Lisa Vanderpump Shares The Reality Of Being On TV


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump is dishing what it’s like to be a reality star today. She also shares details about her early life, how she joined reality TV, how long she plans to stay on the show and more.

In a rare interview, Lisa opened up about her life before being on Bravo. “I was a young actress. When I was 9 or 10 I think, the first thing I did was [the 1973 movie] A Touch of Class with George Segal and Glenda Jackson. When I met my husband, he had a wine bar, and after we were married, we went on to open wine bars, clubs, restaurants—I think we’ve had 32 in total. I’d always had a real affinity for design, so even now I design and create, with my husband, all the aesthetics and visuals for our restaurants. I’m passionate about things like that. I’ll go and do the flowers myself. I decorate my own houses. I just like to create, and that’s something that’s very near and dear to my heart.”

Vanderpump also told AdWeek how she came to join Housewives. “I was asked two or three times, but I said, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s for me.” And the third time I thought, “OK, I will go in [for an audition].” I didn’t think I gave a great interview, but then they came to interview me at my house again after that. [Bravo personality] Andy Cohen now says that I was the reason he green-lit Beverly Hills because he says he saw something different, something quirky in me.”

Being on reality TV can be difficult for some, is there anything that’s off limits for Lisa? ”
I don’t care if the cameras follow me 24 hours a day. Maybe I don’t want to be filmed in the shower or something [laughs]. The only thing I was sensitive to is that when my daughter got married—I felt that I’d signed up for the show, not her.”

How did Lisa’s family handle the news that she would be on reality TV? “They weren’t thrilled. Initially I felt a little sense of security in the fact that the show [didn’t air in England], but it’s becoming quite big over there. And now it’s even more in their face because I have a show called Vanderpump Rules and that’s my family’s name. A classic example of this was when my nephew was staying with me and I said to him, “We’re shooting Housewives. I mean, you’re here, would you just be in it?” And he said, “Actually, Lisa, not really my thing. Thank you so much, but I’ll pass” [laughs]. … I’m very cognizant that the show has given me such a platform. I feel that when you’re a celebrity—and I do use that word loosely—and when you’re in the public eye, you have a responsibility to stand up and draw attention to things that you believe in.”

Vanderpump also discussed her hesitation to return to RHOBH this season and the rumors that she would only return if they showed her work as a humanitarian. “Yeah, it was something we talked about. I was so beaten up last year. The audience has always stayed with me, so that indomitable support has really seen me through. But from the other women, that kind of haranguing and—I don’t like to use the word bullying because everybody uses that word and it’s so cliché—but just feeling totally persecuted by them, screaming at me, I just felt I couldn’t do it anymore, and I said that to Bravo.”

Lisa also shared how Vanderpump Rules came to be. “After the first season [of Real Housewives], I remember saying, “Well, I’ve done one season now, but I don’t think I’ll do another one. It was fun.” And [another network] offered me my own show, so Bravo contacted me and asked if I wanted to do something on my own—they were probably just trying to keep me because somebody else was asking me to do a show—and I said, “Well, maybe.” They asked if I wanted to do a show about Villa Blanca, and I thought about it and said, “OK, I’ve got it. I want to produce a show about my staff at SUR, but I don’t want to be in it.” … I wanted to produce it because I was really interested in the production side, but Bravo said, “You have to be in it.””

Have producers of RHOBH ever tried to steer Lisa in a situation she was uncomfortable with? “Oh, yeah. For example, I had a big falling out with somebody that was on the show that turned out to be a real nightmare—I won’t mention names, but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about—so when they say, “We want you to have lunch with them,” maybe naturally I’d just tell that person to bugger off and never see them again, but you know that the audience wants to see that progression. So sometimes, yeah, there’s creative license, and you have to make allowances to develop and progress the story.”

What’s the hardest thing about doing Housewives? “I think when the women have attacked me. That’s devastated me. I’m not a victim, but it’s been very hurtful. When they accuse you of stuff, I mean, that’s been hard. Sometimes I haven’t been able to watch it. Or when they’re lying about you, and it’s out there. But we’re lucky enough to have a production company that has integrity—I know it’s a rarity in this world—and tries to show the accurate story. And if they think somebody is bat-shit crazy and they’re accusing you of something, they’re going to show it. And luckily, the audience sees the truth.”

How much longer does Lisa plan on doing Housewives? “After the first year, I said I wasn’t coming back. After four years, I said I wasn’t coming back. I think I’ve always said that. This year it was a really, really difficult decision. It was just not about money. It was about whether I could go through what I went through again. I didn’t think I could. And I still don’t know if I made the right decision. But after a couple of weeks talking to them, I went, “All right, I’ll do it—so help me, God” [laughs]. I remember our showrunner jumped up and kissed me and said, “OK, you won’t regret it!” And I said, “I might, but I can never forget what the show has given me.” I mean, would I be at the United Nations? Would I be at Congress? Would I be starting Vanderpump Pets? Would I be able to fight Yulin? Would I be able to have the Vanderpump Dog Rescue? And there have been some wonderful moments on the show. It’s been like a very expensive home movie. That’s been the best.”

Thoughts on what Lisa had to say?

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  1. I loved the last few sentences. It is nice to see that she gives credit to this show for allowing her the audience to fight the good fight, for those without voices. Regardless of what she does on either show, I will always respect her support for LGBT and her fight for animals.

  2. Lisa…Lisa…Lisa…I love and admire the work you are doing for Yulin…that blouse however…needs to be given to rescued puppies for a blanket. XOXOX

    1. Hi Kt, my dog prefers something fluffy but I don’t like the blouse. Hope you are ok and not working too hard! Xoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. My dogs would have a field day with that blouse – she wears just pretty clothes, that isn’t my favorite. I have been working a lot, but it keeps me out of trouble. Yesterday we did training with the Fire Department, in case of active shooters etc. They will carry items to help treat wounded. We’ve never had that type of situation, just being prepared.
        How are YOU?

        1. Wow Kt your job is amazing! Really scary but good to have the training!
          I’m not keen on Lisa’s clothes but too fussy for me but so much better than Vicki or Tamra! Theirs are ridiculous! At least Lisa’s are age appropriate! Busy time here with visitors but a quiet day today thank goodness! Xoxoxoxxo

        2. We are so proud of you kt ❤️❤️❤️ And LVP always dresses impeccably but yes this blouse is a bit ‘interesting’ lol .

        3. Active shooters? Wow. The Fire Dept. here is usually the first responder and stick around in case the two Para-Medics simply don’t have enough arms and legs to take care of everything if there are numerous victims etc. They always give a nod to each other’s department and work, and the Firemen are always helpful, and a calming influence until the ambulance arrives. I’ve already told you how I feel about Para-Medics, never have I known of a more attentive, compassionate group. I believe it takes a special kind of person to do what you do.

    2. Usually I love her clothes, I had to scroll back up to see, I couldn’t agree more. The see through is a bit much for sure. She is a beautiful woman, to be sure, and has an unbelievable wardrobe, so I do wonder when she looks in the mirror why she doesn’t change her mind, and her blouse.
      Lisa and Kyle have always been my favorite housewives of all, and if either one of them left, I wouldn’t watch either. I’m down to NY and BH and VPR. I tried to watch Below deck, but didn’t care much for it although I see it has a honorable group of followers here, so there must be something I missed. I don’t watch any other Reality tv at all. I did watch America’s Next Top Model, I have every season. Not every season was good, but most were. I liked Australia’s Next Top Model a lot, too, and Britain. I liked Australia the best, actually, the way they set it up was more involved in the girls, and how they treated each other when they weren’t involved in a shoot or a challenge. Of course, the starting age was younger, 16 instead of 18, so it seemed necessary, but the rules applied to all of the girls. They also had much more exciting places to film, and I just thought it was more beautiful.

      1. Hello gorgeous 3Ds❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope all is well
        For me , personally, Kyle is the BEST dressed housewife , in the sense that I would love to have and wear her clothes. It’s my style. I do love what some of the other HW wear but I wouldn’t wear it myself .
        The RHOBH ladies are by far the best dressed of all the HW. The problem with the OC is that they are ‘brand whores’ and it’s just too in your face with no subtly. The Chanel ‘C’ , the Burberry patten, the LV logo , the Hermes H belt, all a bit much . I get it, you’re wearing an expensive brand lol! LVP , Erika , Kyle etc are much more subtle and you know their clothes are expensive but they don’t need to show the logo on everything they wear . There is a certain confidence and elegance in that . I also quite enjoyed Yolanda’s calm zen wardrobe , she looked ‘comfortable ‘ to me lol.

        My award for worst dressed goes to Vicki and Kelly (aka the deplorable and irredeemable lol). ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Hi, doll. How goes it in beautiful San Fran Cisco? I love the way Kyle dresses too. I like that she didn’t start out rich, that Mauricio and her worked as a team and built their wealth. I also like that she doesn’t move to a mansion, just because she could. And, I know people say stuff about her long hair, but I love it, it is so pretty and I hope she doesn’t cut it until she gets much older. ♥︎

          1. Oh yes pleeeeeese don’t cut the hair ! It’s gorgeous and lush and I love her hair. I’ve always had flimsy hair so I envy that lol

            SF is getting close and we are getting our first rains this weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. We could use some rain here. And some Rain. It’s 67 D. here, now, at 11:30 am. It has been really nice, we usually have a nice Fall, Sunny in the day, clouds up about 4 pm, cools off and gets a little windy as it gets dark, and chilly at night, about 40D, maybe a little cooler, but nothing has frozen yet, so no indication of that yet. My fall plantings look lovely, My 2 favorite Roses are in full Fall bloom, one a deep red, which was planted for DeAnna, it has tiny deep red buds and small deep red flowers covering the plant. And “Bonica” pink rose, in a huge black pot in my front step. The black sets off the pink to perfection. My Goldenrod and this one blue Sage, I think it is, have decided they like each other and grow in the same space, they are unbelievable together. My Succulents are also in bloom, with my Agastache’. And the violet Asters, my favorite Asters ever. Some Glads are still blooming. My Ornamental Pear is just starting to color, the most beautifully coloring tree I have ever seen. It was the size of a pencil lead when I planted it, 16 years ago, it’s 30′ X 20′ now, and is the focal point of my front yard.
              I have a LOT of work to do, screen compost, spread compost, add summer cuttings etc., and the leaves to the part that doesn’t go through the screen…….the hardest jobs of the whole year. We will see if I am up to it.
              I know Kyle trimmed her hair, but she didn’t take all the length off. Looking forward to BH, all except Rinna, God, I can’t stand her.
              I used to have nice hair, but not so much after my injury, that changed everything about my health.
              Anyway, love you my soul sister. ☮

  3. I am looking forward to BH starting, I just hope it doesn’t go the way OC has gone. I’m not too sure with Rinna on it! She would be a good fit for OC.

    1. I’m not sure I can watch one more of Rinna’s talking heads where she laughs at herself so ridiculously. ughh…Thank God once again for my DVR and the fast forward button 😀

              1. Ironically, that year, she did compete with Brandi for a spot on the show. They were both “friends” of housewives. At that time, I did like Brandi better because she was not yet ratched, plus she was picked on by the other ladies, so I felt sorry for her. This lady Dana added nothing, kissed Kim and Kyle’s ass, and got nowhere. She actually wore high heeled shoes to the reunion that had “F U written on the side” for the audience that couldn’t stand her. lol. The funniest scene was a year later, she filmed with Taylor and she was a drunken, hot mess…made for a good laugh though. lol. She

          1. Oh, oh oh!! I just saw a Hummingbird. They are migrating down to Mexico, yay. My Hummingbird Mint is all in bloom for them! It makes working in the garden even more fun, because they are not frightened by me. Sometimes two of them will come and hang in the air right in front of my face, when Jim saw it he said he thought they were thanking me!

  4. Lisa Vanderpump is my favorite of all the housewives on all of the shows. I always loved BH because of her, mostly. If she had another show of her own with her as the star, I would watch it. I watch VPR, but it is not really about her, but about the “staff” of her restaurant. I don’t think they work when the cameras are off for the most part, either.
    Lisa has used BH as a platform for her love of animals and people. She is a true humanitarian. I don’t know how she stays on the show either, because of all the craziness that goes on and how everyone turned against her, etc. She is one tough lady, and if she was on on BH, I would stop watching it. I have given up most of the shows now. OC is in the last year for me. I will stay with BH and NY and thankfully there is Below Deck now. I wish we had more Below Deck for the entire year.

    1. Hi, Sandy. How are you and yours? Good, I hope. I left you a message yesterday I think it was, but haven’t gone back to see if you saw it. I see you are one that likes Below Deck, maybe I will give it another try. The first season when I watched was a little vulgar for my taste, but they must have cleaned it up some. ❤️

      1. Where? I am not receiving any email from All Things. I subscribed and never got anything back, and it hasn’t worked for weeks. I have to keep checking and try to remember where I posted. I just saw this now. Sorry.

        Below Deck is never the same. They change up the crew a lot. I am glad we have Chef Ben bavk and Captain Lee. Kate Chastain the chief stew is…not a favorite. I read she just got arrested for biting her gf in a big fight. She looked pretty bad herself in the pic or was it her mug shot? 😉

        1. Oh, hi! I am so glad you saw this. There are so many articles about the OC, which I don’t watch, that I look in “Recent Comments” to find you. I wanted to make sure you got the message sending my absolute best wishes to you and your husband, Sandy. I hope the treatment does what it is supposed to and he gets well soon. I don’t have “Notify” checked because my email would be so full with all of the contrary comments I make to those who come on simply to show their intended, though incorrect, superiority toward the posters! Hahahaa. I have read a lot of you saying your notify feature doesn’t always work anyway. ❤️❤️❤️❌♥︎

          1. Hi 3 D’s! I am sorry I just saw this. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful words. The hubby is doing okay with his radiation so far. He has 4 and a half weeks to go now. He is also on hormones that give him hot flashes and just got his 2nd 6 month shot of them..and will continue for a couple of years more.
            As far as soaps. I don’t like to comment on NJ and on a rare occasion have, but I don’t watch it at all. So we are watching different shows. I do watch Below Deck, just finished watching Ryan and Emilia’s wedding (4 parts) and watch Million Dollar Realty LA now. I will watch BH this year and hope for the best when it returns too.
            I hope you and yours are well too, my friend. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. XOXO

            1. Lots of hugs to you and your husband Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ All the the best wishes xoxo

              I’m enjoyed MDLA , and im so happy Madison is back . I am though, getting tired of the josh Flagg and Altman feud. It’s just silly at this point

              1. I cannot stand Josh Flagg. He really was wrong when he refused to shake Altman’s hand last season and now Altman gave him his own medicine.
                Yes, it is getting old.
                Madison is nice enough. I always liked him and he stays in one territory while the others sell Malibu too. He cannot stand Altman either because of Heather and all of that. I wish Madison would find someone. Flagg on the other hand, deserves whatever happens. He is way too full of himself to let anyone else in. His grandmother was amazing, and he is lucky he fell into all that she gave him in so many ways.
                Oh, I like the Brits…James and David. I just don’t know why David had a nose job. I liked his nose before. I don’t even think he likes it now by his comment. Maybe his overly Botoxed (and more) fiancé pushed him to do it.
                Lots of hugs to you too, Rainbow! 🙂 ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

                1. Madison is my baby and my favorite 🙂 . I do like the brits even though they have this adorable confused look in their eyes most of the time 🙂

                  The ONE thing I like about Flagg is his extensive knowledge of the history of neighborhoods , buildings etc and he seems to enjoy sharing that knowledge. But ITA with you that he’s not a nice person (nor is Altman ) nor was he a good boyfriend to his ex. (vs Frederick who adores his husband)

                  I do like Heather and maybe she will work on josh Altman lol. I know they are pregnant and I’m happy for them . Heather has a sweet qaulity that reminds me of Ryan’s wife, Emilia

  5. Me too…still sulking from not having a reunion or outtakes for the Mediterranean version. I could definitely watch more of both versions. I also love Southern Charm but I don’t know how much I can take Kathryn after seeing her on that reunion.

  6. Love Love Love Lisa I agree with everyone about Rinna Cannot stand her. Luckily I tape the show and fast forward when she is flapping her lips

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