Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dana Wilkey For Feud With Brandi Glanville!


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the end of the cast trip to Paris on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa discusses why she has learned to stay out of drama between Kim and Kyle Richards, her perspective on Dana Wilkey’s return and what she had to say about Brandi Glanville, and Taylor’s judgements about Yolanda’s husband, David Foster. Read what Lisa wrote below!

Lisa writes, “Apart from a few challenging moments the trip was a huge success but I still felt a certain amount of anxiety over Kim. On the boat trip she seemed in a much better frame of mind. All was explained later when we returned. I am the wrong person to ascertain how much medication is too much, but I know that if ever I was in that position again I would still question her or gently probe as to whether she was OK.

As I viewed the footage of our final moments in Paris traveling down the Seine, it was a gentle reminder that life passes by so rapidly, sometimes leaving little time for the moments that we should cherish. I knew after 30 years that I needed to make a decision as to whether we would have a celebration and renew our vows. I resisted five years ago on our 25, and now it was time to celebrate.

Kevin Lee is an unusual character to say the least, but this man can deliver. He will create an event that is always a visual feast, and, although he appears a little eccentric, he is somebody I enjoy working with. So a party in the garden is what we decided.

Seeing Dana sitting there. . . well enough said about that. I can’t even indulge her angry diatribe that is so judgmental about people she really hasn’t any knowledge of. I know she feels the need to be relevant, but is that the best she has to offer? She is somebody I never really invested in. All her nonsense about ridiculously priced sunglasses and flashy cars seems ridiculous and superficial. When a money box is empty and you shake it,it makes a lot of noise, when it is full. . .not so much! I rest my case.

Kyle’s store opening was something we were all excited and supportive of. It is just a few yards from my restaurant Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. It’s a new episode in her life, as Portia is starting school, and I wish her the best of luck. The party was vibrant and a complete success, but once again the dynamic between the sisters superseded the celebration. Hard to understand and constantly confusing! I have learnt to remain impartial with regard to that relationship. Paris was a tough lesson.

I liked the fact that Yolanda, like myself, has a preference to confront things head on, deal with the negative energy that has surrounded the convoluted situation regarding Taylor, David, and his ex-wife Linda. We cannot judge somebody according to the perception of an ex-spouse. . .

We have to digest information and form our own opinion. David is a gentle and altruistic man, from what I have seen, and I appreciated Yolanda setting Taylor straight.”

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4 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dana Wilkey For Feud With Brandi Glanville!”

  1. Love you Lisa and how you act, you are a True Lady and do not buy into all that back biting and trash talk. I do worry that you open your heart to much and it keeps getting hurt, these users see you coming and suck you and Ken dry.
    Congts. to you and Ken on your 30th annv.

  2. The only person in the show who is naturally beautiful is Yolanda Foster, she appears to have more common decency then the others on the show , if I had to put up with all the gossip and bitchiness from the other crazy women , I hit the bottle too.
    Lisa Vanderpump shows that she has an intellect , but,,, she shows us a glimpse of her true colours by the way she talks down to her husband .
    Summing the show up while it features some nice homes and distinctions and lovely clothes the diatribe and banality ….becomes so very tiresome , and each episode the women , (who are unknown to those of us outside of the US )…become more superficial and nasty.

    1. If I could change anything about all the Housewife’s show it would be that nasty F BOMB. I hate that word and as a housewife I never say it and I bet a lot of Ladies do not say it either,

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