Lisa Vanderpump Shocked She Hurt Eileen’s Feelings


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog this week to talk about her conversation with Eileen Davidson. Lisa says she’s shocked she hurt Eileen’s feelings so much and that she was only trying to get to know her friend.

“Well, this episode certainly created some chatter…So we reconvene at the Hamptons. I had dismissed the fact that all of the other women had left rather abruptly and knew it would be a battle that, if it came down to principle, I was correct and they could’ve handled it better, but it was supposed to be a celebratory weekend, and I can assure you the very thought of any friction was the furthest thing from my mind.

I can never remember words or terminologies exactly, but I can invariably recall the sentiment, and I am certain as I relaxed with Eileen at dinner after a long day I was enjoying dinner and engaging in casual conversation. I am guilty of asking questions to have a better understanding of the person that would be a friend or colleague.

Perhaps the terminology “affair” was misconstrued. It was not an exposé–this had been discussed twice previously. I expected Eileen to reminisce, to just elaborate on how she and Vinny ended up in a long marriage with a child together that ultimately was a “love affair.” So we have lunch the next day, then dinner at Bethenny’s, and there was no hint from Eileen that anything was bothering her, so the following day when she said she needed to talk to me (which is never a positive thing on Housewives, I can guarantee you), I was mystified.

I was taken aback. I watched this moment, and I saw how I said verbatim, “Oh darling I wouldn’t want you to tell me anything you don’t want to…I APOLOGIZE for asking too many questions.” And she even inferred that maybe she was overly sensitive, and I quizzically reminded her that she could’ve said she didn’t want to discuss it and feel free to ask me anything in return.

Isn’t that the nature of the beast? Isn’t the premise of showing our reality that we discuss our histories, our personal thoughts, our individual dynamics? Subjects have arisen over the last six years that have been sensitive. I remember Max asking me for the first time whether he had siblings, one of those rare moments that you forget you’re not alone on this journey that we as a family embarked on. I embrace sharing our journey with you.

Anyway, seeing Yolanda lying in bed as David called and thanked me for the flowers was poignant. David tried to bring some levity to the situation by joking. At the time, as he was by her side, I understood it. Now, not so much.

I have not one iota of knowledge in what was the catalyst of the demise of their marriage. Maybe time will tell, but it saddens me to see what eventually transpired. I felt they belonged together–through thick and thin.”

What do you think about what Lisa had to say? Comment below.

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175 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Shocked She Hurt Eileen’s Feelings”

  1. Meh, I think Lisa V. doesn’t like how Eileen is full of crap and plays Miss Innocent after helping destroy a family with children. I think she just wanted to call her out on it and who cares, Eileen deserved it. I do think it’s a certain type of entitled, practically sociopathic person who would do such a thing, not at all a mere accident that could happen to anyone. Therefore, who cares if Eileen didn’t like it.

      1. Yeah, no matter what Ellen’s past us, it was inappropriate conversation and Lisa knows better. There are some incredibly rude and childish people on here, criticizing and name calling others Who have different opinions than their’s. It’s pretty sad, when this should be fun – they should grow up.

  2. The best way to not be called a homewrecker is to keep your legs closed to married men. I’m not sure why so many people on here don’t seem to agree with this but I guess you are not getting the sharpest knives in the drawer on a reality TV gossip site.

      1. No, you’re stupid because you’re singularly obsessed with playing the victim when not the actual victim by a long shot. Geez… girl… YOU let it go.

        1. Not to mention a junior high chicken zhit eagerness to jump in and ankle bite when you believe you can safely grandstand with the majority. Add weak to stupid.

        2. Actually, when the ex-wife and ex-husband have let it go, I can hardly see a point in being up in arms about it. It has not one single thing to do with cheating being wrong. It has to do with letting go. With forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and just common sense, IMO. I Have heard many times that Eileen told her husband she was having feelings for someone before she had the affair. I have no idea and don’t really care anymore why there is such disdain for a 15 year old mistake. and if anyone made the mistake, it was VInce. All parties involved have moved on so I will too.

          1. How do you know how the ex-wife and ex-husband feel? That’s quite an assumption. Just because they haven’t stopped breathing certainly does not mean they did not suffer great harm or that their children didn’t. Why so eager to minimize it?

            Eileen obviously moved out so as to have a place for Vince to spend time with her and be free to continue with her plan to extract him from his family behind their backs. Anyway, one does not simply “get feelings” and move out on their spouse. That actually demands many steps of going over a line that she knew she had no business crossing. You clean up the mess you’re currently in and only THEN do you start developing a relationship with another UNMARRIED person.

            It seems you are jumping through a lot of hoops to wave off some very deliberate, nasty and seriously harmful behavior and normalize it.

            If we are not going to talk about anything that comes up on RH, why bother to be here at all? It’s come up on the show so it is certainly fair game to be discussed, not off limits at all.

              1. You’re not listening. I said just because they’ve gotten on with their lives in no way means they suffered no permanent damage. What is your point?

              2. See, still no answer. Whenever there is a genuine question, even if you think it comes from a chickenzhit popular clique girl, you won’t answer. You asked me how I knew and I answered. I come back sometimes to see if someone actually has anything to back up this BS misunderstood statement, but of course no answer because that vulgar post said exactly what you meant it to say. Now way to explain it away even tho you said you could.

                1. JJ, out of all of your nasty comments over the last two days this one is the worst. Aunt Bee IS the greatest Lady here she is a very young 70! I for one do not appreciate your comments when it concerns her! Get a grip of your life FFS!

                  1. No, what’s nasty is the little pile ons whenever anyone doesn’t share the majority opinion. And you are the worst one, although of course always too chickenzhit to lead with it rather than just follow. Also, these little rounds of reciprocal applause for yourselves are ridiculous. The Greatest Lady EVAH! Um no, Sally, these are actually people you don’t even know.

                    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I was defending someone very special so bar sucks to you! I have no trouble leading with any comments, I tried to say this morning I had had enough, maybe I was too subtle for you? I had decided this year I wasn’t going to get into an argument/ disagreement with anyone here, well I lasted two weeks!! You are the nastiest person here, how many people have said that in the last few days? Do you think you are perfect and so right and everyone else is wrong? I don’t know about anyone else here but I have had enough! You are rude and vicious it might pay you to be a little introspective occasionally! And no I’m not checking for spellings or grammar because I don’t care!

                  2. Also, once again you have misunderstood my post. I did not say that to Bee. You really should learn what you’re talking about before involving yourself.

                    1. Sally, I was NOT even speaking to Bee. Mind your own business and quit stirring it up. This is why people come on here with other names and bother you. You deserve it.

                  3. I was NOT speaking to Bee. Just like the last time I got into it with you, you jumped into something that did not concern you, feeling like you were with the majority and therefore taking a safe, chickenzhit little dig. And just like last time, you were stupidly MISTAKEN in what you THOUGHT I said. Even if I was talking to Bee (which I was not), Bee has a mouth. You do your fighting always joining with someone or someone/s else. Stand on your own or shut up.

                    1. I explained I was standing on my own! Do you not defend your friends? I always do! My friends are really important to me!
                      Your other comment:
                      ‘This is why people come on here with other names and bother you. You deserve it.’
                      What a nasty nasty woman you are, I do wonder how you would like it? Or do you know more about it?????
                      Someone posted under my name, hence my name change! This caused a huge amount of work for the site owner, I can’t put her name as it will then go into moderation.
                      So now tell me about other names??? Or was it you???

                    2. No, Sally, I am obviously outspoken and therefore have no need for chickenzhit little devices like fake screen names. And, AGAIN, Sally, you jumped all over me while MISUNDERSTANDING who I was actually speaking to and having no idea what went on elsewhere that was the reason. Where is my apology?

                      Anyway, NO, we should NOT “stick up for our alleged friends” because as seen above, that clicquish childish behavior leads to pile-ons with the little “in” group of the moment all taking little swipes at someone who answers back “their special friends” who took a jab. What ADULTS do, Sally, since you like to toss the word around? They MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. If two other ADULTS are in a disagreement, THEY can handle it without you running in to take a jab when you think it’s safe. THAT is what’s childish and I do think that when you get people bothering you with other names, you bring it on yourself because you insert yourself into things that are none of your business and just love piling on when you think you’re safe and can make a great stand of loyalty. It’s beyond stupid. If something doesn’t concern YOU, shut your mouth. I swear 90% of problems on forums are when third parties jump in and run their mouths.

                      You certainly don’t hesitate to pile on for someone who is such a baby when you get it back.

                    3. JJ APOLOGY????? don’t hold your breath it will be after you apologize to me! That is the last comment I will make to you tonight! It is my bedtime now and I will sleep really well I hope you do! Good Night!

                    4. I don’t have anything to apologize to you for, Sally. You inserted yourself into something I said to someone else when you completely misunderstood it and it was none of your business. That is how pile-ons happen and if you feel justified, with as upset as you get when it happens to you, maybe you will eventually make the connection.

                    5. BS. That comment about get a room was most certainly talking about Bee and us. And you go ahead on with saying we are a little clique. I would much rather be in a clique that sticks up for others and doesn’t attack others like you have been doing for 3 days, than ever try to defend someone so filled with anger. I think something has happened to you recently and it has you just at your wits end. And AGAIN BEFORE you start in with telling me not to interfere, or not to try and figure you out, I am human, I think things about the author when I read their words. You directed a question to ME, and when I asked you a genuine question, you ignored. If this was private, no one would be able to reply. But since there are reply buttons, we all have the ability to do so. Every time anyone said anything in favor of Eileen and letting it go, you called THEM NAMES. Just like the junior high you love to refer to, “IT IS WRONG TO BULLY OTHERS, AND JUST AS WRONG TO STAY QUIET WHILE OTHERS DO IT” All of those old sayings like “evil abounds when good men do nothing” they became old because they are correct.

    1. JJ, I am so with you on this one. Both of them (Eileen and Vince) got involved with each other while they were married. I don’t like Eileen, I think she’s very passive aggressive. Not buying the whole “we told our current spouses we are attracted to someone else” story. We are in the minority here, but I think vows actually mean something.

  3. Anyway, I do not believe Lisa V. was shocked that Eileen didn’t like what she said. She’s got too much snap to say things like that accidentally. I think she probably just doesn’t have much use for Eileen and wanted to call her out on how full of it and entitled she is. I don’t have a problem with it.

  4. Oh boy! My opinion is…. Lisa doesn’t like Eileen, I don’t think she ever has but now Eileen is friends with Yolanda that has put the final nail in the coffin. I still like Lisa but I’m finding it harder and harder to defend her and in fact I’m not sure I want too anymore! Saying that I don’t particularly like Eileen either, she is a good actress I hear, I haven’t seen her in anything as I am in UK and gave up soaps for lent eight years ago and have never started again, a very long lent! On BH she seems to be acting her part as does Lisa Rinna and I prefer the others. This year my fave is Erika!! I do believe these housewives have just so many seasons before the tide turns and they are no longer popular!

    1. I agree with that. I really like Lisa V. but even though I am not crazy about Eileen, Lisa V. did call her out for no clear reason, then played innocent. And I think that no matter who it is, after a few seasons we’ve seen their life and it’s more interesting to get someone new.

    2. Sally wanted to say how sorry I am at the loss of Alan Rickman, fellow Scotsman. he died today of cancer. He was also 69. Same as Bowie. Gone too soon. xoxo

        1. He was magnificent. Such a loss. DAMN CANCER!

      1. OH, I loved him. He was a truly great actor. I know exactly nothing about him personally, which is my usual way, but he could act. What wonder and fantasy the great ones allow us to be involved in with the movies they make for us.

    3. Sally, I hope you get into that opinion more about the Yolanda /Eileen connection where Lisa V. is concerned. I am so curious as to why you believe that is why. You have mentioned that before and I racked my brain to find a connection, which is one reason I love this blog, to hear a completely different opinion with the reasons too. If you feel like it and are her today maybe you could put it in here. Pretty please with Carrot Cake on top.

      1. Obviously it’s just my opinion! But I don’t think Lisa or Yolanda have ever liked each other, I guess it’s the Mohammed connection, I don’t blame one or the other it is just what it is! As for Eileen, She is gorgeous and has an amazing figure but I think both her and Lisa R act and its reality not a soap. I don’t think that much of Eileen either I think she is too weak, I did like her last year, apart from the overacting but not so much this year. I don’t think I can bring my feelings to order! They are just what they are and might change again by next week!! Who knows! Remember I’m a woman and entitled to see saw!!

        1. To finish, sorry a friend messaged me! I just don’t think Eileen is Lisa’s type of person and that again it’s just my opinion. And I would try to change my opinion for you but even for carrot cake it is what it is Xoxoxoxox

          1. Thanks. I had seen the kind of tension between those 2, Yo and Lisa, but I didn’t see any connection with Eileen. It is so interesting to me when we see something different. It reminds me again of that special about the eyes and the brain I saw on the science channel. How humans SEE something visually DIFFERENT than another human, when looking at the same exact footage. Iiintellesting. Insert accent.

            1. 3D I might not have explained myself very well, you know what I am like when it starts getting late! Can’t think straight!’

  5. I never liked the idea of having actresses on these shows. To me Eileen and Lisa are doing alot of acting and its coming of so unnatural. Something seems very off this season except for her!!

    1. Yay! I’m so pleased I’m not the only one, they both look fake but something does seem off this season I agree it’s weird!

  6. I get both points of view. I like Eileen because she’s new probably mainly and I like Lisa for her lifestyle mainly. As for affairs and divorce, meh, too common to be disturbed by it. I guess because I don’t know what previous marriages were like and don’t really care. But here’s what I CANNOT seem to get over: Kim Z and her disgusting Big Papa affair that she flaunted in front of her children and whoever BPapa’s family was. His children maybe? So foul.

  7. I personally love gold diggers, home wreckers and sluts lol ( just shows my questionable character I suppose) …. if you don’t ; maybe you shouldn’t be watching HW . And yes good morning to everyone xoxo

    1. Um, can we stick to the topic rather than these chickenzhit little pile-ons that go beyond the celeb gossip stuff and make personal comments about other posters? I’m sure that gives you a cozy little feeling of belonging but if you need that then yes, I’m sure it does say something about your character.

      1. Yawn JJ !! I never mentioned your name .. It’s been clear to me that you’re looking for nothing more than attention with these comments and going after every single poster. I won’t give you that so look elsewhere . This is my last response to you because I don’t really care what you have to say ! As always xoxo 🙂

      2. It does say that as humans we all want to have a cozy feeling sometimes. Why does that bother you? That is a sincere question. I recall when I first started posting and I knew zip about blog etiquette. You were always kind to me unless I am remembering wrong. I might go back and see as much as I don’t like the person I was when I awoke from my coma. I have felt I have learned and grown from this place and I want to have a good rapport with everyone even when we completely disagree. I have one of my kitties that just came and put his head on my shoulder. He is a lover. I just don’t see any harm in saying personal stuff like that since it makes me love life. I am sorry if that breach from total anger bothers you. I wish you could see what I am trying to say because it is genuine. I learned from SW and I hope to learn from you.

        1. Um, when a “cozy feeling” is had by piling on someone for having a different opinion and all joining in with a chickenzhit little dig, that’s a problem unless you are in junior high school.

          1. I would much rather have discussions and conversations, like why do you think that? Or what about this? NOT personal comments and NOT third parties joining in when they were not involved in an original disagreement.

    2. I love them too maybe we have something in common????? Scrapping the home wreckers that’s nonsense, gold diggers, nah we made all of our money since we got together! Oh yes that only leaves one thing well good at least that’s fun!!xoxo

    3. Well, it is still morning where you are, so Good Morning Rain! :). I hope you have a great day. The day is still young, anyway. 😉

  8. Lisa may be claiming to be “shocked”, but I don’t buy it. She was playing with Eileen, batting her around a little, before she decided if she wanted to move in for the kill. Eileen needs to own her past and get out in front of it or these bitches will be eating her lunch.
    I don’t care if she and Vinny cheated 10-15 years ago….it’s old news and I certainly don’t look to the housewives to be my moral compass. She can have him…does he work…or just gamble and complain about what she spends her money on.

  9. I will say this, though. I never could figure out what the others were saying about Lisa V., from way back when they all mobbed her on that vacation and she left early. Now I think we’re getting a glimpse of it and there is some truth there. She was obviously trying to embarrass Eileen.

    1. I think Lisa knew exactly what she was doing when she confronted Eileen about her affair with Vince. I also was on Lisa’s side when she was attacked by the others on that vacation and never understood why they seemed to all want to gang up on her. Yolanda attacked Ken and was never really a friend of Lisa’s from what I could see, etc.
      Honestly, they are all on a reality show, but how many are truly friends after the show ends. We hear that Kyle and Lisa are friends, but is it a true friendship or just a good business connection, considering Kyle’s husband’s real estate business, etc. Networking is always good for business. I think Lisa used the show to promote her businesses and ventures, as did Kyle, etc., and Lisa has done extremely well with Vanderpump Rules too. She and Ken have done so well, they could go out with a bang and leave RHOBH behind them, but maybe they want to get back at everyone on screen first or something. Clearly Lisa does not like Eileen so much. Maybe there is more to their relationship than we know. Ken seems more critical this season too from what they have shown us. I do not know if the editing makes it worse or not either. The more successful Lisa becomes, the more I see a woman who is less likeable. She is nicer to the animals than the humans lately, and she is acting more like the she says she does not like. She was always my favorite too.

      1. That is such a good point, RSandy. I think even Lisa V. has someone she is jealous of. Along with Sally’s perception, I believe it has more to do with Kyle being friends with Eileen and the new girl than it has to do with anything. But we can never know the innermost feelings of another person. When all is quiet and we only have ourselves as company, those feelings. I believe the reason Lisa befriended Taylor was because Kyle did. I believe one of the reasons she befriended BG was because Kyle didn’t. And I never thought they meant to “gang up” on Lisa in Puerto Rico or wherever it was. She is so good at deflecting the valid feelings of others that she sets herself up for these big blow ups.

        1. That gang-up was terrible. Kim’s mouth was foul. They were all disrespectful to Lisa and Ken and honestly, I never was able to see any of them, excluding Lisa and Ken, in the same light ever since that day. None of them are angels. I do not defend any of them, but at least respect your elders when it comes to Ken, especially, since he has been called old man and worse by more than one, and it sickens me. Some actually respect their elders, and in this case I will never ever defend anyone on that beach that day Ken and Lisa were attacked, except Ken and Lisa.
          Maybe a lot of it does stem from jealousy, since Lisa has always appeared to be the most well off, especially since Adrian left. I believe maybe the other women envied Lisa a bit. Kyle and Kim were raised to marry wealthy, and whether or not Mauricio had wealth before, with Kyle’s family connections and his smarts of course, Kyle has now achieved more wealth than she ever dreamed of, not even including her stores, etc. Lisa always had more and now Kyle can flaunt her wealth more. She does not have to be sweet as pie to everyone, but it does not hurt to be friends with potential real estate clients. Maybe Kyle does not have to kiss up to Lisa or anyone now more than ever and feels her place on RH is secure. She will befriend anyone, even if it may in some way offend someone else. That is her prerogative. Lisa, I am sure, knows none of these women are truly her friends. It is obvious that it is all a show and most of these women are actresses. They act for us too, I am sure, so we do not see the real person a lot of the time.
          I still like Eileen. I always liked Lisa…and find her entertaining most of the time, but less this season. Erika is fun to watch too.

          1. Sandy, I think I love you for saying all of that, it’s so easy to forget what they did to her and Ken, she isn’t perfect especially this season and before any one else jumps in, I know she doesn’t own her s..t! but particularly Kim and Yo were horrible to Ken!! Maybe she is just getting her own back as her swan song? Do you think she will give up? I do!

            1. We will have to tune in to find out I guess. I think maybe Lisa (and Ken) are maybe doing this one season as their last. You can see how fed up Ken is in just about every episode. He just wants out. What they did to him in that swimming pool that birthday, no matter who…was probably to make a scene for the cameras and had he cracked his skull or broken his neck, he might not be here to talk about it and…Well, if I was him I would refuse to be in any of these filmed events. I know he smiled in the pool afterward, but it was scary to watch, let alone be him or Lisa. I think they (Lisa and Ken) are just abiding time until it is all over this season and then bowing out. If I was her, I would leave. She has Vanderpump Rules, and though I always thought of Lisa as the queen bee of all the RH, she should really just bow out…gracefully or not from this show IMO. It just is not worth all the aggravation in my eyes. When it is not fun any more, it just is not worth it IMO.

          2. Kim was and IMO always is foul. She has hate inside her and tries to wash it away with pills and alcohol. I pity her. But I believe Kyle to be genuine and I don’t really understand the feeling of fake ot whatever it is others get from her. I don’t think she liked anything that went on that day. She certainly didn’t relish it like a true mean girl would.

          3. I also sided with Lisa V. and Ken on that pile-on. I did not get what the others were talking about AT ALL. However, I think this little glimpse of Lisa V. may be revealing because it does go along with what they were saying- which was that Lisa V. is a master manipulator and never admits any wrongdoing. She’s still my favorite, though.

  10. I think Eileen is blowing this out of proportion. She confronted Lisa and Lisa apologized and said to Eileen that she should have said at the time. And for future to say to Lisa that she don’t want to talk about it.

    1. I agree, Eileen should have shut down that conversation as soon as it started and make clear to Lisa she had no intention of discussing the issue…or get a newspaper and slap Lisa (metaphorically) like one does with yapping dogs, in this case bitches

    2. ITA. It is her fault for not telling Lisa she didn’t want to talk about it. I use to like Eileen, but not sure now. Act like a grown up.

  11. Eileen should have been more assertive to tell Lisa he had no intention of discussing the issue, period. Shut it down as soon as it opens, sometimes Lisa needs to be slapped on her mug, metaphorically, I mean.

    1. I agree, Eileen should have shut down that conversation as soon as it started and make clear to Lisa she had no intention of discussing the issue…or get a newspaper and slap Lisa (metaphorically) like one does with yapping dogs, in this case bitches

  12. Calling Eileen a “home wrecker” is completely absurd…borderline on absolute stupidity, it takes two to tango. If it happened it was because both Eileen and Vincent were unhappy in their marriages, which means that their former spouses somehow had a share of responsibility and those marriages were already in trouble.

        1. Not as if I agree with anyone here or not, but it is Stroganoff and Wienershnitzel to be correct, though no royalty in either of them. 😉
          Oh, and this has nothing to do with Aunt Bee, but a shout out to Aunt Bee, who is royalty to many of us here. She was not directly the object of your words, though she was mentioned at some point in reference to 3D’s. Some here are very protective when it comes to their cyber friends, and I can understand that when it comes to Bee, especially. It is really so nice that we have mutual respect here, and I myself do appreciate all of those who post without attacking other posters. We all are entitled to our opinions, and I enjoy our uniqueness when it is not so offensive to anyone personally. Sure we can talk about the characters. That is what we are all here for, and many of us have strong opinions. I love that we do. I am certainly no voice of reason and really do like just about everyone here. I try to see all sides as much as I can. This is not in any way a critique. We all know that there have been friendships here among a few, and not everyone agrees with everyone else. I do like your name Judge Judy. It does suit you even if you are not the TV Judge.
          Have a nice day. 😉

          1. I have alway considered you one of my cyber friends. Having a snark toward a troll, (Not JJ, that isn’t what I am implying at all) is different IN MY OPINION than attacking posters every time they disagree.

            1. Well it doesn’t start out a full-on attack, it gets uglier on all sides as it progresses. But what I have noticed on here lately is there is ONE right group opinion and when someone not in the clicque states a differing opinion, regardless of what is said by who, several others from the clicque run over and agree with “their friend.” Starting out like that is NOT a nice environment for anyone but those in the “in” group and it will not go well. Like I said, if it’s all about “your friends” do you really think that belongs in the middle of a group that is for “everyone?”

              1. My comments to you, JJ, were simply my take on the Eileen thing. From my perspective. Getting over it and being forgiving. I didn’t say anything nasty or judgmental to you at all. I have been cheated on, and believe me when I say I loved him and was in love with him. So, I do know from where I speak. I have had other tragic things, horrible things happen in my life, to me, to my children and to my family as a whole. The last thing was when I became very, very ill and was in an 8 month coma before I started posting here. My sister brought me my laptop when I woke up and set up FB for me, my page that I hadn’t seen for a year. From there I found allthingsrh. I barely remember some of the beginning here and have no memory at all of the 8 months. But that and the other things I speak of taught me, for me, not for others, that I had to let go of things that made me angry. I always thought the term “letting go” was psycho-babble. But it isn’t for me. I honestly responded to your opinion with mine. I didn’t see any gang up and no problem till the crude comment about getting a room when I sent a post to Bee. Now if you meant something different please explain as I see in your posts you keep saying someone misunderstood.
                I didn’t see anything at all until you began saying “nitwit” and telling people they must not have had these things in their life. Now, that is how I saw it. That is what started the entire thing. The little clique didn’t “create” the hostile environment. That is how I saw it you called the first name and were hostile first. That isn’t junior high talking, it is a factual account of what we are all talking about here. I am not trying to start another argument, I have backed off a few times when I was really pissed off believe it or not. I always considered you my cyber friend but that becomes impossible when you say nasty things to people I respect and like. We all have to own up, you are so right about that, including you. Whether you wanted it or not, if someone was coming after you for no reason, I can see myself getting involved. It is simply who I am.

                1. If those things happened for no reason or in isolation, 3D, that would be true. However, I’m sure you actually are aware that that is very far from the truth. I’ve already stated my case. It will be up to the moderators.

                  1. No, every word I just wrote was the honest truth the way I saw it. If you don’t see that you started calling names back there looking at the time stamps, then you are seeing a different thing than me. I didn’t call you a name at all and neither did a lot of others until you did. Truth JJ. I am sorry you see something different.

            2. I consider you and everyone my cyberfriends, excluding the true Internet trolls who just attack out of the blue to get a rise out of someone. Most everyone here is able to actually write and state their opinions quite well, and it is nice to be able to interact with such a choice group of people. Sometimes, though, it gets over the top for me, and though I am not perfect and have been fired up at times, I do try to reign it in most of the time and not stick my nose into others’arguments, unless it truly is hurtful and uncalled for. I know we all love Aunt Bee and rightly so, and I feel justified in trying to protect her and defend her when things happen. I do see Judge Judy as seeing a bit of a clique here and perhaps opinions swayed by friends for friends which seems off to her. I see both sides of this, and I feel that the back and forth stuff got way out of hand. We have very strong opinionated commenters here, but that is not a bad thing unless it gets over the top nasty.
              In the end, I know we all can be quite reasonable, and your bully comment was appropriate at the time in your eyes and to me, as was JJ’s clique comment in her eyes which actually had some validity as well. You both have valid points amidst all the firy comments.
              Well, I am no angel, and I do know I have messed up and posted too soon without thought. It is easy hit the enter button too quickly, and in hindsight, I know I wish I had not more than once.

              Have a great day and weekend. Xo

                1. I have to share with you, Sandy, that my Daughter is moving into a house from her small one this Spring. So, I got her a little red metal toolbox with a super flashlight, a tape measure and some good pliers in it. ( I have a pair of pliers my husband brought in the house for me that I use a lot ) Also a Singer sewing box, with scissors, a fabric tape measure, needles and pins, a seam ripper, a pin cushion and a thimble. I added some spools of thread that were Nana’s, the quilt maker, an old thimble, and some pretty pins with the pearl heads. I am so excited for her to open it! Have fun tomorrow too, my friend.

                  1. How sweet. My son just moved into his new place the end of December too. I love your gifts. It is great to have all of that. My son actually bought himself a sewing machine to make a Halloween costume a couple years ago..and he is a mechanical engineer, so he has all the tools. I love that our children can take care of themselves, but we are always there to help them. I have a sewing machine, pins, etc., and my sons both saw me sew things…more years ago, but still do repairs now. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend! XOXO 😉

                    1. Just wanted to add that those are some sentimental items…just knowing the relatives who use to have them, and I am sure your daughter will love them and remember everyone every time she goes to use them. 😉

                    2. I looked to see if you had been able to come see this post! So happy for him with his new place. It is so great when our kids upgrade to nicer places since they work so hard. They give us good reasons to be proud. 🙂

                    3. She is much more a cook than a seamstress like me, although she didn’t learn anything more than basics from me. She is quite the gourmet now, self taught. It is nice to not have to run to the garage or the trunk of the car for a pair of pliers or a tape measure and other tools she can add. The sewing box has these cool old fashioned pics painted on the fabric. I know she will love it, she is easy to please and loves unusual gifts.

                    4. She may be able to do it all. Maybe it is that they share a birthday, but my son sewed a jacket…long one for an outfit to match a TV character on Game of Thrones…difficult, and he did it. He never quits. He is a good cook too. He can bake cakes and loves to be inventive. Actually he loves unique items too. His place is quite eclectic. He has a chair designed like the sixties…space age design chair, mixed with modern and unusual. He enjoyed a Back to the Future book I gave him at Christmas more than some of the other gifts I gave him. It had pullouts and stuff…and he was Marty for Halloween this year.
                      Yes, we are proud moms. Have a nice night and weekend! Xo

  13. LVC thinks she’s better than everyone. “Ask me anything you want” No, they clearly don’t wanna know any more about your vile life. She’s so cold and mean to people when they don’t go her way #pathetic #truecolors

  14. I think Lisa V is saying she doesn’t get why Eileen’s feelings were hurt because to Lisa V. she really was just trying to get to know her better. She has a different approach being from Europe and I think meant falling in love rather than just affair…

    1. Nothing to do with being European. When you girl friend had an affair and is in a tv show you don’t bring it up and said the word affair a hundred times, just for your friends sake. You wanna get to know her better and talk to her about her private shit, talk to her in private. This shows LVC is in it for the fame she doesn’t have a relationship with Eileen outside of the show, otherwise she wouldn’t bring it up in camera and expose her “friend”.

  15. Then Lisa V. got kind of irritated like Eileen was making a mountain out of a molehill and according to another story Eileen obsesses about this for like ten weeks…

    1. Cause when LVC is being an asshole no one is allowed to call it out. Good for Eileen. Eileen should bring up how Lisa doesn’t own Sur and Pump 100%, then we’ll see how Lisa gets irritated again over this matter. Then Eileen can turn around and say she only wanted to get to know Lisa better.

  16. Okay, so I agree that in that encounter Lisa V. was rude. However, I just like Lisa V. much better than I like Eileen.

  17. The thing is Eileen and Vince cheated on their respective spouses . Time doesn’t matter and if you want to cheat leave your spouse. Theit relationship started as affair and just because time has passed doesn’t mean it won’t be discussed. Also it was Eileen who was the first to mention it last season.
    Lisa loves to make people squirm and if you don’t stick up for yourself , she will take advantage. Look at Erika , doesn’t even bat an eyelash and calls out Diva Lisa. I do like Lisa , one of my favorite HW .
    As for the post’s on this site , especially today , I have to shake my head . I’ve read many comments about how nasty Nene , Brandi , Ramona , etc can be but some of you should apply for a spot on one of the shows. No names mentioned but wow. Everyone is entitled to their opinion , I like Kenya , but let’s keep below the belt remarks to yourself. We wouldn’t want to give Housewives a bad name. LOL

  18. I like Eileen and I like Lisa V, but Lisa clearly is different this season, and it just is not the Lisa I usually have seen in the past. She has never been an angel, though always admirable in the work she does for animals, LGBT, etc., and I always found her entertaining as well as adored her taste in just about everything…love her home, her decorating. Well, she has always been the queen bee of this show. I see Eileen as an actress on YR and like her, though I have only watched the last few years and she was on and off in that period. I like her from what I see of her at home with her family too. I don’t judge her for her past with Vince. She may have gotten Dick Van Patten’s son, but he seems to not be such a bargain IMO. He was a teen idol for a time, yes, but he is not anymore. He is a gambler. She does the best she can from what I see and stays married and is a mom with a dad in the picture too, in a world where marriages rarely last, especially with actors. If 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, then it is likely to happen to more than a few.

    1. It could be that before, Lisa V. has had Brandi to do the stirring up for her. Lisa V. seemed quite reasonable but if you noticed, she was always giggling and smiling and seeming quite amused by Brandi’s antics. Maybe now that she doesn’t have a Brandi to create the amusement for her, she does it herself. Just a thought and I do like Lisa V. but… maybe?

          1. I just saw this today! I never checked off the bottom notifications at all it seems, since I received no email of posts yesterday. I am searching today to see what I missed.
            Have a great day and weekend, Rain. 😉 xoxo

  19. About breaking up homes with affairs, as I’ve said before I think it just depends on your perspective on it.

    In MY experience, that has tended to be a certain *type* of person and it speaks to a “me first and f*ck everyone else” mentality that is not limited to a one-time occurrence.

    If you do NOT see it that way, then you might think it’s more fate or whatever and does NOT say much more about what type of person that is.

    What I’ve had problem with is all the digs like there is something wrong with or weird about feeling the first way rather than the other. So there’s interesting conversations from different viewpoints and then there are pile-ons. And I do consider running straight over and agreeing with someone at all times and taking their side just because they are your “friend,” along with the little digs, ruins all that and ruins the board.

    1. It is what creates a hostile environment for those not in the little clicque and that will not go well because others will not put up with the “one against half a dozen” stance for long and then it goes back and forth and gets ugly.

      I think if people want to do only bond with their certain group and feel the need to all agree with eachother against other viewpoints based on WHO is speaking, they should really form their own private board because a public one is for everyone equally, it is NOT your own private board and should therefore be inclusive of everyone the same. That’s my opinion as I’ve seen this same thing on other boards. However, of course that is up to the moderators. I used to like it here so I hope this trend gets straightened out.

      1. I have no idea what you are talking about. You are the one who got pissed off when other posters had a differing opinion than YOU. So, what you said actually happened the other way around. No one asked you to STFU till you said you guessed a blog about HW didn’t have the sharpest knives in the drawer. You said that early on BEFORE anyone else said one word. I guess you forgot you are here too, so the dull knife………..

    2. Well, you have a point. We do have different opinions about Eileen. Maybe there is a type of person that does run around and is a “me first” type. Then again, maybe it is fate for them to have met on set and fallen in love/lust or whatever, since it seems to have lasted. I am no privy to any affairs on her part or Vince since they married. It seems that Eileen gets quite steamy in her role as an actress with some hunks, and so far, she is still with her hubby raising their son and his sons.
      Yes, sometimes people agree with friends and take sides, though this time, it was Aunt Bee in the mix, and from what I have seen of her posts and know personally of her, she is sweet, kind and I respect her.
      If we knew the background of all of the posters, maybe we would all see more of their human nature and not be too quick to judge. So many here are suffering from daily pain, illness, handicaps, and I could go on. Maybe we all have bad days and some of us come here for some respite in our lives, and usually for a smile. We have made cyberfriends and just like family, we fight sometimes, but we make up, knowing we are a family in many ways. I am sorry for offending a few here at some point and writing things so quickly, because I felt so strongly or felt attacked. I cannot take those words back, but I will try to be kinder in the future. Life is way too short to be stressed out over TV shows. We are fortunate to be able to come here and communicate with each other.
      I do see your point Judge Judy. We should write with an open mind and not be swayed by others because they may be our friends. I try to do just that and treat everyone with respect as much as possible. I am human. We all are. 😉

      1. That was a lovely post, real Sandy. I am quite sure I’m too quick to snap back myself an I do apologize for my contribution to the recent arguing here.

        I have never had a problem with Bee, but still, she is just another poster on here just like everyone else. My feeling is this only works when everyone on here takes responsibility for themselves only and stops ALL agreeing with people because they are favorites and taking sides based on who they like the best on here. I do not think that has any place on a public forum and it ruins it.

        1. Thank you, Judge Judy. I agree with you, and like when I don’t agree with my older sister, to this day, I have had a falling out or two here for not being defensive and agreeing with someone who had another view. It happens here. I have my own opinions and see all of us as unique individuals and that uniqueness is what makes this place interesting and fun.
          I appreciate your honesty. We all can reach the end of our rope at some point, and it is not always easy to hold back. I do hope we can all be friends.
          Thanks again. 😉

        2. Just to make myself clear, even though some would say this is coming back to start again, this was just yesterday, I agree and disagree with opinions and feelings of others no matter who they are. It has exactly nothing to do with whether I consider them a friend. I say more personal things to those I know better, but that is the way it is on long-standing blogs. It takes some thought to disagree with someone I respect, which is one of the things I have tried hard to be aware of. Disagree with respect. When I see an opinion like my own I will agree and add to it, and if I do not agree, I will say so and add to that. You are asking us not to assume things about you from your posts, so don’t assume about me my reasons for anything. There is no denying that you started making a very hostile atmosphere here when others spoke of Eileen differently than you. You got angrier and angrier until you were lashing out at everyone. So, saying sorry vaguely about the “argument” falls short. You are the one who acted hastily and called posters names first. You said some things that were so completely out of line.

        3. There was absolutely not one person who agreed or disagreed about the topic like you are trying to convince yourself they did. A few posters had differing opinions about Eileen, you got nasty, and a few posters independently said something about THAT. It had exactly zip to do with opinions about the “topic” You veered away from that the moment you started with your foul comments to others. Then you talk of responsibility? You take some.

  20. I don’t see why LVP needs to apologize about anything. Eileen loves playing the victim. LVP asked some questions, it’s not like nobody knows about Eileens past.

    1. I never understood why she had to continue to answer when she didn’t like the questions?! Just stop talking damn it!

    2. LVP did apologize & Eileen seems to not accept it. When Eileen compared her to Brandi, it was insulting. Eileen is a big girl. All she had to do was say she didn’t want to talk about it & that would have been the end. Instead she is blaming Lisa, when she didn’t put a stop to it herself. I use to like Eileen, but not so sure now. As always, LVP is my favorite housewife of all time.

  21. Eileen is acting like such a twat/child, come on– you are on a reality show and somehow you think your skeletons won’t be revealed because you are eileen (the day-time soap star)? WTH, eileen has no problem reaching out taking that bravo paycheck but then wants to push the easy button—grow up moron, own your shit, you acted like a ho, were married – had an affair with a married man and then hooked up— and now your want to project yourself as a saintly soap star because it’s a nice story you like to tell your son? Whatever—-

  22. Why does eileen have to always pull someone (aside) to tell them, they hurt her feelings, come on woman, grow a pair, your not 12 years old, no one made you answer Lisa V.’s questions, if your were uncomfortable, then just say so and shut those lips, after all, isn’t that how you got in trouble the first time with vinne, you didn’t shut your lips? just saying…

  23. Off topic, but WTH with erika jirardi? Is that a bravo joke on the viewer’s? she’s a step up from a stripper in a club and we are suppose to believe she is BH’s type? Ewww, she’s just gross………….. I can see how her and lymes are friends, both married way above their pay grade, and both are vacant (upstairs) and useless grey matter….

  24. I really like seeing women work things out both in reality and virtual reality. I’m new to this site and have observed the dynamics and close knit members here, and it can feel a bit provincial on this blog from a newcomers stance. But I don’t let it bother me. I’m my own person and just enjoy commenting on these nonsensical shows with no expectations. It’s a fun outlet nothing more nothing less. I don’t get too invested on any forum where I will never truly know the people with whom I’m sharing opinions. I think no show of this caliber should invite any of you nice ladies to get visceral. You all have more self respect and integrity than that for yourself at the end of the real day. Don’t anyone give your power away over a daytime diva or otherwise, it’s all good.

    1. So, Jane, are you going to comment on this topic or are you here to observe our interactions? I just wondered. You seem to already have observed us before you wrote the above and that interests me. Most just comment on the “nonsensical” shows’ characters when they come here and not necessarily the other commenters. Of course you are free to observe our interactions. So far, I have not seen one comment from you about any topic except our group. We are smart as you can tell. We are also very observant.
      Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Jane :)) there are s few of us here that do indeed visit often but I can assure you we are independent and have our own opinions . I love a lot of these women and consider them cyber friends indeed BUT ivd disagreed with all them repeatedly and they’ve disagreed with each other. We keep it polite, civil and high five when we agree or politely agree to disagree. Please don’t feel this is a ‘mean girl’ site or something :). I believe kt is relatively new and I’ve agreed with her repeatedly and told her so!! Again , welcome Jane xoxo

  25. TY, Rain, and thank you for the welcome that was really kind. Ty for the backstory I can see that there is a well rounded and smart group of women (guys too maybe) with lots of character and wit. I like it. I don’t watch the shows a lot but when I see a specific topic and have something to share I’ll pop it here!

    Have a great evening to all

    1. Jane, Hi, We are nice honest!! Occasionally it does get like this but rarely. Quite a few here because of the topics, i.e., Brooks or Yolanda have shared our personal history, I think it gives us a greater understanding of where we each of us are coming from! Some of us are in pain and bed ridden others dealing with illnesses such as Lyme. Some are dealing with cancer in their families. No one is excluded and I hope you join in the many discussions even the silly ones where a certain poster dreams of my fellow countrymen in kilts, Real Sandy!!! I have noticed your posts before and you seem really nice so from me as well welcome. Xo

      1. How did I miss this! You have a way of mentioning me in your posts. FYI, it is not all men in kilts…just a choice few who do it very well I might add. As for Sam…in or out of his kilt, literally, he is quite fine. I watched him put his kilt on…on one episode…and yes, he was commando…but it was beautifully filmed…even when he went swimming kiltless in a stream…They have some of those pics on a pic search if you put his name and Outlander. I can watch! I am not touching…just watching. 😉

        1. Watching and dreaming!! I mention you because I like you that’s all and you make me laugh with men washing your windows in kilts ! Xo

  26. Why does it scream out at me when Lisa uses the word “inferred” when she means “implied”? Pettiness thy name is DebBrenn.

  27. Just finished reading all the above and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you RS for your kind words and welcome to Jane. Yes I have friends on this sight and let them know when I agree with them. But there are times when I agree with most of the others when I like what they say. I have agreed with Sidewinder recently and he and I very seldom see eye to eye. I am basically homebound and this blog is a source of great enjoyment for me so let’s keep it nice and respectful and feel free to express our opinions whether they be yay or nay. Thank you.

    1. That’s why we love you Bee, you tell us when we are wrong and are with us other times! That is just what a good friend is.xoxo

  28. My husband and I have been together – much like Lisa and Ken, btw – for thirty-two years now. So I have no personal experience with the whole affair scenario, but I was maid of honor for a girlfriend who married a man who was married when she met him. I am not endorsing this, just do not feel I have the right to judge anyone, due to believing that none of us humans should be judging each other, period. I’m not perfect. But as I have said I really think Lisa V meant more of a “how did your love affair start” as in “relationship” — you hear her refer to ‘love affair’ with living in Europe talking to Ken and she mentions the use of the word in her blog. I really don’t think she was trying to disrespect Eileen. If I was Eileen I totally would have said straight up ‘Although various scripts have had me kissing various men, with Vinnie it was fireworks, love at first sight, both of us told both told of our spouses, and within – however long it was – got married.’ I mean, that was then, this is now. Don’t think Lisa V was present when Eileen told the other ladies similar story last year…so of course Lisa V. is curious, and getting to know her better. She’s a question-asker, I’ve had friends like that, and I really don’t think there was ill intent behind it, that’s just the way LVP is…Eileen is like making a mountain out of a molehill and from what I can gather, obsesses about this for several weeks or months, ridiculous.

  29. Folks, I really feel like Eileen is making a mountain out of a molehill, just like when she pulled Lisa V aside – she started out saying ‘it’s not a big deal’ and even said that she could be ‘oversensitive’ about it – and hello, Lisa V did apologize for asking too many questions and told Eileen to not answer anything that makes her uncomfortable…so why Eileen feels the need to pound this perceived ‘slight’ into the ground is strange, and makes me wonder about her motives… If I was her I wouldn’t have a problem with saying, “In acting, I’ve had to kiss other men – but with Vinnie it was like fireworks, truly love at first sight – I started having feelings for him right away, told my husband, and we separated.’ Then I would have asked Lisa how she and Ken got together. It’s called building a friendship…

  30. Btw, I have been with my husband – who is fourteen years older than me – for thirty-two years, same as Ken and Lisa. There is usually an entertaining anecdote with the ‘how you met’ kinds of stories…in ours, I was shooting pool and he claims you could see down my shirt when I leaned over. He came to tell me that, and I got the impression he was a gentleman. We fell in love pretty quickly after that…of course over the years there have been rough patches, however our love has sustained us. Just saying, all Eileen had to say was that Vinnie was the first and only actor to sweep her off her feet when she kissed him on set, and as they got to talking she realized he was the one for her or however it happened…and if Lisa had any other questions that made her feel weird just tell her she would tell her later, it’s like much ado about nothing~for real…

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