Lisa Vanderpump SLAMS Kyle Richards! Plus- Brandi Glanville Was Sorry About Adrienne Maloof!

Lisa Vanderpump

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about Faye Resnick’s attacks on Brandi Glanville, and how she came to Brandi’s defense. She explains how she was irritated by Faye’s behavior, and things Kyle has said about the women. Lisa also explains why she believes Brandi was sorry for the things she said about Adrienne Maloof.

Lisa writes, “We conclude the ill-fated dinner that was hosted by Kyle. As I review this episode I am thankful to have had the wherewithal to have refused the offer of dinner to reconcile the relationship between Adrienne and I, and that I had chosen to meet alone.

I recall feeling rather irritated at Faye’s attitude, but also powerless to defend Brandi. I couldn’t justify the fact that Brandi had exposed something so personal. I was disgusted quite frankly at Faye rubbing her hands in glee saying I relish in winding Brandi up, and incite situations then step away from them. On the contrary, I spend a good deal more time placating her, and calming her down. I object to that, but it begs the question where she has gleaned this information, as I have spent little, if any time, in the company of Faye and Brandi together.

I left the table, then unbeknownst to me, Brandi was outside in tears. I noticed she left and urged Kyle to check on her, when I went outside I was deeply saddened to see Brandi desolate, crying. I don’t want to constantly battle with these women. Brandi had said. . .by her own admission. . .that she was regretful. I knew that, contrary to what Kyle was saying to Marisa, that Brandi was sincere.

And on it goes, Kyle saying that we behave like kids at elementary school. Last week we were pitbulls. I can’t ever remember behaving like either of those. However I do recall something similar to a pitbull at her dining table.

Brandi and I meet up. I am hesitant to bring up the situation with Scheana, but many times they have crossed paths and all of us decided, it would be mutually beneficial to bring this awkward situation to fruition.”

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2 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump SLAMS Kyle Richards! Plus- Brandi Glanville Was Sorry About Adrienne Maloof!”

  1. I don’t believe Kyle had any intention of looking after Brandi for a second. It never crossed her mind. That just goes to show you who Kyle really is. Kyle is portraying more and more an attitude of creating drama, hurting people and pot stirring, intentionally. She comes across as the girl “friend” that is the one who pretends to care about you and then when you turn your back the dagger comes out. I can just see her constantly running to the phone and saying “you won’t believe what she/he just did”, ” I can’t believe this or that”, ” what kind of person would…..blah, blah, blah”. Kyle does not do calm, caring and peaceful. Maybe if she stopped analyzing and thought for a moment she wold recognize the calamity she creates. She doesn’t have a shred of empathy! Kyle needs to work on her impulsiveness. She needs to get a hold on her OCD behavior. Remember Kyle is the responsible one for escalating the Brandi/Adrienne feud with her big question at Sur! “So Brandi, just what did happen between you and Adrienne”. She had no respect or regard for being a participant at the Sur tasting.

    Lisa you are and have been so brutally truthful and honest. It’s evident that you really hear, you listen. I can really see you being the next Oprah!

  2. I found this a very interesting read and kudos to Lisa.

    I am a huge fan of Kyle but the dinner she hosted with Faye Resnick there was a definite attack on Brandi – I really felt for Brandi. I understand she has said very inappropriate comments about Adrienne but Faye just acted like she was very superior to these ladies, where i believe she is far from that and should not be involving herself in yet someone elses business. She was there as a quest and so was Brandi, woman definitely need to act more gracious to one another and treat each other with a lot more respect.

    If you don’t like the woman Faye, don’t go to a dinner where Brandi has been invited. Or better yet, keep out of other peoples business which does not involve you.

    They all get involved in each other’s drama so Kyle should have controlled the situation in her home. Definitely changed my view on a few of the ladies.

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