Lisa Vanderpump Says Next Week Everything Boils Over On RHOBH


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of RHOBH. Vanderpump says she sympathized with Lisa Rinna’s experience with addiction and says that next week the tension between the women boils over.

Lisa writes, “Hello and welcome back. Firstly, the dream team charging ’round BH I could’ve done without. It was fun, but a lot of running, and my mind is useless with clues, so it was challenging. Too funny that Brandi was with Kyle, as they weren’t even talking!
Anyway I got on the tour bus, back of somebody’s bike, whatever it took…We lost our envelope at the beginning–oh, dear. Anyway, it is good to see all of the women having a laugh–very tiring, though. Our last destination was Villa Blanca–finally a glass of rosè! A trip was decided, so off we trot to Holland.

Remember how Brandi was saying, “Yes, Holland, we can all smoke pot!” Well that changes real quick! Having been raised by strict but liberal parents sounds like an oxymoron. What I mean to say is that manners and respect were essential, but as parents who lived in London through the ’60s, pot was not a huge deal. The lighthearted banter later takes a dark side…

So I couldn’t leave with the others, as I was working then judging the Hero Dog Awards and was already committed–after seeing the journey, I realized how fortunate I was–so Eileen and I joined a little later. David and Yolanda’s event looked fabulous, though. To raise that incredible amount of money for such a good cause, I salute that wholeheartedly.

I really felt for Lisa as she explained her feelings in regard to Harry quitting drinking and the death of his brothers on the way to the event. I feel that is absolutely why she is so concerned.

It was a difficult episode to watch as this subject of Kim’s sobriety came to the forefront. I knew from experience and reiterated this to Lisa and Eileen that the possibility of this ending well was non-existent, as I had experienced her aggression in Paris, when I gently probed as to whether she had taken a sleeping pill, as that would explain her bizarre behavior. I still can’t quite compute the difference between me asking whether she took a sleep aid, which she interpreted as contesting her sobriety, and her taking a pain pill at the poker night, which apparently had no bearing in breaking her resolve to abstain.
I had visited Amsterdam several times, and as I was visiting my family in London, it worked out perfectly–well the logistics did. The trip? Not so much.

You can see the tension between the group–like a pot simmering, then the lid is put on, and next week everything boils over.”

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8 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Says Next Week Everything Boils Over On RHOBH”

  1. It was pretty fun watching the ladies running around BH – even though Kim was a major whiney drag and Yo was a bit shady about that milkshake and well Brandi was Brandi! Wouldn’t it of been a hoot to have Brandi, Kim and Yolanda all on one dark and dreary team? And how fun Lisa got to be part of a The Dog Hero Awards- she’s always involved in something! Maybe Rumpy or Pumpy found be recipients one day. Oh well, I guess things take a left turn next week! :/

  2. It was fun watching the ladies this episode…. Lisa – I would have jumped on the bike also!!! Love Lisa on the show… as for Yolanda and the shake…. she is a bit snarky.

    1. I do think you may well be the only one who cant recognize class when you come face to face with it, & I mean this in the kindest way possible. Lisa V is a true blue lady of class, dignity, love, fairness, hard working, animal loving successful achieving woman. Cant say enough good about this stately woman.

  3. Lisa Vanderpump is fabulous as usual, the other’s “not so much”. The richard sisters are tiring and act like 12 year olds. yolo with her snarky, shady remarks about the chocolate shake were just plain “stupid” as Ken says. kimbeciles constant whining about her aching knees? odd… kimbeciles behaviour on the plane (again odd and mean). kimbecile is a very mean idiot who can be very vindictive (as we witnessed last season with her attack on Lisa & Ken). I like Lisa Rinna and Eileen (they bring much needed class), as far as trampon (trampy and stupid as usual)..

  4. I actually LIKE Lisa..she is not only very classy but she in “down-to-earth” despite all which surrounds her… I think she acts & re-acts appropriately. I personally would love to be her friend, although I would feel totally intimidated due to high lifestyle/standards…but all said & done…the gal is quite a remarkable woman~ You are awesome Lisa~~~

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