Lisa Vanderpump Says Watching Rinna Sickened Her

Lisa Vanderpump is catching up on her blog and sharing her thoughts about the drama in Hong Kong on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump says she can’t comprehend the vitriol that spewed from Rinna’s mouth and that it was sickening.

“Hong Kong was an incredible opportunity to focus on our fight against Yulin, and I am grateful for all who supported us in our tireless endeavors, against the barbarianism which transpires each summer solstice.

The dynamic that existed between the women was clearly more complex than I envisaged.

On the boat, Kyle and I watched as Dorit did an excellent job at defending herself, relentlessly pushing forward under the barrage of remarks coming from LR, EJ and ED. Every time I tried to diffuse the situation, those two would not have it. They are tethered together by a loyalty that sometimes makes no sense…I believe sometimes a true friend can tell you when to shut up and not support you flipping the bird and screaming abuse.

I felt a modicum of responsibility for all of them, as they were there at my invitation, and I didn’t want to see it all end in tears. Erika has never made an effort with me since the beginning when I had welcomed her to our group. All I had heard was negativity last year. Things have improved this year, and I am hopeful for what lies ahead, but I am not an idiot. Or if I am, I am a busy idiot with not much energy left to push for something that is one sided.

The trip to the Buddha was beautiful and a welcome respite from the emotionally draining evening before. I dearly wanted us all to experience the beauty of Hong Kong as it was already marred by the intense subject matter that initiated the trip, and I was hoping we would have some beautiful memories.

I was hopeful for a tranquil dinner after the night before, but the tension was palpable, and now I view this as LR salaciously asks Dorit if she apologized to Erika. It was sickening.

The importance of knickergate was still mystifying to me. This is a woman who is brazen in her performances, wears c—y around her neck, is often stark naked unnecessarily in front of millions. I never thought it was intentional, so none of it made sense to me, and I wish she could understand that Dorit’s intention was to bring levity to the situation. LR was aggressively relentless in her pursuit of Dorit. When she said she was done, I knew it wasn’t the end of it.

Erika reacting to an innocuous statement by Eileen, who we see was attempting to placate the situation, was a bizarre moment. I was thankful to Eileen for attempting to put this whole ridiculous situation into perspective. It was a statement that inadvertently referred to Erika’s son’s job, and I found myself defending Eileen in that moment. She was truly mortified, and that might just indicate the radical twists and turns that ensued that night.

I imagine as a mother how stressful it must be as your child is in the field and there must be many sleepless nights, but that was an extreme reaction which no one understood. Dorit did an excellent job at defending herself, and she has proven to be a worthy opponent when the gloves are off.

I can’t comprehend the vitriol that spewed from LR’s mouth, and I had no inkling that slanderous accusations would be hurled at Dorit. Things went from bad to worse…

It was unfair, unnecessary and also unwarranted. Did she trust her husband? WTF has that got to do with anything that had transpired so far? Dorit wasn’t threatened by Erika as LR alleged…And then…Cocaine allegations?

I have been the recipient of nasty, vitriolic, unsubstantiated claims, and I defended my friend Dorit, whom I know to be a decent young woman that was aghast at the venomous words that might linger as the forum is so public.

Watching this actually sickened me. LR looked as if she revelled in Dorit’s exasperation. It was reminiscent of last year. When I exclaimed that it was a low blow, LR stated I was the queen of low blows. I resent that as I would never unjustly accuse someone of something so egregious, especially out of retaliation.

Always remember, when you are aggressively pursued and somebody is clearly attempting to sully your reputation, denigrate your character…don’t panic. Give as much credibility to their statement as they deserve, which in this case is zero. And always consider the source, and I think then we will have a better understanding of the validity of those statements. I think this year has given me clarity it as to what transpired last year.

And on that note, I bid you all a good week, and we will conclude this very shortly as it will all rise to fruition in just a few days.”

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75 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Says Watching Rinna Sickened Her”

  1. Ok, I’m gonna call BS on LVP a just this one time–Dorit did start the whole thing by gossiping to everyone about Erika not wearing underwear, then buying her panties and making snarky comment in front of everyone. (I do agree that LVP made point about Erika being lewd herself in her dress and performance though–why isn’t SHE apologizing to her husband about her behavior, lol).

    Dorit is a sh$t stirrer, fake accent and all.

    1. I agree, Dorit was in the wrong with Erika, but Rinna’s behavior was atrocious. I mean, cocaine party accusations?! That is just ridiculous, and frankly she is making stuff up like she is Porsha Williams at this point. Anyway, I appreciate LVP’s loyalty to her friend, but her friend was wrong and should have apologized.

      1. Loyalty doesn’t mean supporting your friends even when they’re wrong. True friends counsel each other and help their friends be the best version of themselves

      2. I’m not saying it’s right or saying it’s okay, but I think in Rinna’s mind it was just “Oh you said I’m using xanax, so I’m gonna say you’re a coke user so you see what it’s like” and it’s edited in a way that makes it seem that Rinna actually believes that dorito and everyone got up to the bathroom. It’s just dumb and I’m starting to think that everything is acrually scripted and all cause this is ridiculous. You can’t be that stupid.

    2. Dorit is so icky!!! She knows exactly what she was doing with the whole panty gate.

      Another thing I can’t stand is how LVP keeps saying “well Rinna and Eileen thought it was funny until it hurt her feelings then they backed off.” I don’t get that as a criticism??? Isn’t that what normal people do? Once they realize a joke is hurting someone’s feelings they stop supporting the joke? Am I missing something???

      1. I think LVP’s point was twofold: Dorit had been beat up verbally for long enough over it, and that it is possible that Dorit made a joke of it because she didn’t realize the sensitivity, since her two biggest critics ALSO did at first. I think Dorit is a catty ass, who did it on purpose. But I also think LVP was just trying to lessen the nasty and mean-spirited gang up lead by Rinna. Erika’s reaction was real, but she did take her pound of flesh repeatedly from Dorit. I have been appalled at Dorit’s cattyness, but Rinna’s (backed up and egged on somewhat by Eileen) was at least as nasty.

        1. Oh totally! My comment was definitely not supporting that awful attack. I think Rinna is out of control. She’s brought disrespect to whole new level here and I agree with you that the attack was nasty on their part. I think Eileen’s support comes from her being quiet, she has that bystander vibe about her when LR is imploding which I don’t like. Erika on the other hand was pure emotion and I don’t blame her. LR was jumping on the bandwagon.

          What I’m questioning is why LVP is trying to make it out like it’s bad that ED and LR jumped ship when they realized the partygate thing (god I feel stupid just saying it) hurt Erika’s feelings. To me, that’s what anyone does. You can have this joke that is sooo funny when you’re chatting about it between 3 girlfriends, but then it doesn’t translate as a joke to the person it was about. Normal people, imo, go “oops I guess that wasn’t as funny as we thought, let’s drop it and move on” which is what LR and ED did. Savage people go, “well we thought it was funny anyway so let’s continue to joke about it like it didn’t hurt someone” which is what Dorit and LVP seem to do.

          1. I don’t feel sorry for Dummy Dorito for ONE minute. She had it coming

            If it had been any other person than LR, nobody would feel sorry for Dorito. But people hate Rinna so much , they would automatically be against her and support whoever is her opponent

          2. I agree with you, Jack. And also Real Sandy. But I also think prior to Erika breaking down this week all LVP saw was Erika saying dismissive and angry things to her friend Dorit in response to something she thought was innocent and overreacted to. She wasn’t getting that Erica felt (and was confirmed for us in scenes between Dorit and PK) that it was deliberate and nasty. Dorit’s comments in front of LVP could be viewed as innocent (they weren’t, WE know) but Erika’s responses to Dorit in front of LVP were clearly dripping with dislike for her. I admire Erika in a lot of ways, especially that she’s more direct than any of them. If she’d let them all know why she was hurt and not just angry from the beginning LVP would have pushed Dorit to drop it herself.

    3. I agree with the point on LVP’s BS. BUT…insofar as her point of Erika performing half naked, that’s not the issue. Having a sexy persona as an entertainer who’s primary aidience is made of of gay males and drag queens is completely different to people publicly implying you’re flashing your vagina at someone’s husband purposely as if to entice him. It plants the seed that you are wanton woman with aims to seduce other men and thus be unfaithful.

      There is a clear cut difference between these two issues that I think Tom understands, and as we’ve seen he embraces Erika’s career. What irks me in all of this is that from my experience working daily with Amazonian women in these designer duds, I know that you CANNOT SEE PRIVATE PARTS WITH A DRESS OF THAT LENGTH and ESPECIALLY WITH A WOMAN OF ERIKA’S SIZE. They have to be literally sitting with legs agape like macho stud: this to me is a clear demonstration that PK WAS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH ABOUT ERIKA and didn’t see Jackfruit. Then Dorit went ahead and carried this stupid rumor around on top. They’re liars who cooked this up to get a central storyline going and I find that kind of lie just as disgusting as Lisa’s. It messes with people’s marriages and that ain’t cute.

        1. I agree with you Rain. If I were going to do that ( but of course I wouldn’t) it would be Ken or Mauricio not a pervert like PK.

      1. Absolutely correct ! Thighs would have to be spread far apart for anyone to see anything and Erika always sits proper .

      2. I definitely think Dorit was trying to give the impression that Erica did it on purpose. But LVP didn’t.

      1. She was hardly dressed inappropriately. It was a long sleeved mini coming 6 inches above the knees in JULY in CALIFORNIA, and cut in a way that you can’t wear underwear. Half of the women in attendance at that event were wearing mini dresses. It’s appropriate attire for that type of event in Southern California. I still contend that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Erika flashed anyone given the length and silhouette of that dress and her body type. 1. You’d need to be eye level with her nether regions 2. Her legs would have to be OPEN and 3. You’d have to get past all that thigh meat because she’s a big girl. PK lied.

    4. yup, dorito did insinuate that rinna was abusing xanax and that her behaviour was affected by it. But you know that LVP will say that Dorito is right only cause Dorito would back her up. LVP blindly backs people that are her friends, to be then backed up if needed. LVP is full of it cause she’s like using what’s happening, still to turn it back on her and the accusations against her from last year. She’s really trying to prove something waaaaaaay too hard. #guilty (She can’t say Rinna made last season’s accusations up, cause Kyle was implicated as well and Kyle did call LVP out for trying to get her involved in the munchausen thing…)
      Dorito & LVP deserve each other.

  2. Why should it matter that Erika performs in those outfits? It’s the oldest excuse in the book and one of the biggest reasons that we have such a strong rape culture in this country. I just want to reword this for you all to see it how I see it:
    “She was dancing around in a bikini earlier, so why would she care if a man she doesn’t know was staring at her bare vagina unbeknownst to her?”

    It’s a ludicrous argument. There’s a difference between allowing people to see you in scant outfits and finding out that someone else’s husband was looking up your skirt, unwelcome.

    1. AMEN!!!!! Too many of these statements stick with victims ‘if I wasn’t wearing that dress I wouldn’t have been attacked’.

      1. I find it nuts that leotards and all those little dance costumes that are traditionally part of stage attire are somehow being equated with women intentionally setting out to flash other people’s husbands at mainstream media functions. I guess must mean every singer-dancer from Ann Margret to Jane Russell to Diana Ross was just parting legs like the Red Sea for every man that looked whenever they were at parties…

    2. It’s slut shaming , that’s what it is!! As the self anointed mistress of manners and fairness, not ONCE has LVP called out Doritos behavior ! Not ONCE !!
      Zero credibility!!!

      1. LVP has her little pet this year and it’s not going as she planned. She picked the wrong person to sick Dorit on and it’s backfiring so here she is trying to get her little fans on board with Doritos insanity!!! Can’t wait to see if she cuts D loose like she did when she could no longer defend Brandi.

      2. So sorry to disagree AGAIN Rain, but who knows, maybe LVP did call it out to Dorit in private, who knows. This was over-kill, over done & uncalled for by Erika as ALL the women enjoyed jesting about it. Yes, Dorit was wrong & yes, she has a very heavy minded husband, but the way Erika (& her army of 2) behaved was just awful, I think.
        Still friends always.

  3. No, LVP, you can’t imagine – as a mom – how stressful it is….until your child is police officer (etc.) You don’t know and will never understand, it’s more than sleepless nights.
    Why does she keep bringing up last year?
    If she’s so busy, why be on two TV shows?
    Why does she refer to Erika as EJ?
    OK…I’ll try and re-read later with fresh eyes and mind…

  4. Also, don’t forget that this “White Party” was an event Lisa was hosting in conjunction with The Daily Mail! PK and Dorit knew darned well that by introducing this crock of bull on air, this story would be cemented not just in the blogs, but into a bonafide mainstream media news cycles for as long as they could milk it for their grand debut on American pop culture tv. It’s so manipulative it makes me itch. They’re snakes.

  5. Agree…. Rinna’s behavior was ugly and it was so obvious all Rinna wanted was to be noticed and to be relevant… doesn’t work that way Lisa R – you made a total fool of yourself. Other than disliking her husband immensely – Dorit in my opinion has not caused as much trouble as Lisa R. and now Erika. I also think Erika used the pantygate to the extreme. Wasn’t pretty. A good deal of the ladies were in on it and knew beforehand and also laughed and said they wanted to be there when the panties were given to Erika…. this season is confusing. Even after last week – I think Erika rocks, love Lisa V and Kyle – but thumbs down for Rinna .

  6. Well said, Lisa V.
    LR is batty, and that is no excuse for her taking anybody down she likes when she is in the mood…which seems to be always.
    She is a drama queen and loves the attention, but I cannot understand how she can have one friend in the world. Eileen is crazy to buddy up with LR ever, soap actress or not.
    Of course Erika overreacted. Eileen touched a sore spot. I think Eileen wishes she could have retracted that comment immediately and restate it without mention of a family member, and she certainly was just trying to say it is not like Dorit mortally inflicted anyone with her comments. She was trying to defuse the situation, but it snowballed and Erika exploded.
    Erika Jayne (who she is most of the time) is a wild and crazy chick who loves attention…famewhore in every way. She is constantly doted on and complimented by her mostly gay entourage and loves it and believes she is a goddess for the most part. She needs to come down to earth. She is not as fabulous as she thinks she is, an being on DWTS maybe will show her that she is not superhuman, but she is a coldhearted b a lot of the time.
    Really, it is as if Erika thinks people know what she is thinking when she could really care less what anyone else is thinking. Aye, there is the rub. Yes.
    I do understand maternal love for one’s child, whether the child is actually raised by the mother or not. The child, even if legally an adult or not is cared about and worried about. I worry about my sons, knowing the world we live in.
    Still Erika went crazy. Even if it is a reality TV show, when in a foregn country, you ladies represent our nation and it makes us all look terrible when someone loses their cool. I am surprised they did not throw Rinna and Erika out. Eileen was in tears there, and though not my most favorite person, I did feel sorry for her and for Dorit as well.
    Well, that was long! Great work Lisa Vanderpump with your fight against the horrendous torture festival at Yulin! Brava!

    1. OH MY WORD Real Sandy, so spot on. Had I read your post first, I definitely would not have gone on & on the way I did. Perfect Post,my dear.

    2. ITA! Love LVP & her blogs. Can’t stand Erika, ED, or LR. I’m sick of this make for nothing story line of panty gate. Erika was enraged & LR is deranged. I felt bad for ED, but not after her blog. She makes excuses for Erika & LR.

  7. Whether I agree with DOWR or not, I agree with you about her being the Queen of comments. She is definitely gifted with her way with words, and her well thought out and insightful and well written comments that always make one think.
    I love that even if we have taken sides for or against a certain character on these shows, that some of us here will make such thought provoking comments that we may take a second look at our stance perhaps or just see that things are never just black and white when it comes to life. I try to see both sides of the arguments as much as I can, and even if I am no fan of a housewife, I don’t hate anyone. I just don’t have to like them.

  8. Well said, Well done LVP. Trust me, I think I can honestly say that the housewives & viewers were equally as sickened as LVP with Rinna’s behaviour. She is one bat crazy person.
    I’m happy LVP addressed Erika’s coldness & negativity toward her last season as she did not come to her own assumptions of LVp’s character as she did not know her then, but she based views on the slander Yolanda spewed about LVP & judged her by that. Another 0 in my book as to the lack of quality & class I find in Yo who I do not think I will ever raise my hat too.
    YES, Erika is as cold as they come. ( I know someone identical to her & let me just say I run far from that person. ) Once & once only did she show emotion because of her son, but she attacked with venom while showing emotion. We, who are mothers can understand her non-stop worry & concern for her child, that I can personally understand, but the rest of it?? A BIG FAT NO.
    I was really happy to read LVP’s blog & note she shared my views on Erika’s behaviour about pantygate & her using the necklace with the lowest of words around her neck & dancing in the manner she does & yet will only like Dorit if both she & her husband formally apologizes to Erika’s husband & then Erika also. Her husband is a very well known, highly respected man in their world, so I think what she’s making such a big deal about is hypocritical While she’s out there gyrating in less than nothing clothing to thousands of people–gay or otherwise.
    My own husband is an outstanding person, highly respected & much in demand as well. Let me tell you, I will never, ever in this lifetime or any other for that matter, dress or do what she does. I have way too much love & respect for him. I do admire how their relationship is, but I cannot ever understand it. To me, it’s more like a father is to a beautiful, spoilt child that he cant say “no” to for fear he’ll lose her love. Dorit was a master in standing her own ground & I was happy about that to say the least as I like Dorit a whole lot more than I do Erika, Eileen or Rinna. My opinion.

    1. ITA 100%! Love LVP & her views are spot on. Can’t stand Erika, LR, or ED. They are ruining this show. I loved Dorit standing her ground when they were ganging up on her. She did it with such class. I also liked it when Kyle called LR out.

  9. LVP would MAYBE have some credibility if she for ONCE called out Dorito bad behavior !! But no!!!! She’s protecting her minion who’s doing her dirty work for her. LVP ONLY tells the truth when it serves her purpose , unlike Kyle who I feel always tells the truth

  10. Has anyone considered pantygate was resolved and forgotten till Rinna resurrected it cause she was mad at dorit? Just saying…

    1. I agree. LR only claim to fame is to stir up crap. I’m sick of the panty gate. I’m not buying Erika was hurt, etc, whatever. Erika is a mean cold hearted “B.” LR & ED use the others for a story line.

  11. Dorit got cocky and made the ultimate HW mistake. She played the same game twice. She pulled the same thing with Rinna’s ziplock bag of pills as she did with panty gate and Erika saw right through her.

  12. I am okay after a rough week. Thanks. Happy Friday to you too!
    I see what you are saying. I know what you mean about characters reaching their end too. I have always loved LVP but I don’t like everything she does. Sometimes, she plays mean girl with a cohort, and whenever I see mean girls, I am not happy about it. I think she did that with Kyle this season.
    Anyway, even though we disagree about some of this, I do understand where you are coming from with your take on all of this too.
    I am no Erika fan myself. I honestly and losing my love of BH because it has changed so much over the years and not for the better. Maybe all of these Housewife shows have expiration dates or need to change it up in a big way.
    Take care.

  13. That was before my time so I don’t know what are the background stories but it seem Faye and Kyle are true friends in real life and not just tv

    1. Yes, they are friends and if you ever watched the Faye episodes…and well, even read about Faye for that matter, you would see a different side to Kyle IMO. Birds of a feather flock together…and that is not saying much.

  14. Jack i am fine thanks. Happy Friday to you too!

    I responded to this earlier but I just saw that my reply disappeared?!

    I believe that the characters on Housewives all have expiration dates. After their senior year (assuming the four year rule Rain suggested) they should graduate off the show. They all seem to change over the years with increased fame and a feeling of seniority, and they even may make nearly impenetrable cliques. It becomes hard to watch all of the acting when we are hoping for reality too. They just become more predictable too.
    I honestly never though I would get hooked on reality TV, but it never truly is reality, and it is made to entertain us, so things do get scripted to some degree. I just cannot watch when people get attacked.
    I think Rinna is the biggest troublemaker on the show. I give Dorit a little pass because she is new, but she is not someone I love. LVP has always made BH to me, exemplifying what BH women are…and not just trophy wives. I have never been an Erika fan, but almost started liking her. She is just way too full of herself for me to warm up to really.
    Still, I think LVP should have her own show with real friends on it and not fake friends of Bravo’s making. I am not so sure Dorit is such a close friend, but maybe Paul has been a friend perhaps.

  15. Love LVP & her blog. Her views are spot on. Loved that Dorit handled herself with class. The 3 nut jobs couldn’t rattle her. She can hold her own. Sick of panty gate. I’m not buying Erika’s stupid excuses. Loved Kyle called out LR. LR is a loser. I felt sorry for ED, but not after her blog. They are completely ruining this show.

  16. I hope to God Bravo doesn’t think we like watching LR’s deranged behavior. She is sickening & not entertaining at all. This is not what Real Housewives are about. We like watching the dinner, parties, travel, etc. Some amount of conflict, but nothing like LR or Brandi.

  17. I think it IS LVP’s character more than staying in character. She can take a joke, and is the first person to laugh at herself! She enjoys Kyle’s digs about her huge underwear as much as Kyle enjoys making them. Can you imagine any one of those other women reacting the same if those unflattering jokes were made about them? I admire Erika a bunch. That said, she seems a little fearful of her husband. And I think that’s what we were seeing.

    1. I stick by my words except I should have said, the character she became in the public eye after she became a regular on BH. She is who she is, and everyone expects LVP to be LVP. She has to keep up that image. She is awesome so much of the time. I don’t see it as a weakness, but who she really is, and fame does affect everyone to some degree. She has her British humour and many just don’t get it. She enjoys a good laugh.
      FYI, Lisa Vanderpumo has always been the number ine reason I watch BH, and I will not watch if and when she is no longer a part of it. I am no fan of Erika’s, just tolerate Kyle, barely tolerate Eileen, am so tired of Rinna and find Dorit just okay, but no real draw.
      Deb, if you were a reality star, you would have an image you wanted the world to see, and in time, I am sure that production would encourage you to be a certain way because people loved it, etc. That does not mean you would go against who you really are but perhaps accentuate certain behavior a bit.

      1. Sandy, If I were a reality star everybody would ask what I was doing there. I’m just an old broad with a middle class existence. I’d just be a pair of rolling eyes at the pretentious attitudes and vacuous existences of my “co-stars.” I actually understood Erica’s outburst about her son, although I know it wasn’t intentional on Eileen’s part. These women have no idea or at least have forgotten what life is like for those whose lives and loved ones aren’t protected by gates and a cushion of money. It’s why they have so much energy to expend on petty crap.

        1. I hear what you are saying, but I don’t think gates and money can protect you or your children that much unless you lock yourself up and never leave perhaps. You still would worry about your children and maybe even think they might be targeted because of their family’s wealth.
          Yes, a lot of the uber wealthy just live in a bubble, but some do give back to those who are less fortunate.
          I do not understand how some can be so wealthy and have more clothing than they would ever wear, but still showcase it in a closet that costs more than some people’s homes. It is amazing to see but it is hard to fathom such spending and not think of how far that money would have gone for a regular person who struggles to make ends meet.

          1. Sandy, I’m a devout Capitalist. I think people should help one another, but only voluntarily. I’ve just noticed that if you’ve got nothing to worry about, you make something to worry about. And the more money you have, the less common problems (such as security and money) you legitimately have to worry about. Erica’s son is in far more danger daily than any of the rest of them. I know. I’m the mom of a cop, too. Erika was reacting to a climate (not particularly Eileen) in which otherwise decent people have begun defending criminals more than they do the police. And it has put police in far more danger than ever.

            1. I agree about the climate where criminals are defended over law enforcement. I even mentioned that in another comment of mine. It is a disgrace IMO.
              Honestly I had an argument in defense of police a couple of years ago with someone who was so anti police it made me shudder. This person went to demonstrations defending the criminal over police.

  18. I absolutely agree, Rain. I wasn’t defending Dorit for a second. I thought it was all purposeful on her part. I’m only saying that LVP’s comments weren’t mean spirited. She only saw Erika acting with such venom toward Dorit, when all she saw was Dorit awkwardly trying to lighten the mood. WE know better, but I think Lisa, even now, thinks Dorit has already paid for her “jokes” with a pound of flesh from the rest of them.

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