Lisa Vanderpump Shares With Viewers Why She Returned To RHOBH After Feeling Hurt After Last Year

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to explain to viewers why she decided to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after how hard last season was for her. Vanderpump says she had to stand up against Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson and move forward. She thanks viewers for their support and assures us that Lisa Rinna isn’t as “manipulable” as Kyle said she was in the episode. In fact, Vanderpump says Rinna is an “erratic woman that needs to take responsibility for her own behavior.”

“Well here we are once more, as we ring up the curtain on our seventh season…
I am still incredulous that the venture we jumped into all those years ago has almost become a way of life.

A way of life, that at times, as I have immersed myself completely, has had extraordinary ramifications, emotional challenges and incredible benefits. I feel the need to explain the dichotomy that I managed to reconcile after the battering I received last year.

It was a decision that was certainly influenced by the fact that my friend Dorit, who will be introduced tonight, was on board, on board the crazy train that I have ridden for perhaps 170 episodes, excluding Vanderpump Rules, by the end of this year.

To have your life documented with such huge exposure also brings some amazing chances: We highlighted our fight against Yulin last year and continue to do so (I was truly grateful for the support we received around the world), stood up for gay rights each year on Vanderpump Rules, and witnessed marriage equality when I ordained a wedding two years ago. I reaped the benefits of this public platform and wholeheartedly took center stage.

So as I dipped my toe into the first day back with this group, encouraging Dorit, reassuring her that dinner with Kyle and Mauricio would be an enjoyable experience, I was excited to start all over again.

When Erika called me and invited me to her party, I responded positively, and she included Dorit as I was having lunch with her at the time. Time is the best healer as the old adage goes, but when Kyle states once again that I hold a grudge, it seems that maybe she has little understanding of the experience last year. I believe when somebody shows you who they are and viciously attacks you, relentlessly, you have good reason to remember, to embrace those feelings of trepidation in regard to bonding with that person again. That is not “holding a grudge,” it is protecting yourself from the emotional lambasting I had endured from happening again…

I had licked my wounds and had thankfully been bolstered by the support from many of you. I knew meeting the other ladies again was potentially an uneasy experience, but many months had passed and Kyle, Dorit and I were going together, and I mustered up the courage to rejoin the group. Dorit was blissfully unaware of what had transpired last season, but she knew there were residual feelings and badgered me to explain the complicated scenario that had played out last year. I was resolute, so as not to be accused of “manipulation,” and so she could garner her own understanding and judge the women from her own experience, but as she started to dance with all of them, I felt a tinge of remorse that I hadn’t implored her to stay by my side. As the story unfolds, Dorit definitely forms her own opinions, which ultimately are a result of her personal interactions.

I had no alternative but join the group. I briefly engaged Rinna, who I believe not to be “manipulable” as Kyle alleges. I would argue the point that she is an erratic woman that needs to take responsibility for her own behavior. I am at a point with her where I can’t resist a little provocation.

So as we danced to 80s music, I felt a sense of relief—almost cathartic—as I realized the only power people can exert over you is the power that you choose to give them.

Screw it, I was back and nobody, including Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna or Erika Jane Girardi was taking that from me.

So to all of you, don’t doubt yourself when you have been hurt. Validate your feelings, realize that experiences that provoke emotions are ones to learn by…And so be it, we soldier on…

So I bid you a productive week. This season can only be described as a glittering, tumultuous experience that is deliciously enriched by wonderful scenarios, captured for all to see, but also coupled with emotional dynamics as loyalties are divided and friendships challenged.

Hold my hand as we venture into Season 7, and let me know your thoughts and as always. I thank you for watching…Love Lisa.”

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41 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Shares With Viewers Why She Returned To RHOBH After Feeling Hurt After Last Year”

  1. It will be interesting to read the differing comments on Lisa’s blog, I liked it and think she is doing the right thing as next week will show. I’m looking forward to this season I just hope I am not disappointed!

    1. Me too, Suze. Hoping it’s better than I anticipate it to be. I agree with Lisa VP, I would definitely keep my distance from Rinna & Eileen, after last season. Who would want to be in their company. Kyle should not use the sentence that LVP holds a grudge. That sort of odd behaviour displayed by those two warrants not returning for more & arming oneself at arms length, it’s like the saying, ‘once hurt, twice shy’.
      Let’s see if the sad passing of Eileen’s mom does make a difference in her awful attitude, only time will tell.
      I happened to rewatch some of last season’s reunion & I can honestly say that everytime LVP was attacked by those two, Yolanda’s smug smile (she was happy to see LVP cornered for we all know she’s jealous of her.) made me wince & I rejoiced in the fact that she’s not around this season. Frankly, I still feel her whole show & tell was fake.

      1. Starr, I agree with everything you have said. I hope all is ok with you? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. Rain, i don’t think Eileen has friends, I think she has people she uses. Some are more useful than others to her so it may look like they are friends.

      1. It was interesting how Dorit so quickly liked Eileen though, all while saying that LVP told her of their history. It could be that Dorit is thirsty lol

      2. I agree. I hadn’t really thought of it like that, but I believe you are right. I don’t think Eileen has real friends, only ones she can manipulate.

  2. Here are my two cents: I’m in Chicago and it is FREEZING. We are just here for the holidays and to take Mom to Dr. appts, winterize her car, get her house winterized, etc. If any of you live in cold climates, you know exactly what I mean….
    So, I have zero problems with LVP. Never have. And she is correct. Do NOT give power to those who are jealous and have issues that spill over to other people’s lives. She doesn’t hold grudges, she just chooses to be wary of those who have … fooled me once, shame on your, fool me twice, shame on me ….
    I find nothing wrong with being skeptical of those who act like a terrorist and then expect you to forget it when they get over their snit. Real life doesn’t work like this. That being said, I FIRMLY believe that Rinna and Eileen FIRMLY believe they were hired to act in a soap opera for RHOBH. Who knows, maybe RHOBH really IS a soap opera and we are the ones who don’t get it.
    All I know is that Rinna has issues, Eileen is overly sensitive, Erika is.. well, she’s just Erika and I don’t know about the new one yet. Time will tell.

    1. Gigi, are you there with the cats? I bet you are freezing, apart from today it has been bitterly cold here with heavy frosts in the mornings.
      Totally agree on BH of course! Xoxoxxox

    2. I’m 90 minutes north of Chicago and freezing my butt off!!! It’s damn cold outside!!! I agree…. Lisa V. is not going to forget how she was attacked – just for the others to have a storyline. I wouldn’t call those ladies my friends – the word ”grudge” used by Kyle deflection on her part – she knew she did her ”friend” wrong and now she’s lost her.

  3. You’d think these folks would have been nicer to LVP since she is the only reason they still have a job. Few would watch this show without her.

    1. I agree with you. If she left the show would tank (well it’s tanking now it seems but would really tank without LVP).

      Lesser Lisa thinks she should get a pass on darned near everything does she. I wonder why. What has she done with her lips; she can barely drink out of a glass now. She looks like a cartoon with that upper lip! Again, she refers to Harry, to his face, as Harry Hamblin. Maybe he is developing dementia and forgets his name. That f*ing upper lip – oh my gawd!!! LL is worrying the cake isn’t edible. Why? She doesn’t eat. She’s probably praying it isn’t reral.

      Eileen is still being petty about LVP but that’s Eileen, petty, petty, petty. She is so stupid mentioning Vietnam. Even when she started talking about Vietnam the music stopped, like a bah, bah then started again after she made her stupid speech. Eileen is whining LVP isn’t welcoming her with open arms but a cold shoulder. WTF did she expect? That snivelling witch just doesn’t get it does she. We will get to see just how manipulative Resting Sneer Face is going to be this season trying to turn Dorit against LVP. In the preview LVP tells RSF she’s sorry and get laughed at. I really dislike that woman. She is a horrible actor.

      Dorit: WTF is up with her accent? It comes and goes and she definitely isn’t British. Her husband outed that she is American trying to put on a British accent. BTW Is Dorit chanelling LVP with the house guest. Dorit has Boy George and LVP had Cedric. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      It’s clear that both Resting Sneer Face and Lesser Lisa are both scared to death of LVP.

      Erika showed a much warmer side of herself when her mom showed up.

      Kyle is looking more and more like Kim these days.

  4. Don’t blame LVP one bit for having reservations and not wanting to cozy up to Lisa R and Eileen. Now that Ms. Lemon isn’t there, Erika has to buddy up to someone….

    FYI–Lisa VP DOES NOT have the power many thin; otherwise LR and ED wouldn’t be on the show!

  5. ZZZZZZZ She basically says the same thing every year.

    This season is looking boring and very stale. It’s time for a RHONY style shake up, build the show around Erika no one else brings anything fun to the show.

    Lisa R and Eileen are just gonna stick together, Lisa V and Kyle are just gonna stick together, Lisa V is gonna be a bitch but pretend everything is a joke so she can pretend like she’s being attacked. Lisa R is gonna be crazy for Camera, Eileen is gonna be insufferable and Kyle is going to turn Oxygen into carbon dioxide as has been her main storyline since day one.

  6. Love LVP. Love your blog. I agree 100%. If only Kyle would stop saying you hold a grudge. Let’s see, does Kyle hold a grudge when LisaR talks bad about her sister. It is a fact, if Kyle has any problems with people she holds a grudge. I for one am sick of this line.

    1. It’s not a line, she does it. Holds a grudge that is. The proof is right there on the screen season after season. Sometimes it’s warranted, and other times not as much. I, however, am fatigued of seeing it.

      1. I don’t really give a sh** if Lisa holds a grudge or not. Rinna needs something to shut her lips together for eternity, maybe that would ease the grudge. They ruined half a seson & a trip to effing Dubai over one sentence that was maybe and maybe not spoken, that wasn’t even ABOUT THEM, Eileen and Rinna. Lisa, like everyone else on Earth, has the right to feel how she feels, and say how she feels. That load of s**t that the friendship is leveraged is such BS, just like a soap, which apparently neither of them can tell from real life. The show wouldn’t be a show without her and Kyle, so everyone can just whine all they want about this ridiculous editorializing about whether or not Lisa holds a grudge. It’s a flaw!!!!!!! OMG, she has a flaw, say it’s not true. Wow, no one else does, why should she have the right to have one?

  7. Really Come On Like LVP But Needs To Stop Playing The Victim She Has Since Season 4 They’re’s A Reason Why Everybody Has A Problem With Her Can’t You All See That

    1. The point of a blog is for us all to put our point of views across. You may not like LVP but some do including myself. I accept not all like her same as I expect others to accept that I do. I disagree with some I consider friends but I respect their views even if I disagree with them!

      1. That’s true, Suze. I have moments when I like Lisa, and actually adore all the pomp and circumstance (and pink champagne!) that goes along with her pink fluffy life, and others when I don’t care for her at ALL, but I totally respect your right to have your views as we need views of all kinds to make these boards interesting. If we all though the same it wouldn’t be a discussion forum, it would be a fan club for one person or another, lol

      1. Right. Well said. Some do and some do not love Lisa. We are all human and have our own particular likes and dislikes.
        You love Kyle. I don’t. I just think she is okay. I have always admired Lisa V and still do, but I don’t think she is perfect. No one is perfect. Yet, without Lisa V., this would be unwatchable to me, since she makes me want to watch. She represents BH to me.

  8. Oh, wah, wah, poor me. I’m not an LVP fan. She is manipulative, she does hold a grudge, she is a snob, and I can do without her on this show. I don’t watch her other one either. If this such a burden for her than why do it? Oh, yes, China has stopped the Yulan festival. And, I can hear the cash being counted from all her restaurants. She got called out, yet again, and is trying to save face. Kyle tells it like it is and she has LVP’s number. I don’t pay attention to any of her scenes. I’m glad that we can all have our opinions and express them here freely. Peace and love.

  9. blablablaaaaahhhhh Can LVP stop putting herself as the victim, saying that she’s stronger than the other women because she came back? Cause no sweetie, you brought all of that on yourself, lying and scheming behind the scenes, you were just caught, AGAIN! And also, she should stop being rude to everyone to their faces and cowardly in her interviews, cause that’ why most people see right through her. LVP is vile.

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