Lisa Vanderpump Says Maybe She Should Have Backed Off Of Brandi, Says She Sees Brandi’s Subtle Digs Towards Her


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain that she is watching the end of her friendship with Brandi, just as we are as viewers. Lisa says she felt Brandi was making a dig when she said Lisa was all diamonds and darlings and chose Yolanda to go to Sacramento with her instead of Lisa. Lisa explains maybe she should have taken the warning to back off and stop “mothering” Brandi.

Lisa writes, “It is disconcerting when we view these episodes so many months later and see how things have changed. As I lay talking to Brandi on her bed, she was still devastated at losing Chica. I felt the loss too, knowing how painful that must be and tried to comfort her. . .She was not in a particularly good place, and I was aware that her visiting her family was also probably going to be emotionally difficult. I had offered my support in accompanying her, but she declined, choosing Yolanda instead, which in retrospect was probably better as I was playing catchup all year!

It’s strange when I hear her say I am all diamonds and darlings and I shouldn’t go with her. . . Subtle dig, but it registered. Anyway the loss of Chica was the first hurdle to overcome.

I am glad she had some resolution with her family when she was there.

So we all are invited to a self defense class. It was a bit of a giggle, Kyle ribbing me about never going to the market, playing with me, and, as most of you know, I love a laugh. So, for the most part, it pretty much went without incident, which is always a good thing. But when Brandi socked the trainer, I heard a crack and thought it was quite possible her hand was broken. She told me that she didn’t want to make a fuss at the lesson in front of Joyce. I understood that.

So the three of us decided to go for a drink. I had a short time before I had to work at SUR — not forgetting the challenge of having two shows at the same time, I never knew quite when I was coming or going!

When we sitting there I had noticed Brandi’s hand starting to swell, and having had children who have broken things, felt yes I was being motherly but it was important that she had an x-ray. I would take her.

I suddenly I am being warned to back off. Maybe I should’ve done exactly that! I question myself now, should you just let your friends fend for themselves? I don’t think so. In fact, if anyone wants to mother me I would welcome it! Her hand was broken and her wrapping it in celo-tape was not the answer. . .

And so as the story unfolds, we see hints of dissension in our relationship, which is sad to me as I believed we were so close. There is a slow deterioration that I am starting to see and hopefully some things that I couldn’t fathom will be explained. Your tweets and comments have been so supportive and I thank you for that.”

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  • DebBrenn

    The hand turned out to be broken, so who was right? Brandi was acting like a child by ignoring that she needed medical attention in favor of asserting that she was a big girl and didn’t need mothering. Lisa mothering her was just showing care and good sense in the fact of a woman acting like a child. I can forgive Brandi a lot but the unkindness to a woman that’s been so good to her, I can’t.

  • Judy

    With your money, looks, success, home, style, class, marriage, adorable pets and children, don’t waist a single second on Brandi. You are the only reason Brandi was accepted by a lot of the viewers when she first appeared on RHBH. Look how she did Adrian.

  • DeDe

    Lisa, please let Brandi go and never look back. You were once my favorite housewife. Admired you so much! Then Brandi took over & you really changed. You became mean and snide like her. You laughed at the horrible things she did. I was shocked at your behavior & did not trust you at all.
    This unveiling of Brand’s opportunistic reprehensible behavior is the very BEST thing that could have happened to you. You were becoming someone other than the Lisa we thought we knew, loved & adored. You cannot save her. Ken….. oh please tell Jen to just STOP making excuses for her!! Even his behavior became almost unbearable at times. All for this very angry,
    Sick & cruel person who has turned on you
    two also. Let her go. She is WAY worse than Cedric!!! Don’t let her back into your heart
    again. Go back to your lovely charmed life
    and don’t look back. She destroys all that is good. She can’t help herself because SHE is so miserable. Give Kyle another chance!!! You know you love Kyle & she loves you too. I also say that you and Ken should give Kim another chance too. She overreacted re: the graduation party. I know why she did this though…., we all do. You HAVE been dismissing her as a kind of pain or inferior, and she feels very slighted by you. Try again, ok? Kim is really harmless! She is nothing like Brandi. NOTHING. It’s time to forgive the right people & move on, and leave BRandi behind & don’t look back. Kyle is NOT jealous of you. She adores you! Yolanda is the other one to watch for sure!!! She just wants to BE YOU. She’s pretty, rich, but intellectually, uh Yolanda cannot hold a candle to you!!! Don’t trust her!

  • Ann

    You’ve said it all. 100% agree.

  • Brainless brandy is like “Taylor”, she is opportunistic and an uber narcissist.. For 3 seasons she has milked her divorce from the b-rated actor. BTW, an actor that many have not ever heard of. She carries herself like a $1.00 prostitute, and her poor children, can’t believe she kisses those boys with that filty mouth……..She is classless and shameful and does not belong on BH. She is more suited to “south central ghetto trash”. She is a pathological liar even lying about why her father was mad at her, she used the excuse that they fought due to the “dress” she wore to the oscars, (leaving out the fact that her own father was furious with her for outing him as a drug dealer in her book for $$$)… What a piece of garbage, she embarrasses herself and women everywhere. she needs to grow up and get over herself. (note to brandy, many women have been divorced by cheating husbands and do not act like trash)…