Lisa Vanderpump Says Kim Richards Helped Make RHOBH What It Is Today

Kim Richards may no longer be a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t constantly talked about and Lisa Vanderpump is coming to Kim’s defense for how she’s handled herself this season in particular and is also giving Eden Sassoon some advice for the future.

“Well I think it might be overwhelming right at the beginning. But I also think it’s accumulative. I don’t think you have that huge following until you’ve been on a show quite a few years, so I think you can adapt to it slowly. But you know I think everybody they should be thankful to join a reality show that’s a hit reality show is a luxury. And I think that people like Kim Richards, you know, she shouldn’t be put down,” Lisa recently told The Daily Dish.

Lisa actually gives Kim credit for making the show what it is today. “I don’t like that — the fact when people are commenting on her because Kim Richards was an integral part of making the Beverly Hills Housewives show a hit,” Lisa said. “And the fact that she’s not on the show anymore and people are still talking about her, I think that is a bit of a shame really.”

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  1. Kim needs to focus on herself and her sobriety and that is a good thing. People should be ashamed for speaking so unkind about any person with a disease. I wish her and her family only the best.

    1. I agree with you about almost everything. However Kim needs to stop being on the show . She’s only opening herself to scrutiny. Wish her the best!!

  2. Well, Lisa V. is entitled to her opinion. Did Kim make BH so successful? I would like to say it is a team effort. You cannot have just one player on a team. It is the interaction of the players that will make or break it. If it seems real and natural, it can work. We had siblings, Kyle and Kim, who grew up in BH, so they had that dynamic, and we watched as Kim went downhill. That became a storyline. Then Kim became nastier and nastier. That became very hard to watch. Kyle tried to reign it in, but she lost it a few times as well. The sister thing was not working, though they are still sisters. It was hard to watch Kim spiral downward and not give enough of an effort in maintaining her sobriety, even with a hit TV show, if not for herself, for her sister and the others on the show.
    Kim should stay away from reality TV IMO, since she has a problem maintaining sobriety and being on TV, exposed to people critiquing her all the time, as I am doing now or far worse, may not be a good idea and lead her to want another drink…or two or three, etc. She is already very recognized, and maybe as an aging child star, she likes the attention, but negative attention is not what she should want, and she already has had more than enough of that for a lifetime.

      1. They should stop 3 part unions. There is NOT ENOUGH material to warrant 3 parts. We had Kim and we had panties. That’s it!!! Wrap it up in an hour and stop bilking it

      2. I’m tired of the BH seasons being carried on the back of people who aren’t even there. It’s lazy on behalf of the cast members who are present. For all the millions these production companies rake in and the millions in ad sales coming into the network, from a business perspective Kim (and those in similar positions) should be negotiating back end for having the show carried on her shoulders while she’s only a FOH. I was particularly annoyed by the way they did the same thing with Yolanda Hadid: she was’t present for 80% of her final season, but they could not keep the woman’s name out of their mouths and punted the whole storyline in her direction. Lazy.

  3. I have conflicting feelings about Kim. I have not watched from season one, but rather started around season 4 , when Kim was already a bit too much . I VERY MUCH wish her well but away from the show .
    It’s a sign of how pathetic the show has become when Kim is still the main topic and storyline . That and someone’s lack of panties . I feel that they keep her storyline alive by CONSTANTLY discussing her.
    I read that Kim will be the main subject of the reunion, which makes me exhausted already.

    LVP is simply trying to look more empathetic here. She doesn’t believe that , nor do i believe her

    1. I agree with pretty much everything you say. I did watch from the beginning and unfortunately didn’t like Kim from day one, however, that doesn’t mean I don’t wish her the very best and success with her sobriety. I think she needs to stay away…….forever!

      I do disagree with your opinion on LVP’s intention. I do think she’s being sincere and it’s what she does for her good friends. Remember, Lisa is an all or nothing person. If you’re in her corner she will fight for you and be extreme in her support but if you’re not…..Can you say Target on your back from the snipper?

    2. This.

      Although I do also feel that the business woman in Lisa recognizes the business that is putting together a show that grabs people, and she is recognizing that Kim (for better or worse) was a key element to cementing fan base, viewership, getting the audience invested, ect. I don’t see necessarily kind there, she’s just being objective about what they do for a living and is being honest.

  4. I’ve been watching DWTS this season due to Erika and Nick being on the show. I have enjoyed Nick this season but Erika shows no emotion when in front of the judges – stone face. I guess I’m cheering on both but hope Nick takes home the trophy. As for Lisa V. – still love her. Getting ready to watch part one of VPR… I’ll probably have anxiety afterwards… lol….

  5. Polarity is much more interesting that unified agreement. IMO, the person must be interesting, and have depth, to create polarity. The trick is to keep more positive fans that negative viewers that are not fans. Lisa has done some things to damage her persona, and I believe she realized it. I also think her tag line is a satire on the social media discussions about who the”queen” is.

  6. Just watched VPR Part 1. Lala certainly had a big part in it. I wonder then if she is returning.
    Katie was a troublemaker all season too. I cannot stand James…nothing to like. Stassi is a big part of the mean girls clique for sure.

    1. I’m watching. Sad it’s over. I do have to say about 3 episodes ago I knew who zack’s father was. Loved the show

      1. The thing I LOVED the most about the series is this full circle moment where these women who were at each other’s throats just come together . A true sisterhood born out of such a tragic event . Just so good ! That beach scene at the end is EVERYTHING

        1. It was. They even waited to show the wife of madelaines ex husband till the very end. I’m having chills recalling all of it.

            1. I was very busy last few days. It is slowing down for me now. I have to catch up on all the snark. Hope all is well with you.

        2. Great ending. The last time I liked an ending like that was Six Feet Under. Endings can make or break a series.

            1. The name of the show was Enlightened. It was good and Laura dern was good. I think her real mother played Laura’s mother.

              1. Yes but a long time ago. I forgot it already . I liked him too in Dexter !

                I’m binge watching a lot of Netflix things nowadays. I have terrible insomnia so I watch a lot at night when I can’t sleep

  7. Katie has no taste! She needs a stylist in the worst way. She should take some hints from the better dresses people around her. She shops looking at the item on the hanger, but neve at what it looks like on her, I think.
    I agree. No winners in that fight!
    I liked that Sandoval said what he said too!
    Brittany looked like she shopped in the sleepwear department. Her dress reminded me of a nightgown…and she had to do her best to keep herself in it.
    Lala said somewhere in an article that she knew she did too much to her face with the Botox, etc, but she still looks it.

    Oh, and Katie hates Lala from that time Lala took her top off and went swimming with her man Schwartzy…before she hooked him.

  8. Oh, and yes, loved when James went crawling on the floor, saying Stassi came crawling back from NY after a year when she said she was done…funny, yes!

      1. I agree. He is so nasty and so in love with himself, and he has had a drinking problem for sure. The way he talks to people and then crawls back to Lisa and says, “Say hi to Max” trying to guilt her into liking him because he is friends with Max. I loved it ehen Lisa said to say hi to him yourself.
        I thought he was funny because Stassi did say she was done and moved to NYC only to return and try to play nice. I still do not think James is a nice guy. He is terrible.

  9. I think the excuse is that she was training for the olympics her entire life, and you miss out on a lot of life when you devote yourself to training that many hours and that is your focus, and well, Elvis would be in his 70s if alive…so unless you are into Vegas, it may not be what some young people know about?!

  10. Oh, and I still feel sorry for Shay.I don’t think Sheana ever really cared about anyone else but Sheana in that relationship.

  11. Oops I meant to say I can’t quite understand how much hate she can generate. Sorry the can’t was missed out and it alters the sentence completely. I’m so sorry.

  12. No way? Katie? He likes girls on TV? He wants to be on the show for sure!
    He sounds like Tom on NY who just married Luann! He dated around for urars until he hooked one.

  13. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. The best part was james on the floor. I still laugh when I think about it. Rain I think we actually agree more than we don’t. Lol

  14. Nicole was stupendous. They all were really. I figured the big mystery of who the attacker was, then trying to search for him must have been leading to something. And knowing that someone died , it had to be the sexual deviant. He only beat her so he could get off. I loved who pushed him. Great ending. Max was abusive to the little girl cuz he liked her, his dad taught him that.

  15. Thank you. I’m so glad you mentioned the show. I don’t know one person who watched it. So I haven’t been able to discuss it. It will definitely be nominated. I have to mention the scene when her husband told her the property manager called. I almost wet my paints from fear. Lol

  16. Right, but he didn’t beat her when he was angry , he only beat her so he could get off. It hit me in that scene and I knew he did it!. I had chills when they all flashed that look to each other like they knew he was the rapist.

    1. You know karoline , I thought it was so strange that the next day I was reading about Mel B and how her husband has been beating her for years ! Just so sad and tragic !

      One of The best lines was when the therapist told her ‘ your husband has an illness but so do you ‘ !!

      1. I also liked Laura Dern. Did you watch that series a few years ago on HBO.? Can’t remember the name but she was the main character.

        1. No I haven’t seen that one. I don’t have HBO all the time , only when I want to watch something. But yes ‘Renata’ was amazing

          1. I will find the name and tell you. I think you will like it. It was one of the few things Laura dern has done in the past few years. And her mother on the show was someone big. Lol Don’t get me going.

    2. Yes chills !!! Such a slow simmering but great show !! ❤❤❤❤
      The hurt in Madelines husbands eyes as he pieced together together that she cheated!! Heartbreaking

  17. But I have to say, becuase he’s not so entrenched in HW , he catches a lot of inconsistencies and things that don’t make sense . #bravomadeitup

  18. With all the money she earned and the good life she should be ashamed of herself, drunk, disorderly and blaming everybody else except her, hope she gets the help she needs. She is like an anorexic asking for attention

    1. I am so lucky, my husband doesn’t watch sports, he is a computer wiz. Ever since DOS. So, I am happy about that. He likes to watch ice skating as our girls all were really good ice skaters, & did a lot of skating for 4 years, also a lot of appearances and had lessons etc., it was a great time in our lives.

  19. I really grew to like Kim a lot this season. Being well again, her real character came through. I’m happy for her. Yes she’s been a source of conversation lo these many seasons, Lisa Rinna can certainly take full credit for a few of them.

  20. It was so much more than the murder. I bet you would like it. The visuals and music etc etc. It was perfect. Not too many episodes either.

    1. I may have to rewatch that episode without the hubby. It did move slow, but it sounds like it gets better!

  21. Btw , this site is so cool. I started monitoring this site years ago. I read all the comments but never participated. You were so sweet to each other. I only started commenting on the other sites because it was disqus. And now look. You guys are terrific. It started it all.

      1. Well aren’t you lucky! Lol I’m from Central ny.,. Exactly the center of the state. I’ve never been to San fran, but everyone who has, tells me I should go.

  22. So this week when I have a date with the guy from last weekend…lol you can be my glam squad. Lol . I have a beautiful closet. But I lost it, last weekend. You really propped me up. It was great!

  23. I prefer them with a halo ( and panties). But I can have fun with all of them, EXCEPT, Vicki, Kelly , betheny, Porsha blah blah blah. You get me.

  24. I don’t wear panty’s a lot of the time. I’m speaking from experience. In my 45 years I’ve never had a slip. I’ve mastered it.

  25. Im almost there ,46. We are close . commando,is comfortable sometimes. I would give my daughter (don’t have one) some advice, don’t announce it, and don’t wear a short skirt. Fundamentals. Lol

  26. That makes perfect sense.btw telling you last sat, I was freaking out, and you calmed me down. I’m not a nut, but I totally went on here for a diversion, and you spoke sense. It was exactly what I needed. Life is fickle my friend. Thank you.

  27. I’ve been told , by someone who lived there I would love it. Your lucky. I’ve only been to LA. in the state of CA. It is a mystery to me. But ask me about Spain.

  28. June??? Ah well! Guess that’s good because regular tv season will over so it’s nice to have something to watch

  29. It is so much harder to forgive ourselves, isn’t it. I know this is 3 days ago, but I hope you see it. I have yet to forgive myself for not saving my daughter. The heart bleeds, and we need to forgive ourselves if we ever want to be truly well.❤️

    1. Oh 3 D’s ❤️
      Its the hardest thing in the world to do so isn’t it??
      I know what you mean though and I’m striving to do so. I hope you also find inner peace. Look after yourself and God bless. ❤️❤️

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