi, Kim Richards and Camille Grammer all attended. Brandi was happy to be included, and had a great time.”

“There was no drama, no fighting, and yes, of course, cameras were rolling,” the source reveals.

Lisa “feels very lonely, and is still reeling from the recent fight with Brandi. She thinks Brandi is doing this all for the cameras,” the source says. “But what will happen when the camera disappears? Lisa had stood by Brandi and won’t forget this betrayal.”

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3 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Snubbed By Cast At RHOBH Event?”

  1. theres so much differet stories on this floating around about the real reason why brandi and lisa were fighting i cant take anythiing radaronline says seriously. i just wanna see the trailer!!!! hahha like rhobh HURRY UP

  2. Kyle already dismissed this saying she invited Lisa but she couldn’t make it. I never believe anything ROL says, most of the time its a completely fabricated story.

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