Lisa Vanderpump Says Mauricio Was Chastising Brandi & Is Proud Of Ken For Defending Her! Plus- Lisa Discusses How She & Brandi Could Have Sued Adrienne!

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the situation between Brandi and Adrienne, and how the men got involved this week. Lisa says Mauricio was chastising Brandi, and she is proud of her husband, Ken for coming to Brandi’s defense. Lisa also discusses how she and Brandi could have sued Adrienne for things Adrienne has said about them. Read what Lisa said below!

Lisa writes, “And so the story unfolds, as we recommence with Brandi still reeling from the confrontation with Scheana. It had been a precarious meeting, one that could have gone either way. Scheana had initiated it. I, with a certain amount of anxiety, had facilitated it, after Brandi decided that it was much needed.

Many have questioned my judgement in continuing to employ Scheana, but understand this, she had been working at Villa Blanca for almost four years and often picking up shifts in Sur. She had always been a reliable and good waitress. I had only been friends with Brandi a few months, or so at that time. One: legally I could not terminate her employment. And two: morally I wouldn’t. It was a personal situation, that until now, had been none of my business.

I do believe that often the thought and the unknown is always more intimidating. If you facethings head on, I think you are often surprised by the outcome.

If there is one result that has transpired out of this uncomfortable situation that is the fact that both women now don’t dread the possibility of running into each other at the restaurant. They have some sort of closure — and so forwards we go.

So back to our group. . .We are all meeting at a Moroccan restaurant, sans Adrienne and Paul. I had heard that they had removed themselves temporarily from our group. I had no idea where the individual relationships stood. I wondered if Kim would be hauled over the coals for not having Chad’s birthday at the Palms, but maybe she had a pass! I knew Kyle had contact with them, but as far as I could gather they had withdrawn from the circle.

All seems to be going reasonably well, until the subject of the legal letter that was sent from Adrienne’s lawyer to Brandi. I am flabbergasted that it had come to this. I hadn’t been at Mauricio’s event and was unaware that Brandi had been called a drug addict and a terrible mother, but doesn’t that warrant a reciprocal letter? Should I have sued after the reunion for defamation and slander too?

All I know is that Brandi lives pretty frugally, paying her rent and struggling on a minuscule amount of alimony — with no extra for the luxury of litigious letters to friends who have crossed the line. Thankfully with this show and her book, things are beginning to flourish financially. The conversation starts to intensify, with once again, Brandi being the centre of the escalating discussion.

Now as I remarked before in my previous blog, Ken will jump to the defense of a woman in need. Brandi was again under attack. Mauricio was chastising Brandi, and Ken was having none of it. That is a reason why I love him — that he will always be a protector and never let someone be intimidated, especially a woman.

This saga continues, engulfing us all, the group divided and nobody at this point seeing any perfect way of resolving these issues. . .”

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6 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Says Mauricio Was Chastising Brandi & Is Proud Of Ken For Defending Her! Plus- Lisa Discusses How She & Brandi Could Have Sued Adrienne!”

  1. Once again Lisa is making sense from the facts not the nonsense! Great job, Lisa! I admire Brandi for having the guts to continue to place herself in the middle of these vultures! Ken, what can we say about Ken. He’s handsome all the time. Quiet, content, a man of great self control, a pleasure to watch. But don’t cross him or the people he cares for. All signs of a great, great man! I still see Lisa as the next Oprah!

  2. Gawd Please get rid of Kyle, Mauricio, FakeFaye, Adrianne, and Taylor. They made this show The Trash of BevHills. Snakes, lyers, fake, money hungry losers – every damn one.

  3. Mauricio is an ass who follows those with money. Be sure if Brandi had millions he would have defended her. Mr. & Mrs. Greedy need to leave.

  4. I love Lisa and Ken. Lov Lisa’s humor and sense of right and wrong and fearlessness to state it. Lov Ken’s European charm and chivalry. Which by the way is so lacking in men today!

  5. All I have to say is this: Team Ken and Lisaaaaaa 🙂 There love is admirable, each of them have balls to go around and use them when necessary, and they defend to the end.
    Team Brandi as well. Yolanda’s too good for this show but I adore her, too 🙂

  6. I Love Lisa But Wait Till Brandi Turns On You And She Will Cause She’s Classless. Noone Would Of Even Been In A Disagreement If Brandi Didn’t Bring Up Adriennes Sueing Me…Im So Glad She Is.. Brandi Needs To Learn To Shut Her Fowl Mouth. When She Needs Drama To Stay On The Show I’m Sure She Won’t Care At All Who She Will Hurt To Stay Relevant.

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